Jet Set Radio tags its 15th anniversary

Jet Set Radio is a game remembered fondly by many a Sega fan for its slick artstyle, gameplay and futuristic setting. It’s no surprise, that fifteen years after the game’s release, fans of JSR’s composer, Hideki Naganuma, praise him daily on Twitter. Crossover fanart with games as recent as Splatoon can be found easily, and more »

Retro Freak has been priced

Those four reasons I speak of are the three additional systems whose games the Retro Freak can play. Because the RetroN 5 can only play Game Boy/Game Boy Color/Game Boy Advance, Genesis, Mega Drive, NES/Famicom and SNES/Super Famicom games. Cyber Gadget’s Retro Freak can play Game Boy/Game Boy Color/Game Boy Advance, Genesis, Mega Drive, Famicom, more »

GameStop’s Retro Classics shop is surprisingly fair

GameStop has finally opened the doors to its Retro Classics storefront, a new addition dedicated to such fossils as the Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis. The shop was first revealed in April 2015 (just after GameStop began offering $25 for used PS2s) and will be primarily online, at least for now. Brick-and-mortar testing will more »


PlayStation TV temporarily $39.99 at Best Buy

I like the Vita. I think it’s an underdog with a great library. Hence, I also appreciate the PlayStation TV and don’t hesitate to recommend it to friends and family, as it has access to most of the best Vita games at a much more affordable price of $79.99. So, when a site puts it more »


3 Jurassic Park games to play while waiting for Jurassic World

The wait for Jurassic World is pretty hard to bear. Especially with all of those new trailers appearing. Seems like it may be a good idea to play something while you wait. You know, get yourself all hyped up while waiting for the movie, or maybe even the LEGO Jurassic Park game. Fortunately, there’s a more »

A brief primer on the convoluted Ys release chronology

I love the Ys series. I haven’t played any entry older than the recently-reviewed Ark of Napishtim, but each one has been a largely pleasant experience. With the occasional frustration. But, frankly, the series is confusing. Not so much plot-wise. They tend to be fairly simple, breezy affairs with a few characters connecting them to each more »

Meet Arduboy, the card-sized retro console

“Less is more” has always been a key mantra for technology. It’s why home PCs don’t need their own room and why manufacturers won’t quit banging on about ultra-thin laptops. It’s also at the heart of Arduboy, a new game system the size of a credit card. Currently gaining ground on Kickstarter, Arduboy is an open more »

Nintendo NX won’t be at E3 2015

Nintendo is sure to have big plans for E3 2015, what with the vague state of the next Legend of Zelda and the continued silence around other classic IP. But their next home console, currently known only as Nintendo NX, won’t be part of their showing. During a recent investor’s call, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata more »

Nintendo and Universal team up for our dream Nintendo theme park rides and attractions

Nintendo and Universal Parks & Resorts are partnering to deliver the secret dream of every Nintendo 64 owner: Nintendo theme parks. Indeed, the Nintendo universe and its many icons will soon come to Universal theme parks, the pair announced, in the form of “major attractions” incorporating multiple characters and franchises. Construction and opening dates have not been more »

GameStop is finally doing something cool: selling retro games

Remember when GameStop used to sell older games, until they stopped making money and just… vanished? Well, people want old games again (thanks no doubt to cool stuff like the Retron 5), and GameStop is going to test the waters. Word on the street is, GameStop is going to roll out sales of retro games more »

I judge my value as a person on my Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! skills

I’m certain that we all have our personal rituals that we go through whenever we’re feeling down. Some people paint. Some people write poetry. Some people play tennis, and other people erode the human soul. No matter what the process is, everyone has a thing they like to do when they’re trying to make themselves more »

The 3DS Dreamcast theme is the best

When you love a console, you love everything about that system. The games, the hardware, the menu theme music, the color schemes, and maybe even the noises it makes when it boots up. Hearing it triggers all kinds of good memories. That, my friends, is why the 3DS Dreamcast theme is so wonderful. In the more »