CES 2015: Razer brings Forge TV, OSVR, and Nabu X

I know Razer is responsible for making all kinds of great products for gamers, but whenever I hear the company’s name, my mind immediately goes to peripherals. I think it’s because I’ve been spoiled by their gaming mice. CES 2015 is probably going to change that, though, because this year the company brought an Android more »

I love being horrible at Veigues Tactical Gladiator

You probably have no idea what the hell Veigues Tactical Gladiator is. If you do, congratulations! You’re one of the twelve people that had a TurboGrafix 16. For everyone else, it’s a side-scrolling shoot ‘em up in which you take control of a robot with three kinds of guns. It has a machine gun on more »

My Holiday Tradition: Secret of Mana

My brother and I share an annual gaming tradition. Every late December, during the crunch time just before Christmas arrives, he and I set aside the weekend to partake in a specific conquest. We must, for if we don’t, there is no Christmas. Every year, we start a new game in Secret of Mana on more »

A Mario is Missing Christmas

When I was a child, let’s say 11, people were rather big on educational video games. The idea was to try and capitalize on “new” systems like the NES and SNES to attempt to make learning fun. Which is how, one year, I ended up with both Mario is Missing and Where in Time is more »

I’d forgotten how much I love Super Mario RPG

For a variety of reasons, I haven’t been around my old SNES for a while. Because of the various mental eccentricities that go on within my head, when something is out of my sight, it’s usually put out of my mind. Just recently, though, I had reason to bust out the old SNES and play more »

I’m learning the art of selling video games

I’ve been collecting games for about as long as I’ve been playing them, and I’ve been playing them for over thirty years. I enjoy collecting. I like having everything arranged nicely on shelves and stacks of new additions awaiting cataloging and sorting. I love buying old things in person, talking with the people who owned more »

Super Mario Bros. 3’s pyramid level is terrifying when you’re drunk

Last night, I hung out with some friends. As is our habit, we decided to get drunk and play . It turns out, I’m not very good at Super Mario Bros. 3 when I’m drunk, but then, that almost goes without saying. I got as far as the pyramid level in World 2 before I more »

How to use a US PSN account on an Asian PlayStation TV

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m a proud owner of an Asian PlayStation TV unit. It was a birthday gift, thanks to family finding out Play-Asia has new models for $59.99 each. It was even more welcome because firmware 3.35 allows people with a foreign PlayStation TV to use their North American accounts with it. It’s more »


Asian PlayStation TV Unboxing

For those of you not in the know, my birthday was this past weekend, and one of my gifts was the newly discounted PlayStation TV. Not the one Sony recently released in the United States. No, a member of my family capitalized on the $59.99 Play-Asia sale to import a Japanese PlayStation TV for me. more »

Even Mike Tyson Can’t Beat Mike Tyson in Punch-Out

When I was growing up, Punch-Out was one of my favorite games. Yes, in a lot of ways it was a celebration of racism, but it was still one of the best boxing games ever made. Even today, I have the game, and I’ll sometimes boot it up when I’m feeling the need to trounce more »

Google Nexus Player is another microconsole we don’t want

I like the idea of Android microconsoles. I have an Ouya that I play at least once a week, and I love its portability, the ease with which I can sideload apps, and the different gaming experiences I have on it as opposed to my PS4 and Wii U. Despite that love, I know how more »

Android convergence continues with Google Nexus Player

The idea of “convergence” is a funny thing, given how often companies have gotten it wrong. When the idea was popularized back in the ‘90s, everyone assumed that all entertainment and information functions would naturally “converge” on the television, at that time the center of any media-consuming household. After all, people already watched live programming, more »