Valve’s Steam Link coming in November

Valve has all kinds of interesting stuff to reveal this week. We already told you about the Vive VR device. Now Valve has announced Steam Link, a device which will allow Steam Machines, Windows PCs, Macs and Linux PCs to stream content from any PC or Steam Machine on the same home network. Pictures appeared more »

Sacred Line Genesis is a new, Genesis visual novel

Unlikely as it sounds, Sega’s Mega Drive/Genesis system has a new release in the form of Sasha Darko’s Sacred Line Genesis. A passion project, Sacred Line is a 16-bit visual novel nested between mystery and horror themes. Publisher Watermelon is backing the game, which will be sold in BITS format, “a new collectible package aimed for low quantities,” concreting its niche more »

Job Simulator is first title for the Vive VR device

We first heard about Valve and HTC’s partnership yesterday. Now Owlchemy Labs has some ideas about what we should do with the darned thing. It has revealed Job Simulator, which takes place in a future that sees most tasks done by computers. Job Simulator will allow the citizens of 2050 to experience what the good more »


ZRRO introduces hover technology controller

Love mobile gaming, but hate only having a tiny screen to work with? Tried other Android-to-tv gadgets, only to find out they sucked? Well, the ZRRO (pronounced Zero) is supposedly the answer to all those troubles. The ZRRO box is a powerful, Android-based micro-console, and it works with the ZRRO pad, a one of a more »

5 Best Kirby Spin-offs

I’m going to level with you; for some reason, this has been a slow news week. This means being creative when it comes to creating awesome stuff for you to read that’s relevant to your interests and timely. Since Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is going to be bringing joy to the Wii U-owning masses more »

Buster Douglas’ upset of Mike Tyson earned him a Sega Genesis game

You may have seen through social media or on sports sites that Feb. 11 is the 25th anniversary of James “Buster” Douglas’ improbable knockout victory over Mike Tyson. Why am I writing about this on a gaming site? Because Sega attempted to capitalize on Douglas sudden popularity with a Genesis game, . It was worth more »

I have my doubts about my Retro Game Box

I’m not sure to whom My Retro Game Box is catering. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea behind it. You subscribe, you’re charged your monthly $35 (plus $6 shipping outside the UK), and you receive parcels containing retro games. There’s a process in place to tell My Retro Game Box which retro consoles more »

Show and Tell: A look at SimCity (SNES)

Graham Russell and Jenni Lada jump into Nintendo’s Super NES port of SimCity, often considered a classic example of how to adapt a PC game to a console setting. Watch as we totally have our priorities straight and build a football stadium as soon as possible, construct a personal park above the lake for residents more »


Enduring the anguish of a broken copy of Super Mario RPG

Last night, I decided I would play some of my games that I haven’t played in a while. So I dusted off my SNES and pulled out Super Mario RPG. I thought about all the fun I would have playing that marvelous game, going through the story and making fun of all the silliness it more »


Apex 2015: Twitch Saves Smash Bros. Tourney

It all started with a fire alarm. Around 9:00 yesterday morning, the fire alarm at the Clarion Empire Hotel went off. The New Jersey hotel was hosting Apex 2015, an annual Super Smash Bros. tournament that’s organized by a crew of east coast gamers called “Team Apex.” No smoke was reported, and the first round of more »

Sega shifting gears, cutting back

A lot has changed since the 1990’s when Sega and Nintendo were the driving forces in the video game industry. And this year has been particularly scary for the two companies. Sony and Microsoft have taken over the console market, and most of the people who refer to themselves as “gamers” spend more time playing more »

OUYA gets Unreal Engine 4 and $10 million in funding

Do you remember the crowd-funded OUYA system? Neither do I. Good thing somebody over at Unreal did, otherwise one of the most prominent and sought after gaming engines of today wouldn’t have made its way to the little box. Indeed, Unreal Engine 4 now supports OUYA development, the OUYA team announced in a recent post to more »