Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time world record set by CosmoWright

Twitch streamer and speedrunner CosmoWright just annhilated the world record on July 20, 2014. What do I mean by annihilated? How about 18 minutes, ten seconds – or over 19 seconds faster than the previous record? That’s a simply unfathomable amount of time to take off such a well-established and popular game. In a world more »

Hand of Fate Preview: A RPG and cards combo

I love card games. From the simplest ones, like Go Fish, to Sequence, to collector cards like Yu-Gi-Oh!, I have always enjoyed them. They’re great to play with other people, or if you’re a loner you can always play good, ol’ reliable Solitaire. Well, Defiant Development’s new game, Hand of Fate, takes a love of more »


Growing up Sega: Dreamcast and beyond

After trading in the Saturn, we were suddenly Sega-less. There was my step-sister’s Game Gear that never had functioning batteries, but that was it. I was officially a PlayStation gamer. At least, I was for a while. A couple years later, Dad returned to his roots and got a Sega Dreamcast. I played Sonic Adventure, more »

Growing up Sega: Sega Saturn

Sega made one of the biggest mistakes in their history in 1995. I didn’t know it at the time, I’m not sure how many people did, but the first of many terrible decisions was made and it was the beginning of the end. For 1995 was when the came along several months ahead of schedule, more »

I’ll buy a PS4 for RIME, Witness, and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

I am a huge fan of indie games. I love supporting the “little guy”, so to speak. This adoration has led me to a tough decision. I didn’t have any plans to buy a “next generation” console any time soon, but this year’s indie offerings might make me change my mind. While everyone’s heard of more »

Mad Catz M.O.J.O. $50 off at Amazon

I know we’re all a little skeptical of those Android micro-consoles. I mean, I only bought my Ouya because it ended up being under $50 at Goodwill. Still, if anyone is interested on jumping on this particular bandwagon, it’s a good time to grab a Mad Catz M.O.J.O. from Amazon. Why? Because right now it’s more »

Growing up Sega: Sega-CD and 32X

It wasn’t all Sega, all the time when I was growing up, of course. I remember tagging along with my Dad when he visited a friend, and I saw the SNES for the first time. I spent the entire evening in his living room as my brain was melted by F-Zero. Later on, my uncle, more »


Growing up Sega: Genesis

It was a Friday night and my Dad, my step sister, step-Mom, and I took a trip to Toys R Us. The closest one at the time was a good half-hour drive, and I had no idea what was so important that we had to make this trek right now. When we got there, my more »

Growing Up Sega: The Master System

I play video games because of my father. Way back in the previous millennium, the mid 1980′s to be slightly more precise, he started getting me into gaming via his Atari 7800. This was short-lived, as he bought an NES shortly afterwards, which we played on for probably a couple years. I’m not sure when more »

OnLive returns to television via the M.O.J.O. Android console

There was a time when OnLive was really pushing its microconsole and controller in addition to its streaming games service. Since OnLive’s near destruction some time ago, we really don’t hear about hardware anymore. These days it’s not a great idea to buy a console that can only access OnLive, but Mad Catz is hoping more »

Amazon might send you a free Fire TV for 30 days

Here’s something you don’t see everyday. Amazon is letting select customers try its  for free. If you qualify for the offer, Amazon will ship one to you free of charge to try for 30 days. If you keep it past the trial, Amazon will charge you the $99 for it. If you send it back more »

RetroN 5 sneaks to stores on May 22, 2014

Well, this is certainly a surprise. The RetroN 5, the all-in-one console from Hyperkin that’s had us drooling for months, is going to be out tomorrow. Yes, May 22, 2014 is the official launch day for the system. Which is pretty darn surprising, because there was no fuss made about it. There were no major more »