Punch-Out!! on Wii U is great, with one exception

When Nintendo announced digital Wii games on the Wii U eShop, I was pretty excited. Mostly because Punch-Out!!, one of the Wii’s low-key greats, was on its way for a great price. Next Level Games has done great work every time it had a Nintendo property to play with, and Punch-Out!! is no exception. The more »


Bowser, Toon Link, and Sheik Amiibos showing up at Toys R Us

Have you been checking the Twitters and Reddits? Wave 3 Amiibos are already trickling out to stores! To be more specific, the Bowser, Toon Link, and Sheik Amiibos are already appearing at Toys R Us. Which means it’s time to go over the rarity. You know, that’s what people really care about when it comes more »

Nintendo eShop Update for January 22, 2015

It’s Thursday, which means it’s one of those days. An update kind of affair. There are six games available right now, with 3 on the and 5 on the . Did that not make sense? Let me elaborate – some of the games are multiplatform. It’s also a rather big sale week on the eShop. more »


3DS and Wii U getting physical copies of Terraria

Publisher 505 Games will soon add Nintendo Wii U and 3DS to Terraria‘s growing platform roster, according to new product pages from game rental service GameFly. The news comes from a hawk-eyed NeoGAF user who recently spotted GameFly’s placeholders. Although threadbare, the Wii U and 3DS pages are certainly no accident. Both bear a release date of October 31, more »


Grab your free eShop codes from the Wii U Digital Deluxe promotion

Funny thing, I have a Wii U deluxe model that I purchased not long after the console launched. I signed up for the Digital Deluxe program, because I figured why not? A chance to get free eShop codes is always awesome. Except, I never really kept track of my eShop purchases. I think I logged more »

Kirby Amiibo comes with Kirby and the Rainbow Curse at Toys R Us

Ready for a good incentive to commit to one of Nintendo’s newest games? Toys R Us has one for you. People who pre-order Kirby and the Rainbow Curse will get themselves a free Kirby Amiibo. Because an extra NFC is going to make everything better. Granted, Kirby is one of the easier to find Amiibos, more »


Citizens of Earth doesn’t waste a player’s time

As you probably, hopefully, read a few hours ago, the Technology Tell Gaming Channel’s Citizens of Earth review went over all the reasons why Austin loved the game. It was pretty comprehensive, but it didn’t touch on one of the reasons why I loved the game. For me, Citizens of Earth was a delightful romp more »

For Nintendo in 2015, loyalty is everything

Nintendo has announced that its loyalty program, Club Nintendo, will be shutting down in the coming months. The company must be planning some sort of more robust successor, as it alluded to in its statement, because in 2015, Nintendo needs its loyal fans more than ever. To many, the American version of Club Nintendo never more »

Citizens of Earth Review: New man in charge

Citizens of Earth Price: $14.99 ($11.99 within week of release on Steam) System(s): Vita (Also available on PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, 3DS, PC) Release Date: January 20, 2015 Publisher (Developer): Atlus (Eden Industries) ESRB Rating: “Everyone 10+” for Fantasy Violence, Tobacco Reference, and Simulated Gambling Atlus sure does have an eye for talent, doesn’t more »

Harmonix doing a Rock Band survey

Has your heart been longing for more Rock Band? Have you had an empty void in the depths of your soul because of the lack of simulated rocking out with your friends and loved ones? Do you own one or more currently working Rock Band musical instruments? Then you might want to take this here more »


Rosalina Amiibo could be extra rare in Canada

Some Amiibos are retailer exclusives. Which sucks, because it means they’ll be available in smaller quantities and only at one line of stores. The Rosalina Amiibo is the Target-exclusive, NFC figure. This means the situation could quite possibly get even more dire in Canada. The Rosalina Amiibo already has a reputation, despite not even being more »

Nintendo eShop Update for January 15, 2015

An ? Well, don’t mind if I do. Especially since this is a big one with 7 games and 4 for the . You have to appreciate a big day. Though, the eShop sales are probably the bigger deal. A Throwback Sale is taking 50% off older Nintendo games every week until February 5, 2015. more »