Nintendo eShop Update for May 21, 2015

Nintendo eShop Update for May 21, 2015 This week on the is definitely a . Most likely because Nintendo doesn’t want anything on the eShop competing with Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Edition. Which makes sense why there’s only one 3DS game and eight Wii U games. As for eShop sales, a few companies are more »


E3 2015 Prediction: We’ll probably see Metroid

Metroid is probably my favorite game franchise of all time. I’ve enjoyed nearly every entry and the long absence of the series after Metroid: Other M is something I struggle to endure on a daily basis. Every year I hope for a new Metroid, only to be disappointed. That being said, I think this year more »

Christmas in February, or why some studios are skipping holiday 2015

Black Friday gets a bad rap. At least in America, it’s touted as the peak of consumerism, the one day out of the year when we all tap into our reptilian brain and use bits of plastic to fight over other bits of plastic, like credit-savvy vultures bickering over a kill in the Sahara. The more »

LEGO Dimensions gets Joker, Harley Quinn, Doc Brown and more in ‘Great Scott!’ trailer

More dimensions for LEGO Dimensions: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today (May 20, 2015) revealed more of the characters that will be included in the forthcoming NFC crossover. On the DC front we’ve got Joker, Harley Quinn, Aquaman and Bane. These four come on the heels of Batman and Superman, boosting the game’s DC lineup to six more »


Yooka-Laylee is proof that Kickstarter only breaks when we break it

It is an insanely dangerous thing to pay someone for a product that they’ve yet to create. It’s essentially buying faith, which is pretty unstable stock by and large. The risk is obvious: if something goes wrong and the result isn’t what we wanted or expected, we get no return. But we take that risk because, if we more »

Action Replay amiibo PowerSaves backups and boosts amiibo

Action Replay amiibo PowerSaves backups and boosts amiibo Given the success of Nintendo’s amiibo, it was only a matter of time before we started seeing amiibo peripherals. Fortunately, the first one is also rather brilliant. Introducing the Action Replay amiibo PowerSaves. It’s a NFC reader that allows a user to preserve or improve all amiibo more »

Here’s your information on every E3 2015 press conference

Okay, before we move onto the real information, I feel like I have to point out that these E3 2015 press conferences aren’t really press conferences. (A friend would appreciate if I took the time to point out that these are really media briefings.) Regardless, we’re going to acquire a lot of important information between more »

Enjoy the Splatoon demo again on May 23, 2015

Did you miss your chances to try the Splatoon demo? I wouldn’t be surprised if you did. The Global Testfire event was incredibly brief. People who couldn’t get on at 8pm PT on May 8, 2015 4am or 12pm PT on May 9, 2015 or to a participating GameStop on May 16, 2015 missed out. more »

Play Splatoon at GameStop on May 16, 2015

People who missed Nintendo’s Splatoon Global Testfire demo are going to get a second chance to play the game. Maybe that was a bad weekend for you. Perhaps you don’t even own a Wii U. It doesn’t matter. On May 16, 2015, GameStop is here to help you out. Select GameStop stores will play host more »


Nintendo of America’s Splatoon ads prove it still doesn’t get it

Many of Nintendo’s quirks — for good and for bad — come from its global subsidiaries’ deference to the whims of its Japanese parent company. StreetPass, for example, is an idea that only makes sense in Japan, though efforts like StreetPass Relay have made it easier for Westerners to experience. It’s weird, then, that in more »

E3 2015 Prediction: The Nintendo World Championships may use Wii U games

After 25 long years, Nintendo is finally bringing back the Nintendo World Championships. Last time around, the test involved playing a specialized cartridge that contained Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer, and Tetris, and you were judged based on how many points you could get during a 6 minute and 21 second time limit. As of more »

Nintendo eShop Update for May 14, 2015

I really hope you have a Wii U. If you don’t, well, this isn’t going to be a very productive update for you. There are nine new games available, but only three are for the . The other six are all for the . Though, you could argue it’s “five,” since Mega Man Battle Network more »