GameStop’s Retro Classics shop is surprisingly fair

GameStop has finally opened the doors to its Retro Classics storefront, a new addition dedicated to such fossils as the Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis. The shop was first revealed in April 2015 (just after GameStop began offering $25 for used PS2s) and will be primarily online, at least for now. Brick-and-mortar testing will more »

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne is becoming a PSOne classic

An ESRB rating for PlayStation gem The Misadventures of Tron Bonne  has surfaced. A rating for a 15-year old game is usually a giveaway that said game is about to be reborn as a PSOne classic. The cult favorite released April 30, 2000 and such a big anniversary is another clue. The Mega Man Legends prequel focused on more »

Important Importables: Let’s visit the Marl Kingdom

One of the greatest shames in gaming is that Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure never got its proper due. The first installment in NIS’ Marl Kingdom series, the premise was poised to be a perfect, campy hit. A young girl with a fairy friend uses an army of dolls she’s magically able to communicate with to more »

5 (10?) Games you must (should?) buy from Sony’s Under-A-Buck PSN Flash Sale

Happy Spring, folks! Unless you’re living in the southern hemisphere and are busy welcoming in Autumn instead. Or reside in the north-eastern United States and are celebrating your vernal equinox with (yet another) out-pouring of powder. In any case, celebrate your respective seasonal situation with Sony, who has been gracious enough to kick off a more »

It’s hard to top Resident Evil 3

Recently, I got Resident Evil HD Remake, and I have been playing the ever loving crap out of it. This is because it’s a legitimately good game, and it deserves to be played. However, it takes me back to all the other Resident Evil games I’ve played, which is a majority of them. And I more »

Happy 20th Anniversary, Sony PlayStation!

I remember when I was eleven, and the original PlayStation came out. I wanted one more than anything. At the time, I had a Super Nintendo, and it was a lot of fun. But I knew all the great games would be coming out on the PlayStation. My father didn’t see the point of getting more »

I’m learning the art of selling video games

I’ve been collecting games for about as long as I’ve been playing them, and I’ve been playing them for over thirty years. I enjoy collecting. I like having everything arranged nicely on shelves and stacks of new additions awaiting cataloging and sorting. I love buying old things in person, talking with the people who owned more »


5 reasons the Dualshock 4’s square button is better than the triangle

Hey folks, here at Technology Tell we like to ask the tough questions, investigate the difficult investigations and keep the industry honest as bloodthirsty watch dogs. But, we also like to have fun. Too much fun, sometimes. I’ve mostly written fluff, lately – nothing that matches my pedigree as a hard-nosed journalist. But I’m feeling more »

Resident Evil, BioShock, and P.T. haunt me

In honor of Halloween, we here at Technology Tell’s Gaming Channel are sharing some anecdotes concerning particularly spooky, scary, or festive video game experiences. Jenni already kicked it off with how Outlast beat her, and now I’m here to share a few short anecdotes about my love for horror. I read Stephen King and Clive more »

PSN Flash Sale: Tons of great games for a buck each

Holy cow, Sony is at it again. Starting right now and lasting until Monday, July 14, 2014 at around noon Pacific, you can buy about 30 awesome games for 99 cents a pop through a PSN flash sale. That’s crazy. The games on sale range from a bunch of PSOne Classics so some larger indie releases, more »

GDC 2014: Abe’s Oddysee is looking New ‘n’ Tasty

It’s GDC 2014 time, which means Oddworld Inhabitants, the developers behind and , have released a new trailer featuring gameplay from Oddworld: New ‘n’Tasty. That’s their upcoming remake of their first game, Abe’s Oddysee. It’s being developed by Just Add Water, the studio behind the previous remakes of Munch’s Oddysee and Stranger’s Wrath released for the PS3. more »

Tomba 2 Impressions: It just isn’t the same

Tomba 2 Price: $5.99 System(s): PS3, PSP, PS Vita Release Date: Feburary 18th, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Monkey Paw Games (Whoopee Camp) ESRB Rating: “Everyone” My entire memory of playing Tomba 2 consists of a few minutes with the demo on a Playstation in a California car dealership. A short segment ill fit to be shown more »