Time for Avengers: Age of Ultron game adaptation speculation

One of the biggest announcements out of SDCC 2014 was Avengers: Age of Ultron. We knew a sequel to The Avengers was in development, but didn’t have an exact title or release date. But now we know Avengers: Age of Ultron will be out for the Summer 2015 movie season, feature all of the returning more »

We need all the WonFes 2014 Nendoroids

Anyone who loves collecting figures of their favorite video game and anime was on high alert this weekend, as Wonder Festival 2014 summer was held on July 27, 2014, in Chiba, Japan. It’s a major event, as people are buying new figures and garage kits, as well as seeing what various companies have planned for more »

Alien Isolation egg replica wins SDCC 2014 for SEGA

I’ve been mourning all weekend that I was unable to attend San Diego Comic Con with all the cool people. But like an idiot, I have been following everything that I’m missing. Thanks to the marvel of social media, I can get glimpses of what’s there while it’s happening. One thing that has made me more »

Game of Thrones’ Arya Stark might play Ellie in The Last of Us movie

Who would you want to play Ellie in The Last of Us movie? You might be getting yours, Neil Druckman’s and Sam Raimi’s wish if you said Maisie Williams, better known as Arya Stark in the Game of Thrones HBO series. Screen Gems brough Raimi and Druckman, out to talk about new details for The Last more »

SDCC 2014: Nintendo bringing Super Smash Bros. to you

Man, talk about service. Nintendo is going above and beyond at SDCC 2014, because not only will it have a gaming lounge, but it will also deliver Super Smash Bros. to you. Yup, if you can’t make it to the lounge, Nintendo will send out representatives with the games to find you. Nintendo announced the more »

SDCC 2014: 4 Game developers and publishers you have to see

It may be the San Diego Comic-Con, but video games are surely taking the convention by storm. Every year, more and more developers and publishers take the time to stop by and set up booths at the event, and this year SDCC 2014 looks to offer the biggest video game assortment yet. Which is why more »

QuakeCon 2014 open for business

QuakeCon 2014 weekend started out with a bang, as gameplay for id Software’s newest Doom was shown exclusively to attendees. The reveal was part of the annual QuakeCon Welcome presentation. Unfortunately, Bethesda did not allow any filming or release any footage of the gameplay. Doom, formerly Doom 4, is expected to run in 1080p at more »

SDCC 2014 gets a Nintendo Gaming Lounge with Super Smash Bros.

Going to the San Diego Comic-Con? Well color me (and probably many others) jealous, because you’re in for a good time. Nintendo’s just confirmed the ridiculously exciting and jam-packed-with-games Nintendo Lounge will be open again at SDCC 2014. See that right there? That’s seething. Though the SDCC 2014 Nintendo Lounge isn’t just for people who more »

I didn’t bring enough money to VGS 2014

A few days ago, I told you about the 2014 Video Game Summit. Basically, it was an opportunity to jabber excitedly about an event I couldn’t wait to attend. Well, VGS 2014 is over and I’m here to say it was both smaller and better than I expected. Also, it was more expensive. Not that more »

Evo 2014: CD Jr is the first Killer Instinct grand champion

With 85,000 viewers watching and cheering on stream, CD Jr became the first champion for the brand new Killer Instinct. CD used Sadira, a character at home in the air to defeat Rico Suave 3-1.  For besting a field of over 300 competitors, he walks away with $8,000.  Rico Suave goes home with $2,676. That’s more »

Evo 2014: Raiden revealed in Mortal Kombat X

This admittedly isn’t much of a reveal. There would be a full scale riot if the Thunder God, Raiden, didn’t appear in Mortal Kombat X. Before Evo 2014, NetherRealm teased the upcoming character with the line “I Stand Watch for Eternity.” That’s just the sort of dedication we expect from an immortal guardian of humanity. more »

Evo 2014: Ultra Street Fighter 4 turned upside down on Day 1

The cheers of the crowd at Evo 2014 weren’t loud enough to drown out the sounds of giants falling on the first day. Daigo Umehara and Seon-Woo Lee, better known as Infiltration, were knocked out of the Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament on Friday.  Umehara has been dominant on the Japanese scene and was a more »