Make your reservations – Quakecon 2015 is July 23-26, 2015

Better get on Expedia, or Kayak, or whatever online travel site you use, because you need to start making plans people. Bethesda has announced the dates for Quakecon 2015 and you have to be there. Trust me, you really do. Because Quakecon 2015 is going to be a big one. How do I know? Well, more »

Everyone wins if Square Enix helps Steam become a JRPG destination

Square Enix is bringing Final Fantasy XIII to Steam. We all have mixed feelings about this. The other day, Final Fantasy IV also hit Steam. We have less mixed feelings, with a touch of apathy because that freakin’ game is on like, everything. But that’s not all. Trails in the Sky debuted on Steam recently, more »

The TGS 2014 Silent Hills trailer doesn’t excite me like I wish it would

Now, I’m the first to admit that I’m not huge in the horror genre. The first time I played Silent Hill, I was a little too young to really appreciate it, and kept being annoyed that it wasn’t Resident Evil. I was more prepared to enjoy Silent Hill 2, and did so immensely. But we more »

TGS 2014: Vita is technically getting Final Fantasy Type-0 too

Square Enix made a lot of enemies when it announced Final Fantasy Type-0 HD was a at E3 2014. Vita and PSP owners were incensed, since the game made its debut there and there had been huge fan campaigns designed to convince the company there was a market for this particular game outside of Japan. more »

TGS 2014: Bethesda drops new The Evil Within trailer

Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami is bringing scary back with his new horror game The Evil Within. It chronicles the exploits of Sebastian, an officer called to the scene of a mass murder at a mental hospital. After arriving, someone or something knocks him unconscious. When he awakens, it’s a chaotic and scary scene. Bethesda more »

TGS 2014: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD teams up with Final Fantasy XV demo

Guess what? Final Fantasy XV is still a thing! In fact, it’s so much of a thing that when you buy Final Fantasy Type-0 HD , you’ll get some Final Fantasy XV with it! Yes, it’s a demo promotion. It’s also one of the first 2014 Tokyo Game Show announcements to come from Square Enix. more »

What will happen to Minecraft’s Minecon?

A lot of questions about Microsoft’s Minecraft acquisition answered today. We know it’s still going to be on PC, mobile, and PlayStation devices, despite Microsoft owning the developer and game. Markus “Notch” Persson has said he’s out, now that Microsoft is taking everything over. Plus, the price tag was revealed to be a whopping $2.5 more »

PAX 2014: Nintendo shows up big with Hyrule Warriors and Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo will be just fine. I say this having not played any of its games at PAX Prime 2014. The only thing I have to go on is their slate of games scheduled to release between now and 2015 and the fact every Nintendo station at PAX had a crowd each time I walked by. more »

PAX 2014: Can Evolve live up to expectations?

Evolve might be this year’s Titanfall. It looks and plays great. It has a fantastic multiplayer premise. I won’t deny I had a blast playing as the Goliath and decimating the other four Hunters at PAX Prime 2014. Yet the thought that Evolve can’t hold players’ attention for very long after its release was a more »

PAX 2014: Tales from the Borderlands might be Telltale Games’ best yet

It couldn’t have been more than 30 seconds into the playable demo when I realized Tales from the Borderlands might blow away all of Telltale Games’ previous adventure games. Yes, I said it. The introduction to the new episodic series at PAX Prime 2014 hit hard and fast with humor and action. It looks every bit more »


PAX 2014: Galak-Z combines rogue-like with 80s sci-fi anime shmup

17-Bit Studios’ follow up to the highly regarded strategy role-playing game, Skulls of the Shogun, taps into 80s childhoods with its new sci-fi anime-inspired shooter, Galak-Z. The premise couldn’t be any more in my wheelhouse. I grew up on Star Blazers, Voltron, and Macross (Robotech). These shows were my introduction to love, war, sacrifice, betrayal, more »

PAX 2014: New 100-plus card expansion is in the works for Hearthstone

Curse of Naxxramas was a fun romp in Hearthstone, but a large amount of players would like to get cards the old-fashioned way: paying for them. At PAX 2014, Blizzard revealed its next expansion for Hearthstone will be larger and more traditional than Naxxramas. Game Director Eric Dodds told Joystiq a pack-based expansion with over more »