PSX 2014: MLB 15: The Show adds legendary players

Baseball’s winter meetings are already underway, so pitchers and catchers will report before you know it. One of baseball’s rites of passage is the MLB:The Show series. It’s one of Sony’s most anticipated titles annually, so of course it made an appearance at the PlayStation Experience. Yasel Puig will be 2015’s cover athlete, an excellent more »

PSX 2014: Square Enix Blew It With FFVII PS4

There is going to be a FFVII PS4. The crowd in attendance at PlayStation Experience and the collective internet hive mind lost its shit the moment Square Enix Producer Shinji Hashimoto came on stage and introduced “one of the most iconic video games” in PlayStation, and video game, history. Final Fantasy VII used to be more »


PSX 2014: The 20th Anniversary Edition PS4 Slips Through My Grasp

Did you get your 20th Anniversary Edition PlayStation 4? No? I didn’t either. Sony announced the extremely limited edition console just days ahead of the PlayStation Experience with the intent of putting them on pre-order at the event and online. You can imagine the virtual tsunami crashing against the Sony Store servers as tens or more »

PSX 2014: New God of War game is confirmed then denied

In addition to all of the official announcements at the PlayStation Experience, Sony yanked our chain pretty good with a God of War non-announcement. In the God of War retrospective panel, God of War II writer and director Cory Barlog said Sony Santa Monica was working on game in the series.  The studio removed the tweet more »

I’m learning the art of selling video games

I’ve been collecting games for about as long as I’ve been playing them, and I’ve been playing them for over thirty years. I enjoy collecting. I like having everything arranged nicely on shelves and stacks of new additions awaiting cataloging and sorting. I love buying old things in person, talking with the people who owned more »

Nintendo sponsors Seattle’s EMP Indie Game Revolution

The Indie Game Revolution is an exhibit in Seattle-based pop-culture museum EMP that’s touting “the most groundbreaking and creative work in contemporary video game culture.” It’s a running exhibit sponsored by Nintendo that will feature twenty rotating indie titles from around the globe. EMP is a non-profit pop-culture museum in Seattle, Washington, dedicated to the more »

Metallica will shred Blizzcon 2014

Well, this is something of a surprise. Former metal gods and current metal punching bags Metallica are headlining BlizzCon 2014, of all places. Guess that subscriber revenue is still flowing in! Of course, it helps substantially that Blizzard is mitigating the cost of the event by selling “Virtual Tickets,” essentially charging you $40 for a more »

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition Review: A Relic

Title: Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition Price: 19.99 System(s): PC (Also on iOS and Android) Release Date: Oct, 15, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Phoenix Online Studios (Pinkerton Road Studios) ESRB Rating: “Teen” for Animated Blood and Mild Language You know how when you give a hot dog vendor a gift certificate, he more »

NYCC 2014: Firefly Online aims to misbehave

They can’t stop the signal, Mal. Cult classic TV show Firefly is getting its own video game, in which players will pilot their own ship, manage a crew and explore the Verse as they choose. The entire cast will return to voice their characters. At New York Comic Con, they announced the addition of Kelly more »

NYCC 2014: Here’s The Walking Dead’s Clementine

I’m sure you’re all still hyped and buzzing about the premiere of season 5 of The Walking Dead. We’ve been waiting so long, after all, and all those cliffhangers made that wait unbearable. Well, allow a little good news from the 2014 New York Comic Con make it even better. McFarlene Toys is working on more »

PlayStation Experience celebrates 20 years of gaming

The PlayStation brand is turning 20 soon, and Sony is throwing a hell of a party to celebrate. On December 6-7 2014, in Las Vegas, Nevada, the PlayStation Experience is a huge event celebration all things PlayStation. Oh, and this isn’t a press or business event. This is a big, awesome, public thing. Anyone can more »


Search stores for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker on December 5

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker for the Nintendo Wii U has been given an official North America release date. Wii U owners will be able to follow the plucky, adventuring Toad on December 5, 2014, well in time for the holidays. Those who enjoyed last year’s superb for the Wii U will remember the Captain Toad more »