Virtuix Omni & TRAVR Preview: Natural movements allow deeper immersion

Not only did I get to test out some of the hottest virtual reality headsets coming up on the market at E3 2015, I also tried a peripheral for the virtual reality experience – the Virtuix Omni. It’s touted as a “first-of-its-kind” virtual reality gaming platform, and my hands on experience had me jumping on more »

Cubicle Ninjas brings practicality to virtual reality

E3 2015 had no shortage of virtual reality technology for me to try, and most focused on entertaining. However, one company, Cubicle Ninjas, is doing something entirely different with the technology. Cubicle Ninjas had two projects at E3. One was a virtual tour of Venice, Italy, which had the added benefit of basically being a more »

Edge of Nowhere Preview: 3rd person VR is still awesome

Edge of Nowhere, by Insomniac Games, is one of the first third person virtual reality games ever to be developed, and I had the privilege of demoing it at E3 2015. The Oculus booth was allowing press to demo only one game, and I had to make my choice in a split second. My knee-jerk more »

E3 2015: Virtual reality fans are an excitable bunch

Virtual reality had a fantastically expansive presence at E3 2015. I had hands-on experiences with the Oculus Rift, and the Samsung Gear VR. I played the demo for a game with the developer, Cubicle Ninjas, standing right over my shoulder and physically ran around a virtual environment, gun controller in hand, shooting targets thanks to more »

E3 2015 The Assembly Preview: Nausea inducing, but intriguing

I’ve already mentioned that nDreams’ The Assembly was my first experience with virtual reality, and I unfortunately reacted poorly to it. However, now that I’ve had a little more time with different headsets, I feel I can better explain my experience. Let’s get started with a little explanation of what The Assembly is all about, more »

E3 2015: Virtual reality and the lessons I learned

The biggest concern with virtual reality as it starts to enter consumer markets is how people will react to it. There’s really no way to know until you’ve got that headset on and you’re walking around in these early virtual reality environments. I came to E3 2015 with the expectation that I would go gung-ho more »

Oculus Rift presents their own controller – Oculus Touch

Oculus has been working hard towards their 2016, quarter one, public release of their virtual reality headset Oculus Rift. It’s become blatantly apparent that not only is the developer striving to better the headset itself, but also the controller options for it. An Xbox One controller will be standard with every Oculus Rift headset, but more »

PlayStation Now will let you play PS3 games without owning a PlayStation anything

PlayStation Now has come to select Samsung Smart TVs, bringing a digital library of hundreds of PS3 games with it. The service will be available in the U.S. and Canada and allow subscribers to play PS3 games using only a DualShock 4 controller (sold separately) and Internet connection (minimum 5mbps). Said differently, you can now more »

No Oculus Rift support for Mac and Linux just yet

Oculus has paused development on Oculus Rift compatibility for OS X and Linux. In a recent blog post, Chief Architect Atman Binstock said the team has instead opted to focus on the consumer versions of the Oculus Rift headset that will launch in early 2016. As such, they will prioritize Windows, the largest PC market, for more »

Oculus Rift will hit shelves early 2016

The virtual reality mantra has for some time been “the future is now.” For the Oculus Rift, the future is now Q1 2016, which is when the head-mounted display (HMD) will finally be shipped to consumers. Pre-orders will open later this year, Oculus wrote in an announcement, and we can expect more details, including “unannounced more »

I’m not sure if 2016 will be the “year” of Project Morpheus

The big news from Sony at the 2015 Game Developer’s Conference concerned a piece of tech many have been preoccupied with ever since the company announced it was a thing. Project Morpheus, the device that will allow anyone with a PS4 to enjoy virtual reality games, now has a 2016 release window. Which, theoretically could more »

CES 2015: Razer brings Forge TV, OSVR, and Nabu X

I know Razer is responsible for making all kinds of great products for gamers, but whenever I hear the company’s name, my mind immediately goes to peripherals. I think it’s because I’ve been spoiled by their gaming mice. CES 2015 is probably going to change that, though, because this year the company brought an Android more »