Nintendo eShop Update for June 25, 2015

It’s Nintendo eShop update time and this week, since it’s still a E3 2015 recovery week, I’m going to do what I did last time. The , and, yes, even DSiWare games available will be briefly summarized over the next few paragraphs. If you think they sound good, head to the eShop of your choosing more »

Nintendo eShop Update for June 11, 2015

Hello all, and welcome to another update. If you own a , there’s not much here for you today beyond a lone Virtual Console game. This week’s update is all about the and, surprisingly DSi. Yes, more G.G series DSiWare is on the way. It’s also a week with a number of notable eShop sales. more »

Nintendo eShop Update for June 4, 2015

Today’s is rather weird. Yes, let’s go with that. There’s one new game, five games, and, here’s the weird part, seven DSiWare games from the G.G Series. Crazy, right? Right. As for sales, a few have popped up on the eShop. Nothing really huge. I mean, EnjoyUp is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an eShop more »

Nintendo returns to profit with 10.5 million amiibo shipped

For the first time in four years, Nintendo has turned an annual profit. The company made 41 billion Yen in the 2015 fiscal year, a dramatic improvement over the 23 billion Yen loss it saw the year before. As Eurogamer reports, this is largely thanks to strong sales from 3DS and Wii U software, namely Mario Kart more »

Nintendo and Universal team up for our dream Nintendo theme park rides and attractions

Nintendo and Universal Parks & Resorts are partnering to deliver the secret dream of every Nintendo 64 owner: Nintendo theme parks. Indeed, the Nintendo universe and its many icons will soon come to Universal theme parks, the pair announced, in the form of “major attractions” incorporating multiple characters and franchises. Construction and opening dates have not been more »

This WarioWare: D.I.Y. amiibo game is amazing (update)

Ready for some amazing amiibo commentary? It’s not only sharp, but incredibly creative. A Reddit user by the name of Abi91 used WarioWare: D.I.Y. to perfectly capture the online amiibo shopping experience. Be careful when watching this video, though, as it may remind you of some heartbreaking experiences. In case you didn’t have the almost more »

3 hidden treasures found in GameStop’s DS bargain bin

Sometimes it’s worth swallowing your pride and digging through a million copies of LEGO Rockband and Imagine Babyz. There be gold in them there yellow paper sleeves. You may think the idea of “DS bargain bin at GameStop” is a recipe for disappointment, but for whatever reason, a few games in the company’s “unsellable for more »


Nintendo 2DS feels like a step backwards

When Walmart was having a pre-Black Friday sale on 2DS systems, I jumped on it. For only I could have a 2DS of my own. I could stop borrowing my boyfriend’s Pikachu 3DS XL, out of fear that I would break such a precious thing. However, I felt really strange when I finally held the more »

I’m learning the art of selling video games

I’ve been collecting games for about as long as I’ve been playing them, and I’ve been playing them for over thirty years. I enjoy collecting. I like having everything arranged nicely on shelves and stacks of new additions awaiting cataloging and sorting. I love buying old things in person, talking with the people who owned more »

There are new, transparent 2DS models thanks to Pokemon

We all know about Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, and Omega Ruby right? We’re all on the same page there? We also know that Nintendo has gone crazy with special 2DS releases right? So it doesn’t seem too farfetched that they are releasing, yet again, a special 2DS. This one specifically for the release of the new more »

Important Importables: Game Center CX Deserves a Second Chance

Retro Game Challenge is the best DS game . It’s a mini-game collection of “retro” games, and is inspired by Shinya Arino’s Game Center CX TV show where he plays retro games. The original title had players attempting to best Game Master Arino by playing “classics” like Cosmic Gate, Robot Ninja Haggle Man, Rally King, more »

Nintendo eShop Update for August 14, 2014

All eyes on the ! This week’s eShop update is better for owners than for those with the , but we’ll make do. Especially since there’s something rather exciting. I’m talking about the eShop debut of Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge. Well, it’s exciting for me because I never played the original, but still. So more »