Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition Preview: Line ‘em up

You expect certain things from demos appearing on Nintendo’s eShop. It’s a sample, which means a brief experience and perhaps even a limited number of opportunities to play. Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition defies both of these. At least, in a way it does. Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition plays like more »

Hero Generations Review: Less than heroic

Hero Generations Price: $14.99 System(s): Ouya (Also PC) Release Date: April 10, 2015 Publisher (Developer): Heart Shaped Games (Heart Shaped Games) ESRB Rating: Not Rated. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea that heroes are born, not made. A few games have experimented with this notion before. Phantasy Star III followed three generations of a more »

Zen Pinball 2’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Review: Teamwork

Zen Pinball 2 – Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Price: $2.99 System(s): PSN (Also available for PC, Xbox, and Nintendo platforms.) Release Date: April 22, 2015 Publisher (Developer): Zen Studios (Zen Studios) ESRB Rating: “Everyone” for Mild Fantasy Violence Zen Pinball 2 is pretty great. Every few weeks or so, get an awesome themed table more »

Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure Review: Digging in deep

Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure Price: $9.99 System(s): PC, PSP Release Date: March 30, 2015 Publisher (Developer): Mastiff (Nihon Falcom) ESRB Rating: E 10+ for Everyone 10 and up “Your drill is the drill that will pierce the Heavens!” In case you’re wondering, no, I will never stop making Gurren Lagann references. Why? Because this is more »

Top 10 hottest Mii Plaza characters ranked

With the April 16, 2015 addition of two new games to Nintendo’s Mii Plaza suite for the 3DS, gamers are encouraged to head out and collect tags to experience the newly available content. And with good reason, too! With new games come new NPCs, Mii characters who are strikingly attractive in all of their big-headed more »

Titan Souls Review: Sudden death

Titan Souls Price: $14.99 System(s): PC (PS4, Vita) Release Date: April 14, 2015 Publisher (Developer): Devolver Digital (Acid Nerve) ESRB Rating: “Teen” for Fantasy Violence, Blood, and Drug Reference   So many games are bloated nowadays. Big publishers seem to think that casting the widest net with an action-adventure-shooter-sandbox-RPG with fries is the only way to be taken seriously. You more »

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas Review: Sailing familiar seas

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas Price: $14.99 System(s): PC Release Date: March 17, 2015 Publisher (Developer): Cornfox & Brothers (Cornfox & Brothers) ESRB Rating: N/A Despite the word “uncharted” right there in its name, Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas is far from unfamiliar territory. It began life as an iOS game before sailing the open waters of more »

Omega Quintet Review: False idols

Omega Quintet Price: System(s): PS4 Release Date: April 28, 2015 Publisher (Developer): Idea Factory International (Compile Heart) ESRB Rating: “Teen” for Fantasy Violence, Language, Partial Nudity, Suggestive Themes, and Use of Alcohol When I heard about Omega Quintet, there were expectations. It seemed to present itself as the sort of game that blended the worlds more »

Joe Danger Review: Flipping out on Ouyas

Joe Danger Price: $3.99 System(s): Ouya (Also available on Android and iOS) Release Date: April 17, 2015 Publisher (Developer): Hello Games (Hello Games) ESRB Rating: N/A Is there a better premise for a stunt-based, motorcycle platformer than following a sharp dressed, magnetic stunt man? Obviously, the answer is no. Joe Danger is the best way more »

Pillars of Eternity Review: Put it on a pedestal

Pillars of Eternity Price: System(s): PC Release Date: March 26, 2015 Publisher (Developer): Paradox Interactive (Obsidian Entertainment) ESRB Rating: Rated Mature for Blood, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, and Violence I have a real love/hate relationship with CRPGs. And by that, I mean that I always think I’ll love them, but I never do. The roots more »


Western Digital My Passport X Review: Instant HDD expansion

Western Digital My Passport X Price: $139.99, though it’s available on System(s): Xbox One, PC Release Date: March 31, 2015 Publisher/Creator/Etc: Western Digital The next generation of consoles’ hard drives aren’t as impressive as the power that goes into making these systems work. Both the Xbox One and PS4 only offer 500GB hard drives, which more »

Omega Quintet Preview: Verse Maiden magical girls

The darkness invades. Monsters consume. Only one thing can hold them back, and that’s the power of song. Sound a bit off? Well, logic doesn’t matter much in the world of video games. Omega Quintet doesn’t have to make sense. It just has to offer fanservice and hours of entertainment. Giving the heroines a plausible more »