Fatal Frame 2 still terrifies me

I feel as though I shouldn’t have to warn about spoilers for a game , and yet the internet being what it is, this article will have spoilers. I feel the need to say this because Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly is a horror game, and horror known is horror lost. Yet somehow, Fatal Frame more »

I play Destiny in spite of the multiplayer

I hate multiplayer, or at least online multiplayer. Actually playing video games with friends on the couch is great. Online multiplayer is basically a relentless, ongoing bar fight. Oddly, I’m enjoying the hell out of Destiny… even though it’s only reinforcing why I dislike multiplayer.


I tried to play Oblivion, but keep playing Skyrim

One of our commenters asked for an update on how I’m enjoying Oblivion, in The Elder Scrolls series. Since someone has asked, I suppose it’s time I come clean and be honest. I just keep playing Skyrim. I haven’t even made it through the tutorial dungeon in Oblivion yet, and I’m not sure if I more »

My Skyrim child is more awesome than yours

My kid is way better than yours. Well, unless you installed the same Skyrim mod I installed. I’ve mentioned that I’m addicted to Skyrim mods already. The number of things the various mods can add are amazing, from new gameplay mechanics to entire new quests. Recently, I found a mod that lets you make any more »

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Interview: A new take on Harvest Moon

An exciting event is upon us. Farming worlds are about to collide. While the next Bokujou Monogatari installment, typically called Harvest Moon, is being turned into XSEED’s Story of Seasons, Natsume are setting forth with their first, original, installment that was developed in-house, Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley. I played both games at E3 2014 more »

The Shifting focus of The Sims games

I’ve just begun taking my first steps into The Sims 4. There were about thirty minutes spent creating a single sim, and then at least two hours that went into getting her accustomed to her virtual world. (Because of course I’m the kind of self-centered person who makes a Sim of herself first.) It’s nowhere more »

Help, I’m addicted to Skyrim mods!

It’s been about four months since I got Skyrim. I got all the DLC for it when I got the game, because Steam is amazing. I’ve probably only beaten the game twice, but I’ve already forgotten what the vanilla Skyrim experience is like. I’m even using terms like “vanilla” when I’m talking about it! Steam more »

Train Fever review: Still love playing with trains?

Train Fever Price: $34.99 System(s): PC, Mac, and Linux Release Date: September 4, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Gambitious (Urban Games) If you’ve never heard of Urban Games, don’t feel bad! As it turns out, Train Fever is this Swiss team’s debut game. And quite honestly, you’d think this team has been around for years. Train Fever runs on an more »

I Wrote FTL Fanfiction, Part 5

“Glad to see you finally found your sense of loyalty, crewman,” Hawthorne’s grim tone greeted Anthony as he made his way into the navigation pit. “Not loyalty,” Anthony retorted as he moved to the navigation console. “Spite. I can handle a lot of things, deadman, but I’m not going to take some assholes trying to more »

There are Pokemon Nanoblocks and I am so excited

You will not believe what I found today. You’ll never guess, so brace yourself. There are Pokemon Nanoblock sets. I went out on a shopping adventure and I actually found one of them, in the wild. Oh, and what a Pokemon Nanoblock set I caught. Feast your eyes on Mewtwo! The Mewtwo I found was more »

Wishing for a Humble Ouya Bundle

I’m probably in the minority here, but I have an Ouya and I kinda love it. There are definite knocks against it, and it isn’t a perfect micro-console, but it . And, admittedly, a big part of my love comes from being able to play Atari 2600 games on it, since it’s hit-or-miss when getting more »

I Wrote FTL Fanfiction, Part 4

He engaged the auto-pilot, and jumped to his feet. There was no way he could respond to a fight from the pit, he knew, so he had to trust the auto-pilot to get him out of there as soon as the FTL was charged. He also had to hope the repair drone had been working more »