How to take HUD-free screenshots in Final Fantasy XIV on PS4

We’ve all been blown away by the photo mode in inFamous: Second Son. Part of what makes those screenshots so great is the removal of the HUD. The HUD is comprised of various on-screen indicators such as maps, energy bars, notifications and other things. Not all games let you hide the HUD, but those that more »

Here’s Your April 18, 2014 Indie Game Bundle Update

Good morning everyone! This week’s Indie Game Bundle update is so huge, I had to wait a day to report it. Lots of old bundles have shuffled out, and nine new indie game bundles have taken their place. It’s quite amazing. In fact, I’d recommend picking up one or two of them and sending them more »

Japanese football fans could win a limited edition Pokemon 3DS

GamerTell recently told you about Pikachu’s other gig as a World Cup mascot. Pikachu and several of his friends, classic and new Pokemon among them, will appear on special Adidas-designed uniforms. That’s just the opening act of Pikachu’s efforts to promote the growth of soccer. A lot of folks that weren’t Pikachu or Nintendo fans more »

3 Last minute ideas for gamer Easter baskets

April 20, 2014 is Easter! Did you remember? Or were you so busy this year, perhaps with last minute cold fronts and snow storms, that you completely forgot and are now left with a desperate need for Easter baskets? If you did happen to have a mental lapse and forget all about it, never fear. more »

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is corporate manipulation pretending to be a game

I had my doubts about Family Guy: Quest for Stuff when it was announced. I immediately pegged it as the Family Guy version of The Simpsons: Tapped Out. After all, it shares the same basic premise of a city being destroyed and you having to rebuild it. I wanted to give this game a fair more »

Hands On: DC Deckbuilding keeps fighting evil with Heroes Unite

We aren’t just about video games here at GamerTell. My nerdy travels find me playing board games, ccgs and really anything that seems interesting. The DC Comics Deckbuilding Game (yes, the name is bland) is getting a lot of love in my gaming group right now. A brand new expansion, Heroes Unite, released in February more »

Consoles need a panic button

So, I picked up the first season of because it was $20 at Target, and my mom walked in. I’m pretty close with my family, even at the ripe old age of 31, and she was actually, genuinely interested in what I was watching. Turns out, she always wanted to see the show and find more »

Manos: The Revenge of Torgo Review: Unhand Me

Price: Free System(s): PC Release Date: August 3, 2013 Developer: RodrigoT ESRB Rating: N/A Manos: The Revenge of Torgo is a video game based on the gloriously bad film , which itself gained infamy via a rich symbiotic relationship with the beloved cult TV program Mystery Science Theater 3000 Joel, Mike and the gang watched more »

Final Fantasy XIV: How to understand the map on PS4

is a big game and getting around can be overwhelming at first. When I started playing this game on PS3 last year, the map was one of the most confusing things to me. I still think it’s a bit wonky, but it can be managed if you know its quirks. Today, I’m going to tell more »

Infested Planet Preview: A Whole Lot of Dead Bugs

I don’t like real time strategy games. Base building is a waste of time, micromanagement is a bother, and tower defense? Don’t get me started. So why do I like Infested Planet, a micromanagement heavy real time strategy game with strong tower defense elements? It’s because, as I played through the Infested Planet beta, I more »

Final Fantasy XIV: The best class for beginners

Let’s say you’re about to start playing  for PS4, but you don’t know which class to play as. All you know is you want to have fun as a character whose abilities and roles aren’t that complicated. For that experience, I’m going to steer you towards the archer class. Let me tell you why. Archers more »

Stink at StarCraft II? It’s because you’re too old

As we all know, human beings age. And as we age, things change. We develop the richness of experience that makes old people so boring. We develop fun new medical problems that terrify doctors. And we start being terrible at video games, according to science. Specifically, .