Holy cow, Nintendo is really old

Today, we’re celebrating Nintendo‘s birthday. “Great,” you might say. “A not living company is a year older. Big deal. Is it a big anniversary or something?” Yeah, you could say that. Turns out, Nintendo has been around well over a century. Link is about 28 years old. Kirby is 22. The Game Boy is about more »

The new Steam storefront would be great, if I knew what I wanted

Most of the games I play these days I get from Steam. From Skyrim to Child of Light, Steam makes it easy for me to download, keep, and play. They’ve recently updated their storefront to make it even easier for you to browse games you might enjoy, and of course, give them money for said more »

My Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call parties are based on my OTPs

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call isn’t just a music game. It’s a music game with RPG elements. That means a player doesn’t just go through the songs. Arranging a proper party of characters is just as important, as having people with the right stats for certain kinds of songs will make it easier to obtain more »

10 Games you need to play on the PlayStation TV

The PlayStation TV is coming out on October 14, 2014, and this micro-console needs to be on the wishlists of everyone with a PlayStation Plus subscription and spare DualShock 3 lying around. You may have passed on the Vita bandwagon for “reasons,” but now is your chance. The PlayStation TV won’t play every Vita game, more »

The Escapists Preview: Feigned complacence

My name was BaldEagle, and I was the baddest mutha in Center Perks minimum security prison. What did I do? It doesn’t matter. I wasn’t guilty. And even though the punishment for whatever it was I didn’t do was to take a time-out in a jail with flatscreen TVs with cable in every cell, caviar more »

I may buy a Wii U for Hyrule Warriors

I’ve said before, and will say multiple times again, that I don’t play many modern games. There’s something about the big AAA releases that just fail to appeal to me, in general. Yes, I adore Skyrim, but the open world sandbox that is that game is rare. Yet I am super excited for Hyrule Warriors, more »

I’m not sure if Hardcore Travel Skyrim is boring or fun

Over the past few days, I’ve written a few articles about a set of Skyrim mods that make the game a bit more, we’ll say realistic. They force me to travel on the road from place to place, instead of fast traveling so I can just get somewhere already. They also force me to deal more »


The PlayStation TV is about to change gaming

The PlayStation TV is officially on the way, and it’ll be hitting stores October 14, 2014. But more than that, this somewhat strange little microconsole is about to change gaming and how we view it in ways gamers really won’t be expecting.

Portable will be perfect for Project Scissors

Portable platforms are perfect for horror games. They allow for the perfect ambiance, when you think about it, since someone can huddle in a dark room, perhaps under some blankets, and enjoy a game that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. That fact that the Clock Tower legacy more »

Secret of the Magic Crystal is everything I was promised

Our own Jenni Lada thought it would be hilarious to purchase Secret of the Magic Crystal for me. Why? Because I said I liked anything having to do with unicorns, and it’s a really simplistic game that involves training unicorns. The jokes on her, this game is amazing! Secret of the Magic Crystal is nothing more »

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines still holds up

I don’t play a lot of modern games, I think I’ve said before. But thanks to my Steam account, I can play a number of interesting and entertaining games on my laptop. Most of these games are older games that people purchased for me, because they felt I should play them. Amongst those games is more »

There should be more games like The Stanley Parable

If you’ve never played The Stanley Parable, then you should stop reading this article and go buy it. No, seriously. To read about the game is to learn about it, and to learn about the game is to destroy what it has to deliver. I can not, in good conscience, tell people who haven’t played more »