I Want Tanya to have a happy ending with Hanu in Unrest

It’s a sticky situation. The idea of arranged marriages is repulsive, disrespectful to both parties, and antiquated. Yet, as I play Pyrodactyl’s Unrest, I can’t help but wish for the young teenagers, Tanya and Hanu, to have a happy ending. I’m getting ahead of myself. Unrest is a Kickstarter success story that tasks players with more »

The New Hyrule Warriors Trailer is Awesome

We here at GamerTell have already discovered that Hyrule Warriors is essentially Dynasty Warriors with Zelda characters. But if you remember right, we decided that we are totally fine with that. Well, I’m here to tell you that we’re even more, certainly, definitely, okay with that. Nintendo released a new trailer for Hyrule Warriors, and more »

5 Kinds of 50 Shades of Grey games we could see

The 50 Shades of Grey trailer is here, which means there’s no way this movie isn’t happening. There’s no stopping , and given this is geared towards women of all ages, we’re probably going to see some developer try to tap into that audience with a mobile game. Personally, I’m hoping for a ridiculous hidden more »

Is the Tetsuya Nomura Batman Bahamut?

I think I’m going crazy. Is it just me, or does that Tetsuya Nomura Batman look a lot like Bahamut. You know, that legendary dragon that keeps showing up in Final Fantasy games as either a summon or an enemy. I mean, let’s look at this for a second. This is an image of the more »

Guardians of the Galaxy is good for Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Superheroes

With SDCC 2014 a matter of hours away, even more comic and gaming announcements keep rolling in. However, one of the best is the announcement of a Guardians of the Galaxy NFC figure set for Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Superheroes. Truly, it’s fantastic news for anyone thinking about going in again and spending . I more »

Collectems: Pokemon for realists?

So I recently discovered Collectems, an RPG being created by The Layabouts. It’s painful easy to say “Pokemon” when you see and read about Collectems. Hell, even the creators admit they are heavily influenced by . Just looking at the images and listening to the music that have been released for the game, everything screams more »


Where’s the multiplatform Peggle 2?

I’m a self-proclaimed Peggle addict. I savored that game, enjoying it immediately after its 2007 launch on the PC, but then also following it to the PS3 and even putting it on my Nexus 7. Which, naturally, left me feeling quite betrayed when EA made the ridiculous decision to take what was originally a PC-exclusive more »

SDCC 2014: 4 Game developers and publishers you have to see

It may be the San Diego Comic-Con, but video games are surely taking the convention by storm. Every year, more and more developers and publishers take the time to stop by and set up booths at the event, and this year SDCC 2014 looks to offer the biggest video game assortment yet. Which is why more »

EA doesn’t want a Battlefield 4 mistake with Hardline

EA learned some painful lessons with the laundry list of problems that plagued Battlefield 4. The publisher has acknowledged some of that came from rushing the product to market. The plan wasn’t just to launch a superior product to Call of Duty, but to beat the game to market annually by about two weeks. This more »

Dragon Age: Inquisition delay is okay

Just when we thought the wait was almost over, Bioware pushed back the release date for Dragon Age: Inquisition. So close were we to finally being able to start romancing our favorite characters. So close to battling more dragons, and making more tough choices. But alas, we must . While the Dragon Age: Inquisition delay more »


Dear Video Games: Comics can change, why can’t you?

I’ve happily entered my local comics shop countless times, but I’ll never stop being intimidated by the singles wall. I don’t really know what else to call it, but it’s the wall housing all the recent, single issues of currently-running books. Marvel, DC, IDW, Dark Horse and however many other publishers, all competing for real more »

Japan’s Xbox One Titanfall bundle is better than ours

Do you love your Xbox One Titanfall bundle? Well, I’m sorry, but Japan’s is better. Yes, it’s true. Even worse, Japanese gamers will be paying less for it. I guess Microsoft really wants people to adopt on September 4, 2014, and aren’t afraid to lose money in the process. The Japanese Xbox One Titanfall bundle more »