New Nintendo 3DS XL system transfer guide

Upgrading to a shiny New Nintendo 3DS XL? (Or a smaller New Nintendo 3DS, if you’re not in North America?) The system transfer isn’t the most straightforward process, but we’re here to help. What you need Your current 3DS system. Unfortunately, those looking to trade in toward the cost of new hardware can’t do so, unless more »

How To: Easily FAT32 format SD and microSD cards

You have a 3DS or 3DS XL, and you’re running into a problem. You’ve got a 32GB SD card in there, or perhaps even a 32GB microSD card in its adapter, but are coming close to running out of space. However, FAT32 formatting a 64GB or higher card is a chore on a Windows PC. more »

Pokemon Academy Lesson One: Tiers, Rules, Conventions

There are two primary ways to enjoy the Pokemon games. The first and most obvious one is to play through the campaigns of the game. They’re cute, engaging and present enough of a challenge at first to keep most players playing. A basic understanding of the game is all that is needed to enjoy that more »

You can be an official Pokemon TCG professor

This doesn’t really qualify as news since the Pokemon TCG professor program has been around since Wizards of the Coast ran Pokemon’s official trading card game. But since it is such an old program, it would be entirely plausible for a Pokemon Master such as yourself to have overlooked it. I mean, it’s not exactly more »

How to use a US PSN account on an Asian PlayStation TV

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m a proud owner of an Asian PlayStation TV unit. It was a birthday gift, thanks to family finding out Play-Asia has new models for $59.99 each. It was even more welcome because firmware 3.35 allows people with a foreign PlayStation TV to use their North American accounts with it. It’s more »

How to make a FFXV meme

All those lovely FFXV memes appearing online just received a little more support. Yes, they have received an official sanction. Even though the producer, Shinji Hashimoto, doesn’t like them, the director, Hajime Tabata loves them. He loves them so much, in fact, that Square Enix has gone ahead and released official .png files of Noctis more »


5 tips for getting your deck over in WWE SuperCard

So, I won King of the Ring in WWE SuperCard. I stuck with it for a few hours, came out on top and won a pair of super rare Cesaro cards for my troubles. I also won a rare support card, but I don’t really use it, so whatever. I wrote a little about it more »

How to add custom music to Crypt of the NecroDancer

Crypt of the NecroDancer is an amazing game, as you can probably tell from GamerTell’s recent preview. Since I’m slowly becoming a rhythm roguelike master, I figured I had to teach you all how to do something. In Crypt of the NecroDancer, players use the included soundtrack, which is by Danny Baranowsky and is amazing, more »


How to get $20 in Amazon Coins for free

Everyone loves free money right? Well here’s your chance to get more than $20 in Amazon Coins for free. The best part is everything is completely legit. Amazon has a promotion going on where it will give you 1,000 Amazon Coins ($10 value) for downloading five free apps from the Amazon Appstore. The thing is, more »

How to take HUD-free screenshots in Final Fantasy XIV on PS4

We’ve all been blown away by the photo mode in inFamous: Second Son. Part of what makes those screenshots so great is the removal of the HUD. The HUD is comprised of various on-screen indicators such as maps, energy bars, notifications and other things. Not all games let you hide the HUD, but those that more »

Final Fantasy XIV: How to understand the map on PS4

is a big game and getting around can be overwhelming at first. When I started playing this game on PS3 last year, the map was one of the most confusing things to me. I still think it’s a bit wonky, but it can be managed if you know its quirks. Today, I’m going to tell more »

Going to PAX East 2014? Let a Native show You Around!

PAX East starts today, and thousands of gamers will descend upon Boston… only to be totally confused about where to go, what to do, and how to get coffee. Here’s what you need to know if you’re at PAX East.