Having a howling good time talking Billionaire Banshee with Razlo

With so many video game Kickstarters out there, we sometimes forget that there are just as many amazing board and card games hoping to get made as well. Billionaire Banshee happens to be one of those games and, luckily enough for Steven “Razlo” Bailey, 458 people pitched in $21,878 to make it happen. With Apples more »

Bear Box Media talks about its Internal Invasion

Bear Box Media recently launched their first game on the Wii U, called Internal Invasion. It is a simple, yet challenging, puzzle game that utilizes touch controls to guide a nano-bot from cannon to cannon in order to make it to an exit and cure a body’s infection. After playing Internal Invasion, I had some more »

E3 2014: Story of Seasons interview with Yoshifumi Hashimoto

During E3, we got an opportunity to talk with Story of Seasons producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto. Jenni Lada asked him questions about what makes this game stand out from the Harvest Moon games, and future plans for the franchise. Story of Seasons will be released in North America on the 3DS in 2014 thanks to localization by XSEED. more »

The 7 NYC Arcade Apartment Questions You Really Had, Answered

As a video game journalist, one of the things I hate most is when I open my inbox and see some PR email from an individual trying to hype up something they did in an attempt to earn 15 minutes of internet fame. So when I got an email from Chris Kooluris on June 2, more »

ACEN 2014: Laura Bailey is the Boss

When you think of video game voice actresses, Laura Bailey is one of the first women who come to mind. She’s been a major presence in the industry, way back since her start voicing Akane, Dende, and Kid Trunks in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, and has gone on to star in over 230 more »

ACEN 2014: Travis Willingham talks inFamous, Secondhand Lions

If you’re a gaming and anime fan in the Chicago area, you know where the party’s at. That’s right, it’s ACEN 2014 time. An array of celebrities have appeared in the area, and the congenial Travis Willingham was among them. You may know him from his most recent role as Reggie Rowe in , but more »

Michael Thomasson Interview: The Man with the Most Games

When Michael Thomasson, of Good Deal Games Homebrew Heaven in Western New York, rode his bicycle to the local Dairy Queen in 1978 with his big brother, it wasn’t a cup of Mr. Misty slushy he spent his quarters on. “instead I saw a huge hulking box in the middle of the restaurant,” Thomasson explained. more »


Rewriting Toontown

The Disney Company said “no”, and the internet said, “watch me”. On August 20th of this year, Disney’s members were alerted via email that the 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Game was set to close in exactly one month. In response, fans everywhere took to the internet to share their woes. Toontown Rewritten is the response initiative, firing more »


Important Importables: JAST USA’s Peter Payne Discusses the State of Starry Sky

During Anime Expo 2011, JAST USA said it was looking into licensing the Starry Sky series of otome visual novels. That’s a dating sim for girls, in case you aren’t familiar with the term. The release of such a series would have marked its first foray into translating and distributing a dating sim for girls more »


Interview: City of Titans developer address concerns over controversial Kickstarter

A few weeks ago, Missing Worlds Media started a Kickstarter campaign its MMO called City of Titans. City of Titans is a spiritual successor to City of Heroes, the superhero-themed MMO that shut down late last year. The idea of resurrecting City of Heroes in a different form is noble, but there have been concerns more »

Golem Arcana Interview: It keeps getting more exciting

Battletech. Shadowrun. Mage Knight. These games have left their mark on the face of gaming, with imagery and concepts (like “big fighting robots”) that even my non-gaming friends have no trouble identifying. They also have a common name behind them: Jordan Weisman, and if he has his way with Golem Arcana, he’ll put a boot stamp into gaming’s face that will change miniatures play forever.

The Winston Show Interview: The special guest is you

When it comes to an “entertainment app” on the iPad, that’s pretty much just hi-falutin’ language for a game, but The Winston Show takes entertainment in a new direction. Winston is a talk show host, with a sidekick (of course) Ellington, and he talks to and interacts with the iPad user. Yes, it’s been sort of done before, with toys like Teddy Ruxpin or even on the PC like with Seaman, but only takes a few moments to see that Winston is several cuts above what’s been done before. Part of this is almost certainly the Pixar effect, as developers ToyTalk employ a number of former Pixarians (as they call themselves), including ToyTalk co-founder and hair model for Mr. Incredible, Martin Reddy.