PS4 Anniversary Edition contest gets a do-over in Japan

The PS4 Anniversary Edition is a beautiful. Well, beautiful and limited, if you want to be exact. It’s one of those rare gems that will be the prize of a person’s collection, and people went crazy in the brief period of time they were available. Now, imagine you entered the Japanese contest to win one more »

Japan gets Bloodborne PS4s

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Bloodborne in Japan, From Software has announced a limited edition PS4 that features laser engraved artwork for the game. Sure, it’s just a logo of the game, but that may be enough to force the hands of hardcore fans of the series. In addition to the console, which is more »

Picking import games to work with the 3DS region-free mod

All is right with the 3DS world, at the moment. Thanks to a work-around that makes the 2DS and 3DS region-free, people can enjoy games from other regions without really doing anything wrong or resorting to custom firmwares and flash cards. It’s as simple as putting one file on a SD card, popping in a more »

Boxboy! Preview: The next great little HAL experiment (update)

Developer HAL Laboratory is mostly known these days for its Kirby games, but it has a long history of making fun little experiments. Some were Kirby-branded, like Tilt ‘n’ Tumble, Dream Course and Mass Attack, but many have flourished on their own, like Picross 3D, The Adventures of Lolo and Face Raiders. It’s really at its best when it tries something new, more »

Tales of the World: Reve Unitia Preview: Does a Tales by any other combat play as sweet?

What is a Tales game without the franchise’s signature battles? Tales of the World: Reve Unitia, the latest in the fan-geared spin-off line of the series, doesn’t show any traces of the Linear Motion Battle System, but it may find its footing by focusing on other aspects of the Tales charm. Reve Unitia, itself a more »

Link Nendoroid Photo Diary: Posers

Before I start telling a little story with pictures, allow me to provide a bit of background. Good Smile Company has been making Nendoroids of Nintendo characters, and one of the most recent releases is a Link Nendoroid. After much searching, because A) I didn’t think to pre-order one, B) the Kinokuniya near me sold more »

Consider importing Amiibo

We know Amiibos are rare. You can’t visit a video game website or blog without people commenting on the sudden appearance or disappearance of Nintendo’s NFC figures – this one included. However, it’s time to start thinking about adopting a new strategy when it comes to the pursuit of these characters. We’ve seen that some more »

Important Importables Review: The Luigi Nendoroid is too photogenic

Good news, Nintendo fanboys and girls! The Luigi Nendoroid is here. You can find him in many places online, like Crunchyroll and , and he’s glorious. I’ve been collecting Nendoroids for almost a year now and I can honestly say that with one $40 purchase, he’s become one of my favorite figures. It isn’t because more »

Important Importables: Game Center CX Deserves a Second Chance

Retro Game Challenge is the best DS game . It’s a mini-game collection of “retro” games, and is inspired by Shinya Arino’s Game Center CX TV show where he plays retro games. The original title had players attempting to best Game Master Arino by playing “classics” like Cosmic Gate, Robot Ninja Haggle Man, Rally King, more »

Important Importables: Snow Miku Nendoroid Magical Snow Ver.

As promised, here’s another Important Importables in a timely fashion! I’m getting good at this! This installment is all about the incredibly lovely, 2014 Snow Miku Nendoroid. It was going to be a long review of the figure, with lots of detailed pictures, but something happened. This post happened. Here’s how it all went. I more »

Important Importables Review: Girls RPG: Cinderellife

Girls RPG: Cinderellife is weird. It’s nothing like you’d expect from an RPG. Really, it’s more of a life simulation. I mean, a player does get to level up various parameters, usually by spending money on various clothes, hairstyles, and accessories. There are missions too, and an overarching story. Really though, it’s about experiencing life more »

Fan service without pleasure

There have been few reviews of Monster Monpiece going around. It may be because its a very niche card/strategy game that was likely passed off in favor of larger games, but more likely it is the fact that there are aspects of the game that are problematic to say the least.  Go to the comments more »