5 Steam Holiday Sale 2014 games to buy: Day 3

Day 3 of the Steam Holiday Sale is here and yes, it’s still going strong. Today’s deals aren’t as striking as what we’ve seen so far. The ones I’m going to recommend aren’t big name, AAA titles. They’re mostly indies, but those can surprise you with their quality and depth. If you only grab one more »

5 Steam Holiday Sale 2014 Games to Buy: Day 2

We survived the first day of the Steam Holiday Sale! Go us! Our wallets aren’t even empty yet. That will surely change, since the event is running until January 2, 2014, but still. For now, we rejoice in the fact that we’ve been good and not spent all of our money on the first day. more »

Here’s Your December 19, 2014 Indie Game Bundle Update

Need a last second gift for the holidays? Grab someone an indie game bundle. You’ll get them a lot of games for a great price, stuff they can enjoy well into the new year, and won’t have to worry about wrapping or delivering it. Especially since there are 20 indie game bundles to choose from more »

5 Steam Holiday Sale 2014 Games to Buy: Day 1

The time has come, as was rumored and prophesized. The 2014 Steam Holiday Sale has arrived. Deals are running rampant, as expected, and we should be seeing some of the best prices on PC games this year as time wears on. However, to make things a little easier for you, Technology Tell has something planned. more »

10 Best Dragon Age Inquisition fanfiction prompts

It started out as a joke. I was one of those people who wrote fanfiction in high school, and sometimes I like to brainstorm ideas for stories I’d want to read. That’s what I was doing on Twitter a few days ago, coming up with ridiculous, Dragon Age Inquisition fanfiction ideas. Except, some of these more »

Gifts for the Literate Gamer: Video Game Books, Nonfiction Edition

This will confound you youngsters out there, but there was a brief interval in humanity’s history between oral traditions and cloud based storage when information was recorded on physical objects called books. Inspired by the toxic mix of the invention of movable type and Oprah’s fanatical insistence on having an entire club dedicated to them, more »


5 Things Animal Crossing Wii U Needs

Nintendo hasn’t been shy about suggesting Wii U games we could see in the near future. One of which is, of course, Animal Crossing Wii U. Because really, we can’t have a Nintendo console without a town where we can kick back with our anthropomorphic animal friends. Especially since Nintendo has shown it’s looking to more »

5 Games I want that will never be made

We all have a list like this, I think. A list of games that we would absolutely adore, and play the living hell out of, yet we know that they’ll probably never be made. Maybe it’s because different companies hold various licenses and won’t share. Maybe it’s because there just aren’t enough people who like more »

Here’s Your December 12, 2014 Indie Game Bundle Update

Time for the usual indie game bundle update. This week, you really need to see one in particular. It’s the Bundle Stars Killer Bundle. I picked this indie game bundle up for myself and it’s a really good one. For $5, you get 10 great games that haven’t really shown up in many bundles yet. more »

3 hidden treasures found in GameStop’s DS bargain bin

Sometimes it’s worth swallowing your pride and digging through a million copies of LEGO Rockband and Imagine Babyz. There be gold in them there yellow paper sleeves. You may think the idea of “DS bargain bin at GameStop” is a recipe for disappointment, but for whatever reason, a few games in the company’s “unsellable for more »

Here’s Your December 5, 2014 Indie Game Bundle Update

Whew! Sorry about the Indie Game Bundle Update delay. We had to skip last week because of the holidays. But, we’re back this week with a pretty good collection of games. This week there are 27 indie game bundles available. In an especially interesting note, most of the Bundle Stars bundles are all new! Go more »

The 5 GBA Virtual Console games every Wii U owner needs

You always have to wonder about Virtual Console games on the Wii U eShop. Like, if you had the original system and looked online a little, could you find the same game at a much better price? Sometimes yes, sometimes no, and there are even sometimes when it’s worth buying a digital copy of a more »