Technology Tell Gaming Channel’s most notable E3 2015 opinions

Oh man, E3 2015, everybody. This was a big year. There were a lot of games available to play, and Technology Tell’s Gaming Channel had six people on the ground experiencing as many as possible. Since it wouldn’t really be “fair” to decide on one or two games as the most notable this year, we’re more »

So long, 2014! Happy New Year from Technology Tell Gaming

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you had a fantastic night last night, and did a good job saying so long to 2014 and welcoming in the new year. After all, we had a great year. A lot of amazing games were released and good things came our way. We can only hope the new year more »


Pokemon Trainer Nendoroid Photo Diary: The First Battle

“Hey, everybody! Remember a few weeks ago, when Technology Tell’s Gaming Channel said the Pokemon Center was going to be selling Pokemon Trainer Nendoroids? Well, look who’s here! “Introducing, Red!” “Hey, everyone! Great to be here!” “Shall we kick off our friendship with a Pokemon battle?” “Absolutely!” “Ready!” “Hey! No using fakemon, Miku!” “Sorry… Is more »

Screenshot fun with Backstage Pass

A few weeks ago, I did a preview for Sakevisual’s Backstage Pass. (Which happens to be on Steam’s Early Access, hint hint.) The first playthrough didn’t go so well for me, as Sian ended up alone forever. Which naturally meant going through the game a few more times for a better result. In so doing, more »

Merry Christmas 2013 from GamerTell

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone! It’s that special time of year where we spend time with the people we love, generously sharing gifts and spending time together. The staff of GamerTell and the TechnologyTell Network would like to extend our best wishes to you and thank you for your support and readership throught the more »

EA to sell SimCity “offline” DLC for $29.99

2013 has only just begun, but we’ve already seen multiple video game meltdowns. The SimCity fiasco, as it’s now known, resulted in millions of disillusioned players unable to play their game for days after launch due to the “always online” mandate. It drove people to the internet to voice their displeasure, while EA claimed the more »


Activision can’t wait for people to play Call of Duty: Warcraft

Activision made an announcement today that is poised to rock the gaming world. It is going to revolutionize MMOs and outdo all other gaming mashups with Call of Duty: Warcraft. It has been revealed that, for the last six months, Treyarch and Blizzard have been secretly working together on a game the elements of two more »

Merry Christmas 2012 from GamerTell!

Ho ho ho and merry Christmas everyone! Or happy holidays, whichever you prefer. GamerTell just wanted to extend our holiday greetings to you on this most festive of days. I hope you’re all enjoying yourself with loved ones, cherishing what you have and what you’ve just received. We’re doing the same, in case you’re curious. more »

Xbox Live Update for the week of September 4 through 10, 2011

Xbox live weekly updateIt’s another big week with four titles in the Xbox Live Arcade. Crimson Alliance is an action-RPG that sees you fighting the Cult of the Soul Siren. You can choose from the wizard Direwolf, mercenary Gnox, or the assassin, Moonshade. Crimson Alliance supports Xbox Live co-op for up to four players. The download is free. Watch this move, though. One character is 800 Microsoft Points, all three are 1200 MP. If you download the free version, you get a “trial character” and numerous prompts to buy a real character. Thank the “freemium” gaming model for this price structure. It has already been the source of a fair amount of confusion.

iPad gaming update for July 31, 2011

gamertell apple app store weekly update logoAnyone already planning out their iPad 3 plans? According to industry rumors you’d better because it’s around a month away. However that does at least leave you a little time to build up your armada in Buccaneer Blitz™ Freemium. It’s a freebie this week that pits you against the enemy to see who can conquer the opposing sides islands. You can also call on your friends and take over their islands using spells and other sneaky pirate skills. Not a bad way to spend nothing at all.

iPhone and iPod Touch gaming update for July 31, 2011

gamertell apple app store weekly update logoAccording to a poll, 35 percent of people will be upgrading to the iPhone 5 no matter what. How about you dear iPhone and iPod Touch gamers, will you be upgrading when the next devices hit? Even if you don’t plan to upgrade I bet 80 percent of you are planning to download our first game this week, it’s Groove Coaster. If you played the insanely good Space Invaders Infinity, then you know what to expect from this game with the only minor difference being this is a rhythm game and not an Invader shooting game. Essentially it boils down to listening to awesome music and tapping to the rhythm. It’s currently going for $0.99 so pop on it while it’s affordable.

Xbox Live Update for the week of July 24 through 30, 2011

div align=”center”>Xbox live weekly update

This week in the Xbox Live Arcade, it’s time to play God with From Dust. This game is the latest treat from Eric Chahi, creator of Another World. You will have to guide the inhabitants of a primitive world where nature is often violent and destructive. The tribe will need to channel the lost powers on its ancestors on their journey, but you have to keep them alive long enough to do it. If your tastes lean toward the strategic, this game is probably worth a look for you. From Dust is 1,200 Microsoft Points ($15). It’s also one of the Summer of Arcade games. The others are Bastion, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Fruit Ninja Kinect and Toy Soldiers: Cold War. If you purchase all five through your Xbox Live account, Crimson Alliance will be yours for the low, low price of free. Crimson Alliance is coming September 2011.