My favorite Pokemon game is fan-made

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely adore Pokemon. I’ve loved the game since the first time I played Blue, and I haven’t stopped loving it since. I’m not going to lie, my favorite pokemon is Butterfree, followed closely by Gardevoire. But oddly enough, my favorite version of Pokemon is actually one off the internet. more »

Examining the Creative Mode and Munari Starbound mods

As you saw the other day, I went ahead and made my first Let’s Play video for Technology Tell’s Gaming Channel, because boredom and a holiday are powerful forces. Since I had more spare time after that, I decided to show the power of being OP with Starbound mods. After all, we’re pretty limited in more »


Read the Pokemon “Dating a Team Magma Grunt” doujinshi

As you can tell, it’s a slow news day. Even if it weren’t, however, I’d still be writing up this post on a fan-translated, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby doujinshi. Trust me, “Dating a Team Magma Grunt,” Gooberman(kdk5011), is that good. It’s one of those rare comics you find online and immediately want to more »

Hacker beats 3DS region lock

Okay everyone, this is one of those “use at your own risk” stories, so sit tight. A hacker by the name of smealum has created a hack that undoes the 3DS region lock. Best of all, it doesn’t require any fancy flash carts. No need to really mod your console, or do anything fancy that more »

The PlayBox 4 One puts a Xbox One and PS4 in 1 unit

I shouldn’t be surprised. There’s already consoles like the Retro Duo, which can play both Sega Genesis and SNES games. There’s consoles that can play Genesis, SNES, Nintendo, and Master System games. It was really only a matter of time until someone figured out a way to combine the XBox One and the Playstation 4, more »

Metal Gear Solid is broken, but tense, in first-person

God bless the modding community, the ingenius coders who’ve given us Skyrim enemies done up in Spider-Man attire, more Minecraft options than can reasonably be counted, and now a first-person look at Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. Indeed, thanks to -Pao of Nexusmods, Metal Gear Solid fans can get closer than ever to the sneaking and sabotage of Hideo Kojima’s stealth more »


The best Skyrim Mods are ones that fix bugs

Skyrim is a wonderful game, with hundreds of hours of content. I’ve played it for almost 1100 hours at this point, and I’ll probably put a few more hours on the game before the end of the night. But it’s hard to argue that the game doesn’t have a lot of bugs. I’ve written two more »


Nude Legate Rikke is the funniest thing in Skyrim

As I’m sure everyone who reads this site is aware by now, I play a great deal of Skyrim. I also keep screenshots of ridiculous things or funny glitches that occur, because they’re funny and I like sharing them. Recently, a glitch happened and I have no earthly idea how or why it happened. Nude more »


Cullen is the Dragon Age Inquisition fanfiction favorite

You can tell a lot about people’s thoughts on game characters by checking through fanfiction. Pairings offer a lot of insight and can answer questions about who people love the most. When it comes to Dragon Age Inquisition fanfiction, there’s a clear star. The people love Cullen. The proof is in the sorting. I started more »

True Terraforming Beyond Earth mod is a must own

Sometimes, you run across a mod and wonder why that concept wasn’t included in the base game. It’s something so ingenious and beneficial, it can completely change the way you play the game. The True Terraforming Civilization: Beyond Earth mod is one of these. The second I stumbled across True Terraforming on the Steam Workshop, more »

Cubic Ninja is worthless now

Bad news for Ubisoft. One of the company’s 3DS shovelware titles has gone back to being one of those games , play a few times, then never touch again. Yes, I’m here to report that Nintendo has patched the exploit that allowed people to use homebrew on the 3DS if they had a copy of more »

Great, my Skyrim daughter has another pet

It was bound to happen eventually. I make enough new games in Skyrim that pretty much anything can happen twice. But I’ve been running the mod that lets you have your child as a follower long enough without the situation occurring that I thought maybe it wouldn’t happen again. Shows what I know. My daughter more »