Skyrim girls experienced growth spurts

As I’ve said multiple times in the past, I have modded the ever loving crap out of my Skyrim game. This occasionally leads to odd situations, such as the intro sequence breaking down, or Jarl Ulfric having a gag over his mouth for the entire game. This time around, it seems to have caused a more »

I like the idea of the Skyrim Frostfall mod More than the reality

A while back, I wrote about doing what I called “hardcore travel” Skyrim. The idea was that I would turn off all fast traveling abilities and use the Skyrim Frostfall mod, which simulated realistic cold weather situations. If you ran around without wearing enough clothes, you’d get colder and colder until you eventually froze to more »

Become a Bard is a fantastic Skyrim mod

Most of the Skyrim mods I use come from Nexus Mods, due to their amazing Mod Manager program. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some mods from other places that aren’t equally amazing. Case in point, one of my absolute favorite Skyrim mods comes from the Steam Workshop. It’s a mod that lets you become more »

I don’t feel bad for cheating in Skyrim

In case you haven’t been able to figure it out, I love Skyrim. Steam tells me I’ve spent 760 hours playing it, and I’ll probably add another four or five hours to the game before I go to bed tonight. But just because I love the game doesn’t mean I love every part of the more »


The hazards of Alternate Skyrim starts

As I’ve said multiple times in the past, I’ve modded the ever loving crap out of my Skyrim game. I just greatly enjoy seeing what new and entertaining things I can do with the game. I have mods that let me bring my children along on my adventures. I have mods that let me be more »

It’s come full circle, I’m playing a child in Skyrim

A while back, I wrote an article about a mod that allowed me to bring children along on my Skyrim adventure. That was all well and good, and my child as as good a follower as any of the other followers (after a few console commands, of course). It’s now come full circle.  I found more »

How to make a FFXV meme

All those lovely FFXV memes appearing online just received a little more support. Yes, they have received an official sanction. Even though the producer, Shinji Hashimoto, doesn’t like them, the director, Hajime Tabata loves them. He loves them so much, in fact, that Square Enix has gone ahead and released official .png files of Noctis more »

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time In 2D? Meh

In one of the most bizarre feats of gamer love since the last one, a group of Legend of Zelda super-fans have decided to recreate Ocarina of Time in the 2D style of Link to the Past. I say bizarre, because I can think of no logical reason to do this. A used N64 can more »

The SPERG Skyrim mod’s dog doesn’t have to be a dog

I wrote about the Skyrim mod called SPERG yesterday, which completely revamps the way the perks work. One of the perks is called “Best Friend”, which gives you an unkillable pet dog. It turns out, though, that it doesn’t have to be a dog. The mod lets you change the pet to be one of more »

Skyrim SPERG mod knows the importance of dogs

As you may have guessed, I cycle through several different Skyrim mods that are designed to change the very nature of how Perks work. Some of them make things harder, some of them make things easier, but all of them seek to find some way to balance out playstyle with special abilities. One of my more »

ThuuMic Is the coolest Skyrim mod I can’t get to work

As I was perusing the good, the bad, and the ugly on Nexus’s Skyrim mods, I happened upon an immersion mod that looked like an amazing good time. They call it Thuumic, and it allows you to audibly say the dragon shouts into your computer microphone, which then happen in Skyrim. Tell me that doesn’t more »

I’m not sure if Hardcore Travel Skyrim is boring or fun

Over the past few days, I’ve written a few articles about a set of Skyrim mods that make the game a bit more, we’ll say realistic. They force me to travel on the road from place to place, instead of fast traveling so I can just get somewhere already. They also force me to deal more »