This is what Shenmue HD would have looked like

Morning, everybody! Let’s start our day out with something pretty. This screenshot above is from a Korean fan’s endeavor to create an HD upgrade of Shenmue. Is that gorgeous or what? The correct answer to the question, by the way, is yes! Unfortunately, this Shenmue HD project is all the work of a fan that more »


Square Enix shuts down Final Fantasy Type-0 fan translation

Final Fantasy Type-0 is the game we didn’t think we’d get. The PSP-original was released in 2011, and after three years with no word, we figured it was a lost cause. Which, of course, led to a group of fans putting together an unofficial translation and English patch for the game. The only problem is, more »


GBA4iOS is back (for now)

GBA4iOS is back. It was forced to shut down shop and die earlier this month, due to Nintendo sending out a Digital Millennium Copyright Act warning to Riley Testut, it’s creator. But we all should have realized you can’t keep an emulator down, because Testut has changed GBA4iOS “just enough” to get around the DMCA, more »

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection isn’t dead thanks to Homebrew

We all know the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection was shut down for and owners on May 20, 2014. It was a sad time, since it meant no more online multiplayer or bonuses for lots of lovely DS and Wii games. But, just because Nintendo shut their servers down doesn’t mean we’re out of business. Fans have more »

Philly Tech Week begins with 29-story game of Tetris

A video game is about to go sky high. For the first time ever, somebody is attempting to set up a Tetris game on the side of a 29-story building. The somebody involved is a team from Drexel University, consisting of Adam Lee, Gaylord Holder, and Colan Biemer. The group is hoping to have the more »

The Last Of Us gets hilariously, grossly recut

The Last Of Us is, of course, a touching, emotionally raw story of Joel and Ellie finding themselves amid what’s very possibly the end of the human race. . So of course, it’s gotten a hilariously tasteless recutting, courtesy of Normal Difficulty.

Metroid in Spelunky is genius

I present to you, Joey4Track, your new Spelunky god. Joey4Track is working on what could be the best mod ever to grace the game. Brace yourself, because he’s going to bring Metroid to Spelunky. And this isn’t just some minor, let’s make Samus a playable character kind of thing. This is a full on masterpiece more »

Moemon Pokemon hacks are adorably weird

Pokemon rom hacks are nothing new, but I have to say, I’ve never seen anything like Moemon before. Let me explain. Sometimes, fans will decide to modify existing games to change the experience. I’ve heard of patches for the Pokemon Game Boy Advance games that alter the difficulty level, change the story, switch up the more »


Someone put Mass Effect in Civilization V

Steam user Pluvia made my night last night. That’s when I discovered the existence of Mass Effect Civilization V mods. Yes, Pluvia got Mass Effect into my Gods & Kings updated version of Civilization V, and I couldn’t be happier. In fact, I’m ecstatic. Ebullient, even. Thank you so, so much!

Gateway 3DS Flashcart emerges

Say hello to more frequent 3DS firmware updates. It looks like the first 3DS flashcart has appeared. Dubbed the Gateway 3DS, it is in development and the team behind it claims it’s almost ready to head into production. In fact, if things go as planned, it will be shipping in about two weeks. Which means more »

Mother 3 translator offers Nintendo his services for free

EarthBound is one of the many games to appear on the Wii U’s new Virtual Console after the console’s system update this week. Professional Japanese translator Clyde Mandelin took Nintendo’s announcement, which was made in the most recent Nintendo Direct, as a sign of Nintendo’s renewed interest in the long forgotten series and took the opportunity to make Nintendo an more »

The Homebrew Channel is running on Wii Us

Have a Wii U? You can hack it. Not that we endorse that kind of thing, mind you. Doing that is a sure way to instantly void your warranty, but thanks to those diligent hackers, it is now possible. They haven’t got it running during the Wii U mode, but it will work on the more »