Skyrim SPERG mod knows the importance of dogs

As you may have guessed, I cycle through several different Skyrim mods that are designed to change the very nature of how Perks work. Some of them make things harder, some of them make things easier, but all of them seek to find some way to balance out playstyle with special abilities. One of my more »

ThuuMic Is the coolest Skyrim mod I can’t get to work

As I was perusing the good, the bad, and the ugly on Nexus’s Skyrim mods, I happened upon an immersion mod that looked like an amazing good time. They call it Thuumic, and it allows you to audibly say the dragon shouts into your computer microphone, which then happen in Skyrim. Tell me that doesn’t more »

I’m not sure if Hardcore Travel Skyrim is boring or fun

Over the past few days, I’ve written a few articles about a set of Skyrim mods that make the game a bit more, we’ll say realistic. They force me to travel on the road from place to place, instead of fast traveling so I can just get somewhere already. They also force me to deal more »

My Skyrim daughter will get her pet bunny killed

I’ve mentioned already that I’ve installed a mod that allows you to make any child your follower. I used this mod to bring my daughter along with me on my adventures, because obviously my Skyrim daughter needs to learn the family business. The mod doesn’t disable the normal child interactions, however. Which means that my more »

Skyrim Redone makes cheese awesome

I’ve mentioned that I’m using Skyrim Redone as a way to change up the gameplay of . It changes a number of things, from the way perk trees work, to the way armor and weapons work, even the kinds of weapons you find. For the most part, I am enjoying the changes, but some are more »

Skyrim Redone gives a taste of hardcore Skyrim

I’ve said I don’t give much weight to the hardcore/casual argument, and that’s true. However, I acknowledge that it exists. As a highly paid video game playing princess, I feel it’s my job to look at things objectively. To that end, I installed Skyrim Redone, a mod that appears quite beloved by the hardcore gamer more »

Doctor Who visiting Minecraft on Xbox 360s

That’s right! The Xbox 360 version of Minecraft is soon to feature some awesome Doctor Who content. It warms my heart to see Doctor Who invade yet another platform that I just so happily happen to own. Starting in September 2014, Microsoft will release skin packs that will include Doctors, companions, and villains from Doctor more »

Skyrim Mods Breath New Life Into Beloved Games

I’ve mentioned that I love Skyrim and everything it has to offer. This is, and always will be, true. I love the variety of choices I have in how to approach the different quests, the ability to play it as a stealth game or a hack and slash game, and the fact that the NPCs more »

This is what Shenmue HD would have looked like

Morning, everybody! Let’s start our day out with something pretty. This screenshot above is from a Korean fan’s endeavor to create an HD upgrade of Shenmue. Is that gorgeous or what? The correct answer to the question, by the way, is yes! Unfortunately, this Shenmue HD project is all the work of a fan that more »


Square Enix shuts down Final Fantasy Type-0 fan translation

Final Fantasy Type-0 is the game we didn’t think we’d get. The PSP-original was released in 2011, and after three years with no word, we figured it was a lost cause. Which, of course, led to a group of fans putting together an unofficial translation and English patch for the game. The only problem is, more »


GBA4iOS is back (for now)

GBA4iOS is back. It was forced to shut down shop and die earlier this month, due to Nintendo sending out a Digital Millennium Copyright Act warning to Riley Testut, it’s creator. But we all should have realized you can’t keep an emulator down, because Testut has changed GBA4iOS “just enough” to get around the DMCA, more »

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection isn’t dead thanks to Homebrew

We all know the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection was shut down for and owners on May 20, 2014. It was a sad time, since it meant no more online multiplayer or bonuses for lots of lovely DS and Wii games. But, just because Nintendo shut their servers down doesn’t mean we’re out of business. Fans have more »