It took me less than 3 hours to start modding Fallout 3

Because Steam had the entire Fallout series on sale recently, I went ahead and purchased Fallout 3. I already own New Vegas, but I honestly couldn’t get into it. I’d been hearing Fallout 3 was better, though, and since it was only thirteen dollars for the base game and all the DLC at the time, more »


Anna’s NPCs is another fantastic Skyrim mod

I have clearly not talked about Skyrim enough lately. Thus, it’s obviously time for me to tell you all about another Skyrim mod. As you may know, the last time I talked about one of these fan creations, I said it was probably the greatest mod out there for the game. I stick to that. more »


Smealum’s 3DS region-free fix is back

Do you lament the lack of a 3DS region-free system? Of course you do. Why did I even ask? Considering every Nintendo handheld prior to the DSi has been region-free, the region-lock on the current generation is a constant disappointment. Except now a new hack from Smealum has ensured 3DS region-freedom for all. Well, at more »

This WarioWare: D.I.Y. amiibo game is amazing (update)

Ready for some amazing amiibo commentary? It’s not only sharp, but incredibly creative. A Reddit user by the name of Abi91 used WarioWare: D.I.Y. to perfectly capture the online amiibo shopping experience. Be careful when watching this video, though, as it may remind you of some heartbreaking experiences. In case you didn’t have the almost more »

How many Skyrim questlines can I finish before starting the game?

I’ve mentioned before the Alternate Start mod for Skyrim. If you don’t feel like going back to read the article, the gist of it is this. It’s a mod that allows you to start in a different location than the standard “you’re a prisoner going to be executed in Helgen” start. Instead, you wake up more »

DOTA 2 mod makes the MOBA into a third person shooter

DOTA 2 mod makes the MOBA into a third person shooter Defense of the Ancients 2 is a game with quite a fanbase. It’s done quite well for itself, garnered multiple positive reviews, and people are all about those multiplayer experiences. Which means it isn’t surprising to see a DOTA 2 mod or two come more »

5 Silly Cities Skylines mods you’ll love

It’s really no secret that there are more Cities Skylines mods to choose from than types of building in the regular game. But you know, I am absolutely fine with this. Especially since a lot of the mods for the game reference pop culture, or are just plain silly. While there are many greats, I more »

Upcoming Cities Skylines mod channels SimCopter

Before we get into this awesome Cities Skylines mod discussion, I’d like to apologize. Yes, I went to Reddit for this article idea and am shamelessly promoting it here. In my defense, this Cities Skylinesmod that YouTube user Nisquity is working on at the moment is amazing. It’s so cool, it even has its own more »

Fan Remakes First Super Mario 64 Map in Unity; Nintendo Says “No”

When I was a lad in his first decade of life, the Nintendo 64 launched and, desperately as I wanted one, my parents were not so forthcoming. I dreamt of, instead, getting this massive book on programming 3D games from the bookstore and, having played the first level of Super Mario 64 innumerable times in more »


12 of the most useful Cities Skylines mods

Cities Skylines has been my latest obsession, which is surprising since I’m terrible at it unless I’ve got mods enabled. That’s the glory of the game though. Three mods come standard, and the Steam workshop provides a boat load more. With so many Cities Skylines mods to choose from, it can be tough to decide more »

These 3 Toad Amiibo mods are the best

Yes, we’re really doing this now. I’m sorry. The various Toad Amiibo mods that have come out in the past few days since the Mario Party 10 NFC figure releases are too good. They have to be shared and leered at. Especially since there are three incredible ones that will make you want to become more »

Fallout: The Frontier promises to be an epic New Vegas mod

When a big, open world game is super popular, people create mods for it. When a big, open world game is super duper popular, people use it to create what amounts to an entirely new game. I’m not entirely certain why people do this, but it’s what they do. You can tell how popular the more »