The Skyrim Redone creator releases Perkus Maximus

I’ve talked in the past about Skyrim Redone, a perk adjustment mod that changes up exactly how the various perks work and how you gain them. It’s a fun Skyrim mod, because it gives you a slightly different feeling to the entire experience. It’s not my favorite, however, because it feels like you have to more »


Civil War Overhaul Skyrim mod makes for a more robust civil war

One of the downsides of the Civil War questline in Skyrim is that it’s sort of straight forward and not very interesting. There’s a few radiant quests, but ultimately, it’s a matter of killing a bunch of dudes in a fort several times, and then running amok in either Windhelm or Solitude and calling it more »

Austin in Hyrule’s next Legend of Zelda hunt is February 28

Perhaps you’ve heard about the man who hides chests inspired by The Legend of Zelda around the streets of Austin, Texas. Perhaps you’re aware of all the cool homemade pieces of art that goes inside the chests. But, did you know how popular his scavenger hunts are becoming? Ez, the man who brought Hyrule to more »

I just discovered Vampire The Masqurade: Bloodlines mods

Given how many mods I’ve downloaded and used for Skyrim, it shouldn’t surprise me that other games also have mods. After all, as long as there’s a solid community of people who enjoy a game, there’s going to be someone with the time, dedication, and skill to create something new for it. However, I sort more »

Filter up your FPS with InstaDOOM

The internet is full of people I don’t understand but appreciate regardless. People who de-make games are a good example. The authors behind the “InstaDoom” mod are another. InstaDOOM is, essentially, a mod that applies instagram filters to the classic FPS title, DOOM. Sure, the game’s been out for over two decades, but that doesn’t more »

Every Sonic Fan To Sega: Release Sonic 3 Remastered!

Recently, Sonic Boom was found to be the lowest selling Sonic game of all time, not even topping out at over 500K copies between the WiiU version and the 3DS version. Naturally, fans of the Sonic franchise are all annoyed. Not because the game sold so poorly, but because Sega put out such a horrible more »

Penumbra Necrologue totally transforms Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Did you love the Penumbra games? The feeling of your heart in your throat, wondering what could come next? I guess you’re going to have to buy Amnesia: The Dark Descent then, because a Penumbra Necrologue total conversion mod has appeared on Steam. Which is a perfect fit, since Frictional Games made both series. The more »

Beyond Earth mod IGEditorBE lets you make it your own

Beyond Earth mod IGEditorBE lets you make it your own Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth is one of those games that people can sit and enjoy for hours on end. Especially once mods that allow you to tweak the game come into play. However, one of the best mods lets you completely go through and more »

Skyrim mod lets you play with previous incarnations

Have you ever started a new game in Skyrim and wished that you could have your previous Dragonborn character as a follower? How about as a spouse? It would seem you’re not the only one, because I found a Skyrim mod that lets you do exactly that. It’s called Familiar Faces, and it’s pretty fantastic. more »

My favorite Pokemon game is fan-made

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely adore Pokemon. I’ve loved the game since the first time I played Blue, and I haven’t stopped loving it since. I’m not going to lie, my favorite pokemon is Butterfree, followed closely by Gardevoire. But oddly enough, my favorite version of Pokemon is actually one off the internet. more »

Examining the Creative Mode and Munari Starbound mods

As you saw the other day, I went ahead and made my first Let’s Play video for Technology Tell’s Gaming Channel, because boredom and a holiday are powerful forces. Since I had more spare time after that, I decided to show the power of being OP with Starbound mods. After all, we’re pretty limited in more »


Read the Pokemon “Dating a Team Magma Grunt” doujinshi

As you can tell, it’s a slow news day. Even if it weren’t, however, I’d still be writing up this post on a fan-translated, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby doujinshi. Trust me, “Dating a Team Magma Grunt,” Gooberman(kdk5011), is that good. It’s one of those rare comics you find online and immediately want to more »