I found the best Dragon Age Inquisition glitch

For the last week, my nights have been spent in Thedas. I can’t get enough of the latest Dragon Age game, and have even developed a fondness for the occasional Dragon Age Inquisition glitch. It helps that none of them are gamebreaking and that most of the ones I have found are minor or even more »

Guard Dialogue Overhaul Skyrim mod adds dialogue guards deserve

If you’re anything like me, you get constantly annoyed at the lack of respect the various guards show for you in the game of Skyrim. Instead of recognizing that you’re the Thane of Whiterun, they want to annoy you into enchanting their blade. Instead of being amazed that you’re the Harbinger of the Companions, they more »

Beyond Earth mods bring Alpha Centauri back

When people heard Firaxis Games was working on a futuristic version of Sid Meier’s Civilization, hopes were high. After all, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri was a legendary game that incorporated many ideals and concepts from the Civilization series while also remaining distinct. Now that the game is released, we know it isn’t as close to more »

Even more amusing Skyrim glitches

Skyrim is a wonderful game. It’s also a very intricate game. Which means that when you mod the crap out of it the way I do, you’re bound to have some problems. Sometimes, it’s not even the mod that causes assorted Skyrim glitches. Sometimes, it’s just Skyrim being Skyrim. Unlike many of the weird, random more »

A Skyrim mod makes me a beastmaster

As I’ve mentioned a number of times in the past, I’ve modded the ever loving crap out of my Skyrim game. One of my favorite Skyrim mods is called SPERG, which completely reworks the way perks affect the game. One of the new perks SPERG gives is called “Best Friend”, which allows you to have more »

I like the Skyrim SPERG mod better than Skyrim Redone

There are two major perk overhauls I use when it comes to Skyrim mods. SPERG, and Skyrim Redone. Both mods completely re-work the way perks are done in the game, causing perks to perform differently and have an entirely different impact. Skyrim Redone is the most popular one, often being talked about on various mod more »

This essential Civilization: Beyond Earth mod gives a Miasma warning

Civilization: Beyond Earth has been out for a while, which means people have started making things that makes the overall game experience a bit better. Which means one of the best, smallest mods has been released. I give you, the Miasma Warning Beyond Earth mod. That isn’t it’s official name, mind you. It’s really called more »

Civilization: Beyond Earth mod takes Big Boss to space with Metal Gear Solid sponsor

It’s always amazing when fans manage to make two series work well together. Like in Civilization games, mods can make new civilizations, units, and characters suddenly fit within the realm of the world. So, I guess it isn’t so surprising that a mod which brings Metal Gear Solid into this game works so well. This more »

Immersive Weapons Skyrim mod adds more personality to battles

As I’m sure you can tell by now, I absolutely adore modding my Skyrim game. Most of my favorite mods don’t even add any particularly new gameplay, so much as add visuals that the game didn’t have before. This is because I love playing pretty princess dress me up. Which means I adore the Immersive more »

Power Rangers: Beats of Power is a perfect Power Rangers game

You would think that it would be easy to create a game based on the Power Rangers franchise. Sentai shows aren’t particularly difficult creatures, after all. They use entertaining flips and kicks to beat up rubbery monsters, and then they have a fancy light show in order to put on a silly costume and fight more »

Weyland-Yutani Civilization: Beyond Earth mod could have potential

My dream of Mass Effect Civilization: Beyond Earth mods has yet to be fulfilled, but I’m still coming across interesting finds in the Steam Workshop prior to every play session. For example, there’s a new Sponsor that could have some potential. A user by the name of Evil Vyse has added the Weyland-Yutani Corporation to more »

Madoka Magica Civilization: Beyond Earth mod is OP

Seeing as how Civilization: Beyond Earth is only , I’m guessing you didn’t expect to be playing anything other than the official, Firaxis Games content. Well, open your eyes, because the Steam Workshop already has Beyond Earth mods for you, and I’m here to introduce you to one that is awesome, but also quite overpowered. more »