Pokemon strategy videos rock, but actually battling sucks

I watch more than my fair share of Youtube videos involving gaming. One of my favorite series is called The Dex, which brings you interesting trivia and battle strategies for different Pokemon. It’s amazing amounts of fun, and I eagerly anticipate every new episode. There’s just one problem. I suck at Pokemon battles. We can more »

Meet Tomodachi Life’s most delicate, precious flower

If there’s one thing Tomodachi Life is known for, it’s spitting out abominations. Have you had any characters hook up in your game yet? I assure you, the kids that get popped out as a result can be horrifying. Usually, I ship off the ones that are less-than-desirable to travel the world, but there’s one more »


My Skyrim daughter’s bunny now resides in Sovengarde

It’s with a heavy heart that I come to inform you that my Skyrim daughter’s bunny is no more. This doesn’t make me happy to report, mind you. I’m not telling you because I think it’s a great comedic thing, talking about a dead bunny rabbit. It was my daughter’s pet, and it died a more »

Disney Infinity 2.0 photo diary: Groot and Rocket meet Miku

Want to know one of the best parts about games that require various figures to play? Getting ahold of those figures for the first time and posing them with other ones you own! Which is exactly what I did the second the Disney Infinity 2.0 Groot and Rocket Raccoon NFC figures were within my grasp. more »

There are new, transparent 2DS models thanks to Pokemon

We all know about Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, and Omega Ruby right? We’re all on the same page there? We also know that Nintendo has gone crazy with special 2DS releases right? So it doesn’t seem too farfetched that they are releasing, yet again, a special 2DS. This one specifically for the release of the new more »

Alternate Skyrim start? My pleasure!

Have you ever wondered what it might be like if you could start Skyrim at a different point than “sentenced to death for unknown crimes”? Maybe you wanted to start in Rorikstead as Erik the Slayer’s childhood friend? Perhaps you wanted to start shipwrecked on an island somewhere? There’s a mod for that. It’s called more »

Amateur video feels like the perfect MMO trailer

8 years ago, a Youtuber called Kazutosan uploaded a video aptly titled, “A Little FFXI Story,” to their channel. It is unclear whether or not they produced the video or if they simply grabbed it from another source, but it’s the only version of the tale you can currently find on the website. The video more »


I tried to play Oblivion, but keep playing Skyrim

One of our commenters asked for an update on how I’m enjoying Oblivion, in The Elder Scrolls series. Since someone has asked, I suppose it’s time I come clean and be honest. I just keep playing Skyrim. I haven’t even made it through the tutorial dungeon in Oblivion yet, and I’m not sure if I more »

My Skyrim child is more awesome than yours

My kid is way better than yours. Well, unless you installed the same Skyrim mod I installed. I’ve mentioned that I’m addicted to Skyrim mods already. The number of things the various mods can add are amazing, from new gameplay mechanics to entire new quests. Recently, I found a mod that lets you make any more »

I Wrote FTL Fanfiction, Part 6

“Unknown vessel, this is the U.F.V. Ospry. Identify yourself immediately, or we will be forced to presume hostilities and open fire.” The voice echoed around the empty pit, and Anthony sprinted the four steps to the console. A quick scan informed him he’d slept straight through the pre-programmed jumps, and had arrived within the Black more »

I Wrote FTL Fanfiction, Part 5

“Glad to see you finally found your sense of loyalty, crewman,” Hawthorne’s grim tone greeted Anthony as he made his way into the navigation pit. “Not loyalty,” Anthony retorted as he moved to the navigation console. “Spite. I can handle a lot of things, deadman, but I’m not going to take some assholes trying to more »

I Wrote FTL Fanfiction, Part 4

He engaged the auto-pilot, and jumped to his feet. There was no way he could respond to a fight from the pit, he knew, so he had to trust the auto-pilot to get him out of there as soon as the FTL was charged. He also had to hope the repair drone had been working more »