No one told me there was a third Parasite Eve

For those of you who don’t know, Parasite Eve was an interesting hybrid action RPG game released by Square in 1998. I call it a hybrid action RPG because combat was based on the Active Time Battle system, but you had free movement around the battle field and could even dodge enemy attacks if you more »

Super Mario RPG’s Mallow and Geno should be in Super Smash Bros.

For those of you who have no soul and thus never played it, Super Mario RPG was a fantastic SNES era console RPG from Nintendo and SquareEnix (then Squaresoft). It was the last Mario game on the SNES, and, in my opinion, in the running for the best Mario game ever. It contained the Princess more »

The joys of bonding over The Legend of Zelda in French

I, like I’m sure many people, absolutely adore Legend Of Zelda; Link To The Past. I honestly feel it’s probably the definitive Zelda game, in that if you wanted to show a person “this is what Zelda is“, it’s the best game for it. I played so much of it, in fact, that I could more »

It’s hard to top Resident Evil 3

Recently, I got Resident Evil HD Remake, and I have been playing the ever loving crap out of it. This is because it’s a legitimately good game, and it deserves to be played. However, it takes me back to all the other Resident Evil games I’ve played, which is a majority of them. And I more »

Game & Watch handhelds are still magic

Sorry folks, but this is a bragging kind of post. Though, if you enjoy Nintendo-related nostalgia, you probably won’t mind. See, I happened to come across actual, real, in almost-perfect condition, Game & Watch handhelds. It was one of those special moments. It happened one Sunday evening. My friends and I were out for a more »

Club Nintendo Picross would be a lovely, last minute surprise

Club Nintendo is coming to an end. It’s sad, of course. But, there’s a way Nintendo could help ease the passing. That would be by quickly localizing and releasing Club Nintendo Picross, one of the best rewards in the Club Nintendo Japan catalog. I recently had the honor of playing Club Nintendo Picross thanks to more »

Examining the Creative Mode and Munari Starbound mods

As you saw the other day, I went ahead and made my first Let’s Play video for Technology Tell’s Gaming Channel, because boredom and a holiday are powerful forces. Since I had more spare time after that, I decided to show the power of being OP with Starbound mods. After all, we’re pretty limited in more »

Mutant Football League developer still hopes to release game in 2015

A Kickstarter for a new arcade style game from Mutant League Football creator Michael Mendheim raised only 19 percent of its goal. But he is hopeful that his new vision Mutant Football League will become a reality this year. It will have 30 teams (nearly as many as the NFL) including The Undead, Battlebots and more »

NES Power Glove also popular with musicians

Recently an article has been shared all over the place that talks about Robot Chicken animator Dillon Markey using a modified Nintendo Power Glove as an animation device. Most people have no idea what a Power Glove is in the first place, so here’s the low-down. The Power Glove was a controller created by Nintendo more »

New Baldur’s Gate game teased by Beamdog

I can still vividly remember the day I picked up Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn in a thrift store. My dad and I always searched the books, CDs, and computer games for hidden gems. This time he had found one, and handed me the taped up case. I looked over the art on the more »


Disney Princess movies don’t prepare you for Long Live The Queen

Because it was on sale for the low price of five dollars, I finally purchased Long Live The Queen. It’s a visual novel, choose your own adventure style game where your job is to train up a princess so she can be the best queen ever. I’m having a lot of fun with it, and more »

2015 Prediction: The rise of homemade games

As the years go by, indie games creep more and more into our daily lives. With the advent of services like Steam, it’s become so much easier to have access to all these awesome games. And big trade shows like E3 are offering more coverage of indie games. Well, I think 2015 will be the more »