When the Dragonborn met the Mudcrab

The rain poured furiously upon the plains of Whiterun. Thunder boomed from Dragonskeep to Broken Fang cave, and forks of lightening, purple and angry, broke the sky like shattered glass work. The fury of nature was a mere pittance compared to the fury of the battle in the bandit camp below. The Dragonborn, known as more »

Super Mario Bros. 3′s pyramid level is terrifying when you’re drunk

Last night, I hung out with some friends. As is our habit, we decided to get drunk and play . It turns out, I’m not very good at Super Mario Bros. 3 when I’m drunk, but then, that almost goes without saying. I got as far as the pyramid level in World 2 before I more »

I’m getting better at Rogue Legacy

For the longest time, I didn’t understand the appeal of especially difficult games. I like games that let me be powerful, and feel competent. Games like Skyim, which allow me to slay dragons and fell great beasts. Then I picked up Rogue Legacy during a Steam sale, and my gaming habits turned upside down. Even more »

Final Fantasy’s Triple Triad deserved to return

Okay, true facts time. When I was in high school, one of my most prized possessions were some real Triple Triad cards a friend got me from Japan. I carried those everywhere, even though I was trying to be a girly-girl and not people know I was all game=y and geeky. I have no idea more »

Even more amusing Skyrim glitches

Skyrim is a wonderful game. It’s also a very intricate game. Which means that when you mod the crap out of it the way I do, you’re bound to have some problems. Sometimes, it’s not even the mod that causes assorted Skyrim glitches. Sometimes, it’s just Skyrim being Skyrim. Unlike many of the weird, random more »


PS4 Share Play hosting doesn’t work well with 15/2mbps

I live in Chicago, Illinois. It’s one of our nation’s biggest cities, and as such should be counted on to provide fairly reliable internet connections speeds. Unfortunately, various circumstances have resulted in my only being able to obtain cable internet with 15mbps download and 2mbps upload speeds and I’ve found out firsthand that isn’t good more »


The Dangers of learning to play video game music

A few years back, I taught myself to play the ocarina. I had a number of reasons for doing so, ranging from needing something to occupy my time, to wanting to learn to play specific songs. I got to the point where I could read sheet music, and promptly learned how to play “Terra’s Theme”, more »

After the Fallout: Entry 1

My eyes open and adjust. I’m on my back in a building, gazing at a fan. A man is with me. He begins to go on about my name and my face. I’m embarassed as I can’t seem to remember much. I recall a man, some fink who shot me in the face for reasons more »

Here are more, hilarious Skyrim collision glitches

You may recall a while back, I showed you a number of odd collision glitches that randomly happened in Skyrim. I’m not exactly complaining, because when you have a game as detailed and wonderful as Skyrim, there’s bound to be a few issues here and there. Instead of complaining, what I’m doing is laughing. Because more »

Skyrim Bandits keep trying to kill me

I understand that in Skyrim, you need to have things like bandit camps and what not if you want to have a good time. And it certainly makes sense that when you’re a young adventurer, maybe level ten or less, the bandits would try to fight back. After all, there’s always a chance they can more »

All hail The Internet Archive’s 900 game Internet Arcade

The Internet Archive, the non-profit organization dedicated to preserving as much publicly available information as humanly and electronically possible, has recently begun hosting a massive library of classic coin-op games, dubbing the collection the Internet Arcade. The Internet Arcade allows users to play games in their web browsers using emulation software called JSMESS that maps classic more »


Asian PlayStation TV Unboxing

For those of you not in the know, my birthday was this past weekend, and one of my gifts was the newly discounted PlayStation TV. Not the one Sony recently released in the United States. No, a member of my family capitalized on the $59.99 Play-Asia sale to import a Japanese PlayStation TV for me. more »