Persona 5 will be a dream on the PS4

I have always been eagerly anticipating Persona 5‘s release. Persona 3 and Persona 4 both made a big impact on my life, and some of my happiest gaming moments with friends involved us joking about Yosuke and Chie getting into some sort of love affair. (I seem to recall somebody saying, “Their children will be more »

Extra Life: 24 hour gaming marathon for Children’s Hospitals

Extra Life is a unique fundraising effort that has been around since 2008. It was started in honor of a young girl named Victoria Enmon who, tragically, lost a battle with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The fundraiser originally raised money for the Texas Children’s Hospital, but after a few years, people who contributed asked for a more »

The Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll Review: Cute, cheap, collect-em-all

Denpa Men 3 Price: $9.99 System: Nintendo 3DS Release Date: May 8, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Genius Sonority (Genius Sonority Inc.) ESRB Rating: “Everyone” for Mild Fantasy Violence When I was offered The Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll to review, I had heard of Denpa Men, but I had never played any of the games. First there more »

Let’s appreciate Skyrim’s Apocrypha being a hot mess

There are, of course, a large number of things in Skyrim that are wonderfully done. The combat is fun, the fact that you can play it as a hack and slash or a stealth game is great, and the variety of armor and weapons is fantastic. Something that doesn’t get talked about much, or at more »

These are Virtuix’s first four Omni games

A while back, I talked a bit about the Virtuix Omni, one of the first fully immersive gaming platforms. Players use a headset like the Oculus Rift (), and the Omni’s most important part, its platform that you walk on with specially designed shoes. The Virtuix Omni allows people to walk naturally in virtual reality, more »

Xenoblade on Nintendo’s New 3DS is a good first step

There’s a lot of yelling going on about Nintendo’s new hardware. The upgraded tech is cool, but people are wary of the platform getting a third remodel. Like the DSi, the 3DS is not only changing in look, but also gaining entirely new features. Unlike the DSi, the new features are almost shockingly substantial, and more »

The New 3DS’s C-stick will be a win

The new, I’m sorry, New 3DS may have a bit of an identity issue. One thing it doesn’t have an issue with is charm. The thing is just flat-out weird. I love weird. The new “C-stick” looks to effectively be one of those antiquated little “pointing stick” nubs that Lenovo still sticks on their Thinkpads. more »

Square Enix bringing Dragon Quest to the perfect platform

Yeah, so, I like Dragon Quest a lot. Sometimes it’s hard to tell is Square Enix does too. On one hand, we got a weird-but-somehow-still-fun port of Dragon Quest 8 on mobile platforms. On the other, the 3DS has had like 3 awesome Dragon Quest remakes that have yet to leave Japan. Being a fan more »


View women in gaming as equals

Over the past couple weeks, there has been a bit of, shall we say, controversy over a certain topic in the gaming world. I have been studiously avoiding becoming dragged into it, largely because the childish drama surrounding women in gaming hasn’t been worth dealing with. I have better things to do than be told I’m more »

I can’t wait for Rogue in Marvel Heroes

If you’ve never played Marvel Heroes, it’s a lot of fun. It can be best summarized as” , but with Marvel”. I have almost all the characters they offer for play, and each one plays differently while managing to play much like you’d expect. That’s not an easy thing, so the developers deserve massive amounts more »

I’m excited about 3DS themes

This is going to sound so silly, but I’m ridiculously excited about the 3DS themes. The Home Menu is going to get an upgrade thanks to new 3DS firmware, and that will let us customize the way . The image at the right is a good indication of what we can expect. See that? That’s more »


New 3DS is a huge mistake

Nintendo just made a surprise reveal of a new 3DS, called the New 3DS. This is a terrible name, not for the obvious reason of being a terrible name, but because Nintendo is about to completely alienate a huge portion of their fan base. You see, the New 3DS is a more capable machine than more »