I’m glad How Do You Do It? exists

How Do You Do It? is a game that’s available for free on Steam right now. It’s not a very complicated game. It involves rotating some dolls into a position, and then pushing the A and the D key to make the dolls bump smooth plastic crotches together over and over. It’s pretty much the more »

Show and Tell: A look at Claire (PC)

It’s time once again for us all to gather together and enjoy a game. In this week’s Show and Tell, April and I decided to play a little horror game by the name of Claire. Fun fact, this is actually our second take on this game. Technical difficulties meant an episode I recorded with Graham more »

Quality Time with Level 257

Nobody goes to Level 257 alone. The thought struck me as I walked toward Namco Entertainment’s entertainment hub in Schaumburg, IL’s Woodfield Mall. Even though it was one of the Beta Tester nights, prior to the official March 2, 2015 launch, the lot was full and groups of people were flowing in. Some, like me, more »

Bite off more than you can chew with Goats on a Bridge

I’m something of a workhorse. And by that, I mean I really enjoy taking any PC review game that comes up. So when a cute little platformer called Goats on a Bridge came up for review, I took it. It seemed like an interesting game. It’s one where you take control of two characters at more »

I hate Pitiri 1977 – watch and see why

Traditionally, Fridays are slow days in the world of video games. Especially prior to events like GDC 2015. It’s why I take the time to record myself briefly playing games for your enlightenment and amusement. Today’s game is Pitiri 1977, a recent acquisition from Groupee’s Remute’s Hipster Orgy Bundle. It doesn’t go well. Which might more »

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires is great for building harems

I’m an otome game fan is. That is, I enjoy dating sims for women, where a player has a harem of men around to meet every possible need. Perhaps it’s because I grew up on shoujo (girl’s) manga and anime, I don’t know. All I know is, if it’s possible to attempt a recreation of more »


I want an open world, cyberpunk game

Maybe I’m wrong and I just don’t know what’s out there, gamewise. But it seems to me that all the open world games that exist are Grand Theft Auto style crime spree games, or sword and sorcery, fantasy genre games. That’s all well and good, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with those kinds of games. more »

Crossy Road is the right way to free-to-play

Have you played Crossy Road yet? Given it’s a free-to-play game available on both Android and iOS, it seems quite likely. Especially since it’s a fun and entertaining take on the whole Frogger formula. Why did the chicken, basket ball player, zombie, whale, or unicorn cross the road? Because if they didn’t keep crossing forever, more »


Seven Hotties, All My Husbands: Words can be painful

At the behest of our honorable editor here at the Technology Tell Gaming Channel, Jenni Lada, I have started playing the infamous romance simulator Seven Hotties, All My Husbands. As Jenni previously mentioned, the game revolves around a lonely designer who wishes she could marry a hot guy. The morning after she yells this wish more »

5 Things I Love about the New 3DS XL

The New 3DS XL is quite a delightful upgrade. Sure, it sucks that Nintendo did feel like it had to do this, rather than a full, new handheld, but still. The New 3DS XL is still a rather delightful machine and, after almost two weeks with it, I’ve noticed a few things that really make more »

Apotheon Review Postmortem: Godkiller

Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD Why is modern man so fond of killing Ancient Greek gods? The gods don’t come off well in Apotheon, but few Pre-Christian deities in Western mythology are appealing from a modern perspective. They seem petty, lascivious, cruel, and possessed with an unseemly fondness for turning into geese and impregnating people, but they’re more »


The Kirby Amiibo (almost) breaks Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

The Kirby Amiibo is adorable. The Meta Knight Amiibo is badass, and also kind of adorable. The King Dedede Amiibo, which I was lucky enough to pick up yesterday, is also freakin’ adorable. I’m gushing. I love these things. I even took a nice picture of them, because they’re the focus of this post. I’m more »