Punch-Out!! on Wii U is great, with one exception

When Nintendo announced digital Wii games on the Wii U eShop, I was pretty excited. Mostly because Punch-Out!!, one of the Wii’s low-key greats, was on its way for a great price. Next Level Games has done great work every time it had a Nintendo property to play with, and Punch-Out!! is no exception. The more »

Criminal Girls immediately encourages “motivation”

You all may be going on and on about HuniePop, and maybe even Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque, but there’s another risque game you should have on your radar. It’s Criminal Girls: Invite Only, a game many are surprised NIS America took a risk on releasing outside of Japan. We here at Technology Tell’s Gaming Channel more »

Seasons of the Wolf pretty, but simplistic

Tales of Aravorn: Seasons of the Wolf is a game right up my alley. It’s a classic RPG combined with a visual novel game. If you like the two, it’s definitely worth taking a look. Because the foundation of the game is a visual novel, the graphics, art style, and writing of the game are more »

Fallout versus Skyrim is the greatest video you’ll see today

I know, I know. I write entirely too many articles about Skyrim. But this article isn’t just about Skyrim! It’s also about Fallout! So obviously, this is something new, interesting, and different, right? Of course it is, don’t contradict me. I’m an Elven Princess, dammit. Look, the important thing is that this Fallout vs Skyrim more »

My favorite Pokemon game is fan-made

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely adore Pokemon. I’ve loved the game since the first time I played Blue, and I haven’t stopped loving it since. I’m not going to lie, my favorite pokemon is Butterfree, followed closely by Gardevoire. But oddly enough, my favorite version of Pokemon is actually one off the internet. more »

Our game could be your life: Open-world games need to cut it out

Why bother playing a video game? That’s a very basic and more than slightly patronizing question, but one that nevertheless begs to be asked as video games seek to annex ever more colossal volumes of our lives. I’m not talking about the Candy Crushes and Threeses of the world, which constantly beckon us to distraction more »

Microsoft announces Xbox One streaming to Windows 10

I’ll be honest, it doesn’t take much to get me excited, and this is definitely one of those times. During the Windows 10 briefing, we saw a glimpse of a really neat feature that will soon be available to Windows 10 and Xbox One users. Microsoft has created the ability to stream games from Xbox more »

Microsoft’s HoloLens brings virtual reality to life

There are few things in life that get me as pumped up as the prospect of virtual reality. Needless to say, I had a little freak out watching clips of Microsoft’s HoloLens during today’s Windows 10 briefing. Unlike the Oculus Rift, or Project Morpheus, the HoloLens is a completely separate system. It is its own computer, more »

Club Nintendo Picross would be a lovely, last minute surprise

Club Nintendo is coming to an end. It’s sad, of course. But, there’s a way Nintendo could help ease the passing. That would be by quickly localizing and releasing Club Nintendo Picross, one of the best rewards in the Club Nintendo Japan catalog. I recently had the honor of playing Club Nintendo Picross thanks to more »

Examining the Creative Mode and Munari Starbound mods

As you saw the other day, I went ahead and made my first Let’s Play video for Technology Tell’s Gaming Channel, because boredom and a holiday are powerful forces. Since I had more spare time after that, I decided to show the power of being OP with Starbound mods. After all, we’re pretty limited in more »


Citizens of Earth doesn’t waste a player’s time

As you probably, hopefully, read a few hours ago, the Technology Tell Gaming Channel’s Citizens of Earth review went over all the reasons why Austin loved the game. It was pretty comprehensive, but it didn’t touch on one of the reasons why I loved the game. For me, Citizens of Earth was a delightful romp more »

For Nintendo in 2015, loyalty is everything

Nintendo has announced that its loyalty program, Club Nintendo, will be shutting down in the coming months. The company must be planning some sort of more robust successor, as it alluded to in its statement, because in 2015, Nintendo needs its loyal fans more than ever. To many, the American version of Club Nintendo never more »