Sunset makes you wonder what people notice about you

Sunset, Tale of Tales’ latest PC game, allows players to eavesdrop on a man’s life by cleaning his apartment. His maid, Angela, moves around every day, sight unseen. She’s privy to his every moment, and her slightest actions could have an influence on his life. This article isn’t about that. No, this article is how more »

Girls Mode 3 is welcoming to players of all ages

Nintendo and syn Sophia’s Style Savvy/Girls Mode series have always been great because they aren’t only about giving players an outlet for playing dress-up. The games are more welcoming, with shop simulations that involve strategy, problem management, and wise business decisions that make them more welcoming for players of all genders and ages. Now, after more »


Splatoon’s Squid Jump should be on the 3DS

Splatoon does a little something special to help people pass the time while they wait for every online multiplayer match. Or, if they’re roaming around town and need to kill a few minutes. It’s in these extra moments that someone can spend their time playing a little Squid Jump. It’s a charming, easy to play, more »

Please don’t compare Nom Nom Galaxy to Terraria

When a game becomes successful, developers, publishers and PR will go out of their way to name drop that title when promoting other titles in the hopes the popularity of one will rub off on another. This has happened with titles like Minecraft, XCOM, Final Fantasy and Call of Duty. And now, it has happened more »


E3 2015 Prediction: We’ll probably see Metroid

Metroid is probably my favorite game franchise of all time. I’ve enjoyed nearly every entry and the long absence of the series after Metroid: Other M is something I struggle to endure on a daily basis. Every year I hope for a new Metroid, only to be disappointed. That being said, I think this year more »

Kickstarter doesn’t sour spiritual successors

I know I’m not the first person to notice the rising amount of spiritual successor games on Kickstarter. Mighty no. 9 was the first of these successful projects, earning over $4 million when its contribution period ended in late 2013. Yooka-Laylee blasted through its goal in less than an hour, and more recently Bloodstained cleared more »

8 Vendors you should visit at ACEN 2015

One of the best parts of conventions is heading to the hall with all the vendors to see what’s coming home with you. I mean, it’s usually an opportunity to buy things you wouldn’t ordinarily see. Which is why I’m here to help you out with Anime Central in Chicago Illinois this weekend, as ACEN more »


Nintendo of America’s Splatoon ads prove it still doesn’t get it

Many of Nintendo’s quirks — for good and for bad — come from its global subsidiaries’ deference to the whims of its Japanese parent company. StreetPass, for example, is an idea that only makes sense in Japan, though efforts like StreetPass Relay have made it easier for Westerners to experience. It’s weird, then, that in more »

E3 2015 Prediction: The Nintendo World Championships may use Wii U games

After 25 long years, Nintendo is finally bringing back the Nintendo World Championships. Last time around, the test involved playing a specialized cartridge that contained Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer, and Tetris, and you were judged based on how many points you could get during a 6 minute and 21 second time limit. As of more »

E3 2015 Prediction: Nintendo World Championships won’t be a yearly event

Nintendo’s big E3 2015 announcement yesterday was a bit of a surprise. Instead of a game, we learned the company was bringing back the Nintendo World Championships. Last held in 1990, the Nintendo World Championships was an opportunity for fans to prove who was the very best. People had six minutes and 21 seconds to more »

The Ramen Sensei is only an average Kairosoft sim

Anyone who’s had an Android or iOS device for a while knows that Kairosoft is the company to check in with, should you want a simulation game that will eat up an afternoon or two. While not every installment is a Game Dev Story, Mega Mall Story or Dungeon Village, they’re always worth the price more »

The Last Word knows absolute power corrupts absolutely

I’ve been playing Twelve Tiles’ Last Word lately, and there’s something about the game that really struck me about this title. The game is set in a world where words hold such power that they’re what are used to gain an advantage over other people, be it in everyday interactions or even war. The characters more »