Rumors have Joe Montana Football returning as Microsoft exclusive

We told you about this somewhat mysterious tweet from Joe Montana back in July 2014. Now a user on Operation Sports has posted a pretty lengthy document promising Joe Montana’s football franchise will return as a Microsoft exclusive on Xbox One and Windows 10. EA Sports COO has been evasive about whether the publisher’s current more »


Tomonobu Itagaki wants Fatal Frame V in North America

I’ve said before, and I’ll say again until the heat death of the universe, that Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly is one of my absolute favorite games. When I read about Fatal Frame V and the ability to use the Wii U pad as the camera, well, I’m not going to lie. I cried a more »

New Baldur’s Gate game teased by Beamdog

I can still vividly remember the day I picked up Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn in a thrift store. My dad and I always searched the books, CDs, and computer games for hidden gems. This time he had found one, and handed me the taped up case. I looked over the art on the more »

Microsoft might be taking steps against hackers

It was recently discovered by Dualshockers that Microsoft is in the process of hiring a new Software Engineer for their team. The listing on LinkedIn seems to point directly to the recent attacks on Xbox Live. It shows that Microsoft is focused on hiring a person who loves to find ways to foil hackers, and cheaters. more »


Steam Black Friday Sale? Say It Ain’t So!

As I’ve said in the past, I hate black Friday and everything it stands for. So it makes me sad to see that even Steam may be getting in on the day with a Steam Black Friday event. Recently leaked screenshots from Japan have appeared on NeoGAF and proclaim a “Steam Autumn Sale”, running from more »

Yup, Lindsay Lohan Is Actually Suing Take-Two

The news has been floating around for months now, Lindsay Lohan is looking to sue Take-Two Interactive over a supposed likeness infringement. Well, she’s finally bit the bullet and started the process. Her lawyers have probably been trying to convince her all this time that it’s a fruitless effort. However, the sue-happy starlet is moving more »

E3 2014: Is Halo Coming Back To PC?

During an interview with Twitch.TV, Halo: Master Chief Collection executive producer Dan Ayoub addressed the question in sly form. When asked about Halo for P.C. his response was very coy “Well, we’re hear at E3 this year to really talk about the XBOX… so we have nothing more to talk about at this time, but more »

There may be a Tomodachi Life 2DS

And there’s even more news about , Nintendo’s next major 3DS game. Though, this tidbit is a rumor, rather than an announcement. People went snooping through the official website for the game’s source code and found something intriguing – that image at the top of the page. On the far right is a 2DS model more »

Rumor: Comcast prepping game streaming service with Electronic Arts

Comcast could make a step into the video game distribution service in the future. Sources for Reuters are saying Comcast and Electronic Arts could make a deal that would giveComcast customers that subscribe to its X1 platform the ability to stream EA games such as Madden and FIFA. The two companies have allegedly been working more »


GameStop – for all your banking needs

Thanks for choosing GameStop! Would you like to reserve or start an IRA? An anonymous user on 4chan, that darling corner of the Internet, proclaimed they use GameStop as a crude sort of bank. “Does anyone else use GameStop as a bank?” this user asked. I’m guessing the answer to this for most people is more »

All digital isn’t the way to go with the Xbox One

There have been reports and rumors of new  models. One is a simple revision in color.Another is going to be white. Sadly, neither drop the cost of the Xbox One, which is one of the biggest problems. Which brings us to the third rumor, the hint that a disc-less Xbox One will be released, and more »

If this March 3DS promo rumor is true, you should wait to buy a 3DS

STOP! Were you just Well, there’s a 3DS promo rumor floating around, so you should probably stop, take a moment, and rethink that decision. At least, wait until March before you do anything. See, GoNintendo got its hands on an ad that’s going to be appearing at Toys R Us stores. It very strongly suggests more »