Project X Zone 2 Interview: Kensuke Tsukanaka talked about the SRPG at E3

During E3 2015, I had the opportunity to sit down with Kensuke Tsukanaka, Production 2 Chief at Bandai Namco, about the upcoming release of Project X Zone 2 for the 3DS. Mr. Tsukanaka, who fielded my questions through a translator, gave me the scoop on the crossover game that combines a cast of characters from more »

Arc System Works hints at a new Steam release

Arc System Works is best known for their work in the 2D fighting genre, with titles like Guilty Gear and Battle Fantasia under their belt. But Arc System Works has been making headlines as of late with both a localization of their upcoming Dragon Ball Z Extreme Budoten and the company’s acquisition of Technos Japan more »

E3 2015: 5 things I learned playing Street Fighter V

It’s hard to keep playing journalist when you’re not only at your first major event, but that event also puts you in a pseudo-secret media-only area in which you get to lounge around and play the latest entry in one of your favorite game series ever. Truly, it’s hard to be me sometimes. Even as more »

So much Super Smash Bros amiibo, DLC and update news today

So much Super Smash Bros amiibo, DLC and update news today Did you catch Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros video this morning? If not, you missed a huge spectacle of surprises. Instead of being a simple presentation revealing Lucas, the DLC character scheduled to be added to the game on June 14, 2015, it was the more »

Roy and Ryu coming to Super Smash Bros.

You weren’t hoping for any surprises at E3 2015, were you? Of course not. This is the age of the internet. This is the age of instant gratification, of never having to wait for anything. So naturally, it only makes sense that we’d know about the new characters coming to Super Smash Bros. Specifically, Roy more »

Atlus adds $10k to Persona 4 Arena Ultimax EVO pool

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax may not be the biggest name at EVO this year, but publisher Atlus is adding $10,000 to the prize pool as an incentive for more entrants. Last year, Atlus added a tenth of that amount to the prize pool for Persona 4 Arena’s side tournament. Ultimax only had a demo build more »

E3 2015: Capcom announces its lineup

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy knowing about the future of video games, but absolutely hate watching press conferences. Luckily for you, video game companies these days are apparently terrified at the idea of making people wait to hear what they’ll be announcing at E3 2015. After all, if people waited until the actual more »

Yatagarasu attacks on Steam July 7, 2015

Crowdfunded indie fighter Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm will release on Steam on July 7, 2015. Its official release has been a long time coming, having a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that came to an end nearly two years ago. The game has since survived through netplay and an arcade release in Japan. Yatagarasu was more »

Kickstarter Roundup: Early June 2015

The Kickstarter Roundup returns for early June! Since most Kickstarters have 30 day pledge periods, the “early” in the month editions will cover that blind spots from the previous entry, games that don’t have much time remaining, or Kickstarter projects that just stand out to me. In general, smaller Kickstarters will be the focus, but more »

Masahiro Sakurai will talk about Super Smash Bros. on June 14

Next week is going to be crazy, and Nintendo’s kicking it off not only with the Nintendo World Championships 2015, but also with Super Smash Bros. announcements. Lucas the PSI Warrior is appearing on June 14, 2015, but before that we’ll get to hear Masahiro Sakurai talk about him and other Super Smash Bros. news. more »

Super Smash Bros’ Lucas DLC drops next Sunday

Apparently, Lucas is a Nintendo World Championships kind of guy. Nintendo announced Lucas DLC for Super Smash Bros a few months ago, but never mentioned when exactly the PSI warrior would join Ness in the arena. Now, we know. June 14, 2015 gets to be his birthday, as that’s when he’ll debut on the 3DS more »

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator’s silhouette is “Jack-O”

The reveal for the upcoming entry in the Guilty Gear Xrd series, Revelator, came with two characters: returning veteran Johnny, and a new, nameless silhouette. Games Talk revealed some new information later translated by Gematsu about this silhouette, namely confirmation that she is indeed female and that her name is Jack-O (ジャック・オー). In terms of more »