Mahjong Pretty Girls Battle can be Frustrating

I don’t remember what I expected from Mahjong Pretty Girls Battle. I’m pretty sure that what I got wasn’t at all close to whatever it was that I did expect. If you’re considering picking up this recent Steam release, or if you’ve already made that decision, there are a few things you should know before more »

1’s Pac-Avoid is a deliberate Scamperghost clone

In a continued saga of abuse of copyright and infringement, game developer Stolen Goose has revealed that even before copyrighting the words “candy” and “saga” had been stepping all over others’ copyrights. Stolen Goose initially was in discussions with to have their game, Scamperghost,  hosted on their site, but eventually dropped out due more »

Weekly Time Wasters, week of August 9th, 2013

Hello again, folks. We’re back with more Weekly Time Wasters, a list of online games that are good for burning some time. Without further adieu, I present to you this week’s list! Pan Man Main Host Site: Newgrounds Genre: Arcade Find it here! Pan Man is an… interesting beast, to say the least. It’s the type of more »

Weekly Time Wasters, week of June 2, 2013

Hello, folks, and welcome to the first week of Weekly Time Wasters, where I’ll be flinging your way some choice online games that will keep you entertained long enough that you’ll look at the clock when you’re done and wonder how much time you spent playing. Misadventure Main Host Site: Newgrounds Genre: Horror Find it more »

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour arrives on Android for $6.99

On Monday evening, Gameloft released the latest entry in one of its biggest series. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour can be downloaded from Google Play right now for $6.99. That price is enough to turn some people off, but Gameloft sinks a lot of production values into its Modern Combat games. When you throw in more »


PETA’s Pokémon parody may miss the mark

PETA tries to garner attention, once again, by parodying a Nintendo game. This time, the target is Pokemon…

Alexander Reitsma talks about the future of Just A Game

Sometimes the way to move forward is with a little teamwork. That’s what Just A Game‘s parent company, Bob Mobile AG, did when they merged with mobile specialist, CLIQ B.V.

Don’t be fooled: Final Fantasy and Zelda Flash games hit the Android Market

I started my Saturday morning by going into the Android Market and checking some of the top games that are available. I navigated to the “Top New Paid” section and came across a game in the #30 position called Zelda for Android. It’s $0.99 and was released on March 1.

The Infinity Blade franchise brought in a lot money

Look no further than Infinity Blade if you need more proof that iOS games can make tens of millions of dollars. At this time, the Infinity Blade franchise (which only spans two games) has earned more than $30 million since it was introduced. The first Infinity Blade was released in December 2010, and Infinity Blade more »

Tea Party Zombies Must Die combines satire and shooting

Tea Party ZombiesSome games start controversies without trying, others openly seek to raise someone’s ire. StarvingEyes Viral Advergaming has created Tea Party Zombies Must Die, a shooter starring undead versions of political figures including Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and Bill O’ Reilly.

Game designer Jason Oda has done political satire in games before. His 2008 offering Kung Fu Election was a fighting game including presidential hopefuls such as John McCain and Hilary Clinton. In 2004, pitted ’80s TV characters against Bush administration officials.

Gaia Online goes mobile with Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands available now

Gaia Interactive is about to go mobile with its release of Monster G, the mobile spin-off of its Facebook game Monster Galaxy already played by more than 15 million users per month. Since it’s release back in November 2010, Monster Galaxy has become a popular social game on Facebook, reigning as a top 10 game more »

Review: AquAttack for PS3

Title: AquAttack! Price: $2.99 System(s): PS3, PSP Release Date: 12/1/2010 Publisher (Developer): Valcon Games (Paper Planet Production Unlimited) ESRB Rating: E for Everyone Pros: If you love Bejeweled you’ll love AquAttack. You can move the rows however many times you want because you’re not limited to moving only similar colors nearby. It’s cute, fun and more »