Have a Walmart Cyber Monday 2014 sneak peek

You’re all probably still wondering how you’ll get through Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but there’s even more planning that needs to be done. After all, there’s also the online Monday sales to think about. Which is why you need to take some time to go through the Walmart Cyber Monday 2014 preview. Yes, even though more »

Oculus Rift is coming to Android before iOS

The first time we got a chance to chat with the Oculus Rift team, they mentioned how they were interested in making the device compatible with Android devices. It’s a pretty nice fit considering the open nature of the Android platform. Fast forward to now and the product is now official. According to VentureBeat, the more »


Game Tank is fortress of solitude for gamers

I like Kickstarter, I really do. The thing is, sometimes I run into really, well, unique ideas. Recently, a company called One Shot proposed a product called the Game Tank. The Game Tank is a large, roomy box to play your video games in, free of other distractions such as your cat, your spouse, and more »

Black Friday 2012: The 12 page GameStop Black Friday ad has hit the internet

The one ad gamers most want to see this shopping season has appeared. The GameStop Black Friday ad is now online. You can check and see what’s available now, then head to your local GameStop at midnight on November 23, 2012 to take advantage of all the gaming deals to pick up something awesome. There’s more »

Review: Sumo Gamer beanbag chair

We’ve previously reviewed two beanbag chair models from Sumo Lounge International: the Sultan and the Sway. They’ve now released a model called the Gamer, but there’s a bit of irony in that name; the Gamer—although a great product that can change your opinion of what a beanbag chair is—is not Sumo’s best option for gamers.

Review: Sumo Sway Couple beanbag chair

If you are looking for a comfy, over sized beanbag gaming chair for your home, check out Sumo’s Sway line.

CES 2011: Atlantic Inc. shows off the Spyder

Atlantic Inc Spyder Gaming Hub Storage StandAtlantic Inc. is working on an all new item for its Game Storage Collection of products that are designed to make it easier to keep everything organized in your living rooms and it just so happens to be appearing at CES 2011. It’s the Spyder! Unfortunately, the name is a little deceptive and it doesn’t actually look like a spider. (That would have been awesome!)

PlayStation Home Update: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope’s 30th anniversary

Star Wars IV: A New Hope Space on PSHomeKeep keep an eye out for special Star Wars posters throughout Central Plaza for special voucher codes that can unlock exclusive Star Wars -themed furniture for personal spaces. Also check out the PSHome exclusive Podcast of PS Nation and a Space Port Mos Eisley Cantina place straight from the planet of Tatooine complete with the shady barkeep Wuher. Also check out our big fat list of stuff you can buy for your avatar…

Playstation Home Update: ModNation Racers and Little Big Planet pod penthouse and playground

The LittleBigPlanet Pod Penthouse for $4.99 features a giant PS3 controller that allows you to change what’s outside the window by rotating the background, two floors, a wallpaper game that lets you create wallpapers for your PS3 system and two open spaces downstairs to personalize. The new LittleBigPlanet Playground is a huge three level filled with familiar characters including King, Sackboy, Uncle Jalapeno, Ghosts, Meerkats and more. The ModNation Racer Clubhouse features a mini-theater where players can watch exclusive interviews or videos about their favorite game, hangout in the cafeteria style lounge area, play the sticker wall game or go upstairs to play Skee Racer. And, of course, updates and new items for your avatars…

PS Home Update: Mod Nation Opens Space and New Game themed Real Estate Available

ModNation Space is huge

From the war-torn streets of Nepal, with the resistance fighters are battling Lazarevic’s soldiers in the streets just outside of the apartment, the Uncharted 2: Fortune Hunter’s Apartment space is a definite collector’s item for fans of the Uncharted series for $4.99.

This 15th Century Assassin’s Creed II Personal Space is set in Venice complete with dark shadowy spaces for an assassin to hide in, a gondola docked below ready to take you back to Abstergo Labs below and a spacious room above overlooking the watery streets of Venice below.

There’s also a new ModNation Racers Space, space updates and ye giante liste o’ goodness…

PlayStation Home Update: Home gets updated to version 1.35, new personal spaces

PS Home Updates improve navigation around HOME
Many of you have already noticed that Home has a brand new look to it this week following the recent 1.35 update. The way a player logs into home now has been changed. Connection to the PlayStation Network now happens automatically without having to go through messages to log on and then taken to the navigation screen. The navigator screen displays favorite places, recommended spaces, personal spaces, location of friends if they’re on and of course an exploration map that is now broken down by spaces already visited or by the game’s category (i.e., sports, action, adventure, etc.). Players are no longer trapped at the last location they visited, especially if that space was dragging and keeping them from exiting the space. You can move around the world of HOME literally at the click of the button quickly. Here’s a partial list of features to expect…


PlayStation Home Update: Tranquil Getaways, ask Yoda and Grecian goodness

Seaside of Memories comes to US Home

If you ever thought about taking a peaceful vacation on a tropical island, IREM just opened its Seaside of Memories on the US Server. This space is gorgeous, overlooking the ocean with huts, white sandy beaches and dolphins leaping near by.

Also available are the Santorini Greece apartment and yacht. You caan also head to the Central Plaza to ask Yoda for advice, Evolving items have evolved and the Salt Shooter Game Space game has been updated.

There’s more and, as usual, a giant list of stuff for your avatar…