Ubisoft lets you change Uplay usernames

Use Uplay and tired of being you? Well, go ahead and switch things up. Ubisoft has just announced that now people can change Uplay usernames. Previously, Uplay usernames were were like PSN names. Once you decided on one, you were stuck with it. Which could get embarrassing as you aged. After all, I’m sure you’re more »

Thank you, Nexus Mods, for Nexus Mod Manager

As I’m certain you’ve figured out by now, I adore and I adore Skyrim mods. While the Steam network does have a variety available, that’s not the place I get most of my mods. Instead, I go to a website called Nexus Mods. It’s an amazing site, with mods for practically any PC game. Indeed, more »

Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000 is the next free GOG game

Oh GOG, we love when you do this. What did the distributor do, you ask? Just give away free Alien vs Predator Classic 2000 to anyone who visits the site, is all. Every once in a while, usually two or three times a year, we get free GOG games. Sometimes it’s to celebrate an anniversary, more »

Humble Bundle now offering browser-based games

If you’re not familiar with Humble Bundle, it’s only the greatest thing to ever happen to indie gaming. It offers amazing games at a huge discount, allowing you to pay what you want, with special bonuses if you pay over a certain amount. Right now, it’s offering several astounding games that you can play in more »


Get Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel for $45

A good deal has appeared for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Which is actually kind of odd, considering the game hasn’t even come out yet. One could even consider it forboding. Still, it’s too early to tell if it is or isn’t a good game, and the chance to get it for $45 is too good to more »

Here’s Your October 10, 2014 Indie Game Bundle Update

Hi all, and welcome to a slightly smaller, indie game bundle update. This week, we have a fewer collections than usual. Some expired. Other sites didn’t put up as many packages as usual. Which means we have 26 indie game bundles to choose from this week. GamerTell’s Best Indie Game Bundle Picks: Bundle Stars Reboot more »

Steam a whole new world for Disney Interactive

Steam can really show you the world, shining, glimmering, splendid. Tell me princess, now when did you last let a Disney Interactive game into your heart? Well, Valve can open your eyes, and take you wonder by wonder, starting today. A disclaimer, though. Since these are modern Disney games and not the lovely ones we more »

Steam Curators should be scrapped

Valve deserves credit for essentially changing the face of PC gaming with Steam, if not saving the genre altogether. We can have discussions about the service and how it handles games, but there’s no denying that Valve keeps trying to make it better, even if sometimes it getting things wrong. The Steam Curator program is more »

Here’s Your October 3, 2014 Indie Game Bundle Update

Time for indie game bundles. Are you ready? Think of this week as a recovery period. The past two weeks, we saw over 30 bundles at a time. This week, we’re down to 28. I know that seems like it’s still a lot of indie game bundles, but most are returning ones. One of the more »

The new Steam storefront would be great, if I knew what I wanted

Most of the games I play these days I get from Steam. From Skyrim to Child of Light, Steam makes it easy for me to download, keep, and play. They’ve recently updated their storefront to make it even easier for you to browse games you might enjoy, and of course, give them money for said more »


Everyone wins if Square Enix helps Steam become a JRPG destination

Square Enix is bringing Final Fantasy XIII to Steam. We all have mixed feelings about this. The other day, Final Fantasy IV also hit Steam. We have less mixed feelings, with a touch of apathy because that freakin’ game is on like, everything. But that’s not all. Trails in the Sky debuted on Steam recently, more »

GOG sale celebrates its 6th birthday

It’s GOG’s birthday week, and that means good news for us. Why? Because GOG sales are held to celebrate any little event. Since this is the site’s sixth anniversary, that means a full week of game sales. Best of all, these aren’t flash sales where you have to constantly keep visiting or refreshing the site. more »