This week on the PlayStation Store, June 23, 2015

  Big week on the PlayStation Store. Lots of Batman, lots of games. But especially Batman. If any readers out there somehow hasn’t had Batman shoved down their throats in the past several months, I truly envy you, and I love Batman. Besides the Dark Knight, expect a whole bunch of new stuff, and a more »

Here’s Your June 26, 2015 Indie Game Bundle Update

We have a nice, round number of indie game bundles available this week. There are 30 out there to choose from. However, the best bet doesn’t exactly fall into the indie game bundle category. It’s the Humble Borderlands Bundle, and it gives you a nice assortment of Borderlands games to enjoy. You should probably go more »


Dark Pit amiibo product listing appears at Best Buy

Get your bookmarking finger ready, because I’ve got a site for you. If you’re one of the few, proud and desperate hoping to collect all of Nintendo’s NFC figures, the time has come to begin your hunt for the Dark Pit amiibo. The first product listing for the toy has appeared online. Currently, only Best more »

Nintendo eShop Update for June 25, 2015

It’s Nintendo eShop update time and this week, since it’s still a E3 2015 recovery week, I’m going to do what I did last time. The , and, yes, even DSiWare games available will be briefly summarized over the next few paragraphs. If you think they sound good, head to the eShop of your choosing more »

Technology Tell Gaming Channel’s most notable E3 2015 opinions

Oh man, E3 2015, everybody. This was a big year. There were a lot of games available to play, and Technology Tell’s Gaming Channel had six people on the ground experiencing as many as possible. Since it wouldn’t really be “fair” to decide on one or two games as the most notable this year, we’re more »

GameStop’s Retro Classics shop is surprisingly fair

GameStop has finally opened the doors to its Retro Classics storefront, a new addition dedicated to such fossils as the Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis. The shop was first revealed in April 2015 (just after GameStop began offering $25 for used PS2s) and will be primarily online, at least for now. Brick-and-mortar testing will more »

Why aren’t more people talking about being able to buy Suikoden III?

In a recent edition of The Drop over on the Playstation Blog, they announced a few really amazing things. For some reason, they’re pretending that Batman: Arkham Knight is the most important thing that’s coming to the PS4. I don’t know why they’re doing that, because let’s be honest here. Batman is a grown man more »

GameStop’s Dragonite Pokemon distribution event has begun

Still playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby? It is possible, since these games can take a lot of time and some like to go all out trying to get critters with perfect IVs and EVs. Whether you are or aren’t, you really should grab your copy and fire it up again, because a special more »

Batman: Arkham Knight pre-load begins on PS4s and PCs

Do you know how big the Batman: Arkham Knight download is? You know, for all those people who don’t want to bother with and want the full game immediately at midnight? In a word, the game is huge. If you want it for your PC, it’s “only” 33.7GB, while PS4 owners have a 50GB download more »

Every Xbox One comes with one free game for a limited time

Microsoft is chasing their E3 2015 presentation with an Xbox One giveaway: beginning Saturday, June 21, 2015 through June 27, “when you buy an Xbox One, you’ll get to choose any Xbox One game of your choice” and pick it up free of charge. This offer does apply to new releases such as The Witcher 3 and more »

Here’s Your June 20, 2015 Indie Game Bundle Update

It’s a day late, due to E3 2015, but here’s your Indie Game Bundle Update. Since the Steam Summer Sale is still on, there are only 30 indie game bundles to choose from. So few, am I right? Okay, it isn’t. But most of the offerings within have been in other bundles This week’s best more »

Nintendo eShop Update for June 18, 2015

Hey everyone! Welcome to a rather truncated E3 2015 eShop update! This one is going to be rather short, because, well, I’m busy here at the show, so we’re deviating from the regular format. I’m going to very briefly go through all of the 3DS and Wii U eShop releases in two paragraphs. Prices will more »