Here’s Your April 24, 2015 Indie Game Bundle Update

Today is a fantastic week for indie game bundles. You can’t go wrong, I swear. There are a few bundles that pack together some old indie classics, as well as a bunch of new ones with games you probably haven’t played before. With 33 options available, this is one of the best Indie Game Bundle more »

Bloodborne patch 1.03 slashes loading times and squashes bugs

Bloodborne patch 1.03 released earlier today, bringing with it an end to the game’s notoriously lengthy loading times. The PlayStation Japan page confirms that loading has been reduced by five to 15 seconds depending on the areas loaded. Better still, as Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry found, Central Yharnam has had its loading times cut nearly in half. And more »

Steam Workshop now supports paid mods, starting with Skyrim

User-made mods can now be bought and sold through the Steam Workshop. Although a wealth of player modifications have been available free through the Steam Workshop for years, such content has never been sold, barring a few rare instances of developer-sanctioned DLC. This meant the vast majority of mods were passion projects. Thus the aim of the new more »

Killing Floor 2 comes to Steam Early Access

Killing Floor 2, the unabashedly gory sequel to Tripwire Interactive’s original horde shooter, is now playable via Steam’s Early Access program. The current version of the game represents a “polished beta,” Tripwire said, is fully playable in co-op or single-player, and does not have any game-breaking bugs. Although many Perks and weapons are absent at this more »

The Elder Scrolls Online will cost you 65GB of your console’s hard drive

Installing PS4 and Xbox One titles often feels like offering a “bite” of your sandwich to a tyrannosaurus. Here to take one of the biggest bites yet is The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited which will require a whopping 65GB of hard drive space on PS4 and Xbox One. This will be split between the 50GB more »

This week on the PlayStation Store, April 21, 2015

Hello everyone! This week is a small week. But, it’s a small week full of big releases! It makes sense, I swear. We have the PlayStation debut of a Kickstarted indie darling, a new Assassin’s Creed spinoff, a few things I’ve never heard of and an English-language debut of a popular Japanese series. This week more »

The Journey soundtrack is getting a gorgeous vinyl release

The Grammy-nominated soundtrack of thatgamecompany’s Journey will soon see a vinyl release. Senior Project Coordinator Noah Lane of iam8bit, a company specializing in media and art, confirmed the news over on the PlayStation Blog. The two-part vinyl set was made in collaboration with artist Mark Englert, PlayStation, Sony Santa Monica, and of course thatgamecompany and composer Austin Wintory. more »

Best Buy’s Splatoon Wii U bundle gets you Splatoon and Nintendo Land

Time to let Splatoon harpoon your heart. That’s how games work, right? Nintendo has revealed something very attractive for anyone who’s still been holding back when it comes to grabbing a Wii U, a Splatoon Wii U bundle that will only be available at Best Buy come May 29, 2015. For $299.99, you get the more »

Walmart opens Splatoon Amiibo 3-pack pre-orders

Send out the call! Splatoon Amiibo pre-orders have opened. Most importantly, it’s a pre-order for what will probably be the most in-demand of the offerings. Walmart is already selling the Splatoon Amiibo 3-pack. Why is this important? Because the Splatoon Amiibo 3-pack is the only way to get Inkling Squid Amiibo. In Splatoon, the NFC more »

Here’s Your April 17, 2015 Indie Game Bundle Update

Okay, the Indie Game Bundle Update is here and you need to get the Humble Origin Bundle 2. Yes, I know it isn’t “indie.” I also know it involves Origin. But trust me, it’s worth it. You’ll get some fantastic games if you do, and it’s clearly the star of this Indie Game Bundle Update, more »

Journey’s PS4 adventure will be physical and digital

Thatgamecompany’s magnum opus is coming to PS4 this summer. The new-gen port of Journey was first announced in August 2014 alongside a port of The Unfinished Swan, but we now have both a date—which will likely be updated at E3, and a format. As DigitalSpy reports, Journey on the PS4 will be available digitally via PlayStation Network, but also more »

Splatoon GameTrucks are inking the US this summer

Nintendo’s unabashedly messy Splatoon is teaming up with GameTruck to bring the competitive, colorful shooter to major U.S. cities starting this June, after Splatoon releases May 29. Over 100 Splatoon-clad trucks packed with Wii Us, TVs, and Inkling paraphernalia will be available for private reservation in 25 major cities around the country. A Splatoon Amiibo figure will also more »