Oracle: Know Thyself

Apophenia is the condition of seeing patterns and meaning in data that is, in reality, unstructured and meaningless: it’s seeing shapes in clouds, malicious intent in a passing glance from a stranger, or a someone’s destiny in tea leaves. Humans aren’t the only creatures that misinterpret information, but we’re by far the best at it, more »

Surgeon Simulator: A&E Anniversary Edition Review: Delightfully dreadful doctors

Title: Surgeon Simulator: A&E Anniversary Edition Price: $12.99 System(s): PS4 (Also on PC, iOS, and Android) Release Date: August 13, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Bossa Studios (Bossa Studios) ESRB Rating: “Teen” for Blood and Violence I had good intentions. The best, to be exact. I wanted to save lives. These people needed transplants, and by God, more »

Here’s Your August 14, 2014 Indie Game Bundle Update

Have you got some spare time? Because we have 22 indie game bundles to go through! It’s one of those large updates again. Mainly due to the fact that Bundle Stars bundles last forever, but also because there are just so many bundles actually out there. This week there’s a nice array of indie game more »

Comedy Quest: Tears of a Clown

I’ve listened to enough podcasts to know that comedy is a foreboding art: Difficult to learn, impossible to master, and usually involving a great deal of cocaine and depression. It takes a particular kind of person to criss-cross the nation standing in front of groups of strangers and blindly seeking their approval. Why would anyone more »

Road Not Taken Review: The Path Less Traveled

Title: Road Not Taken Price: $14.99 (Free with PlayStation Plus) System(s): PS4 (Also on PC) Release Date: August 5, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Spry Fox (Spry Fox) ESRB Rating: “Everyone” I obsessed over Triple Town. I’ve racked up countless hours matching patches of grass, bushes, trees, and buildings, in the hopes of all sorts of high more »

Woolfe console releases confirmed

Some may find this news not exactly news-worthy, but I find it incredibly important. Allow me to explain. Woolfe, the Red Riding Hood inspired platformer from developer GRIN, will be released on consoles. The game was originally only confirmed for PC back when it first found its way on my radar during E3 2014. But more »

Impressions of The Matter of the Great Red Dragon: Anticlimax

What happens to a quest deferred? We’re all born the heroes of our own stories, the lone protagonist of our particular personal narratives, but as we grow up and mature that story changes around us, as if every one of us is a world slowly discovering it doesn’t inhabit the center of the universe. You more »

I didn’t expect to fall in love in Road Not Taken

I’m a big fan of romance options in games. While I prefer otome, I’m happy to see the little extra option to interact with the in-game characters in unexpected ways. Which is why I was both surprised and delighted to see my Ranger could fall in love in Road Not Taken. I did not see more »

PS4 needed Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition

The PS4 is serious business, super serious. In fact, it’s too serious. It needed Surgeon Simulator, because doing all that important stuff like saving Seattle with super powers, taking over Chicago with hacking powers, and fighting fungal zombies in Boston got to be too much. So, the system is getting Surgeon Simulator on August 12, more »


Don’t get upset about the Katawa Shoujo “sequel”

In case you haven’t heard the rumblings on the visual novel and 4chan circuit, let me clue you in – a new studio wants to make a Katawa Shoujo-style game. It isn’t exactly Katawa Shoujo, though it will be a dating sim, visual novel, just like the original game. It also won’t feature any of more »

Crypt of the NecroDancer Preview: Love those beats

This is one of the hardest previews I have ever had to write, because I don’t want it to be one. I want this to be a Crypt of the NecroDancer review, partially because this Early Access title already feels so complete, but also due to all these feelings and opinions I have on a more »


Woolfe born from 10-second portfolio demo

So I’ve recently learned something shocking about my favorite indie game, Woolfe. GRIN, the game’s developer, has been plotting to start a Kickstarter fund for their game to bring back some of the features that had to be cut. So in starting their epic Kickstarter, GRIN released what is essentially a short seven minute documentary more »