Dig into Terraria on Mac and Linux

I’m a big lover of the game Minecraft, which means I’m a big lover of Minecraft clones like Starbound and of course, Terraria. However, this is not an article to talk about my love of these . Instead, this is an article to talk about my love of Terraria developers for understanding that people who more »

Bear Senpai – a bear dating sim – wants your money

We’ve romanced humans, pigeons, and alpacas. Has the time come to get some sugar bear loving? Toni Rocca, creator of Bear Senpai, thinks so. A Kickstarter is on, with the hopes of raising $18,000 for a bear-y It’s koala or nothing! Rocca bares all in the Bear Senpai description. The goal is to create a more »


Train Fever review: Still love playing with trains?

Train Fever Price: $34.99 System(s): PC, Mac, and Linux Release Date: September 4, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Gambitious (Urban Games) If you’ve never heard of Urban Games, don’t feel bad! As it turns out, Train Fever is this Swiss team’s debut game. And quite honestly, you’d think this team has been around for years. Train Fever runs on an more »

Paradigm Alpha Demo Preview: The Future is Dumb

The eponymous Paradigm of the video game demo Paradigm inhabits a world where nothing works particularly well. Various generations of radically varying technological advancement have been kludged together to make a quasi-functioning world, but what with all the horny computers, beat-boxing eggplants, and industrialist sloths with bad comb overs, it’s a wonder anything gets done more »

SteamWorld Dig: A Fistful of Dirt Review: Digging it

SteamWorld Dig Price: $9.99 System(s): Release Date: August 28, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Image & Form (Image & Form) ESRB Rating: “Everyone 10+” for Fantasy Violence SteamWorld Dig has come to the Wii U via the Nintendo eShop. Already available for the Nintendo 3DS, PS4, Vita, and Steam, this new release of the title makes special more »

Ice-Pick Lodge remaking cult classic Pathologic

Pathologic, the cult classic game that marked Moscow based developer Ice-Pick Lodges’s career, is set to be remade. They’ve launched a Kickstarter, and as of the time of writing are halfway to their goal of $250,000. The original gained a lot acclaim in their Russian homeland, but the roughshod quality and poor translation made it more »

Back To Bed Review: Don’t sleep on the job

Back to Bed Price: $5.99 System(s): PC Release Date: August 6, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Bedtime Digital Games (Bedtime Digital Games) ESRB Rating: N/A When I first picked up Bedtime Digital Games’ Back To Bed, I wasn’t sure what to think of it. It’s an interesting blend of puzzle solving and artistic themes and there’s something more »

Here’s Your September 5, 2014 Indie Game Bundle Update

It’s time for an indie game bundle update! This week’s is actually pretty small. Which means that there are a few notable bundles absent. The grand total is still 24 indie game bundles, so I’d say that’s still pretty remarkable. This week, it seems like most of the games are ones that have appeared in more »


Touhou Project move Gensokyo to PS4, Vita

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia (SCEJA) is taking steps to encourage indie game development for the PS4 and Vita systems, and they’re starting with the Touhou Project. SCEJA and Zun, the creator of the Touhou Project, announced Monday, September 1, 2014 that they are collaborating on a new project to bring Touhou fan works to more »

You can’t buy The Stomping Land anymore

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Though, to be honest, The Stomping Land was never really very mighty to begin with. It was only an Early Access title. Still, it involved dinosaurs, and they’re pretty huge, so I figure it’s okay to go this route. The Stomping Land‘s life thus far has been… problematic. It more »

These are Virtuix’s first four Omni games

A while back, I talked a bit about the Virtuix Omni, one of the first fully immersive gaming platforms. Players use a headset like the Oculus Rift (), and the Omni’s most important part, its platform that you walk on with specially designed shoes. The Virtuix Omni allows people to walk naturally in virtual reality, more »

Dreamfall Chapters to be released on PS4

I’ve mentioned before that the indie games of 2014 might convince me to buy a PS4. And now there’s another one to add to the list! Sony has announced that the PS4 will be home to Dreamfall Chapters. The game is being created by Red Thread Games, and was originally only slated for PC release. Now, more »