My 5 Funniest Dragon Age Inquisition moments so far

My 5 Funniest Dragon Age Inquisition moments so far I’m getting close to the 40 hour point with Dragon Age Inquisition, and am about ready to put together the Technology Tell Gaming Channel’s official review. But, before I get to that, I’m in a sharing mood. I’ve seen a lot of amazing things in this more »

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Diary: Show off your Secret Bases

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Diary: Show off your Secret Bases If you’re playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby, it won’t be long before you get the opportunity to make an area of the game your own. I’m talking about the return of the Secret Base feature. Granted, it doesn’t happen until you’ve reached Route 111, more »

Kickstarter’s The Great Debate makes arguing fun

Arguing is a basic human survival trait. We can go for hours about where to eat or not to eat. Don’t let the debate turn to matters such as politics, religion or which Star Trek captain was best. Wait, actually let’s talk about all those things. The Great Debate is a board game project currently more »

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Diary: Love that Cosplay Pikachu

I am in love. I have a new favorite Pokemon, which is weird because it’s also an old one. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire has shown me the majesty of Cosplay Pikachu and I don’t think I can go back to a regular Pokemon again. Not when I now know I can have an adorable Pikachu, with more »


Criminal Girls: Invite Only busts out in February 2015

The game many figured would never be released outside of Japan now has a release date. Take that, people who underestimated NIS America! Criminal Girls: Invite Only will make it to North America and Europe in the month of love – February. February 3, 2015 in the states and February 6 overseas, to be exact. more »

Dragon Age Inquisition has too many mountains

I’m a certain kind of Dragon Age Inquisition player. I relish taking on every sidequest and exploring every corner of the map. Rush through the story? Pshaw! There are more important things to do. You know, like clearing every marker off of a location’s map. The problem is, doing so has convinced me that the more »


Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Diary: Creeping with DexNav

In an earlier Pokemon Alpha Sapphire diary installment, I mentioned that the way in which some daily scenes are depicted makes the game feel more immersive and natural. That isn’t the only thing that makes the Pokemon world feel more real this time. The other is the DexNav. The DexNav is an improved version of more »

A Shiny Beldum is coming to Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby for Thanksgiving

In the original Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire games, Steven Stone eventually gives the player a Beldum. In , we’re getting something a little more special from the champion. Fortunately, we’re also still getting a Shiny Beldum from Nintendo. You know, to keep with the tradition. You can pretend the Shiny Beldum is still from Steven, more »


I found the best Dragon Age Inquisition glitch

For the last week, my nights have been spent in Thedas. I can’t get enough of the latest Dragon Age game, and have even developed a fondness for the occasional Dragon Age Inquisition glitch. It helps that none of them are gamebreaking and that most of the ones I have found are minor or even more »

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Diary: A Specific Trainer’s Tale

I loved the trainer customization in Pokemon X and Y. Typically, I hoard away any and all money earned from Pokemon battles, only occasionally busting open the pocketbook to buy a TM or two, but the first 3DS games in the series inspired me to splurge on everything so my trainer could be super pretty. more »

Hatoful Boyfriend brings pigeon love to the PS4, Vita

Here’s something really coo-l. Hatoful Boyfriend is getting ported to more platforms. What was once an indie, Japanese PC game is now going to appear on Sony systems. Prepare to open your hearts to birds, because the otome game everyone has been talking about will make it to the PS4 and Vita next year. Unfortunately, more »


Dragon killing is easy in Dragon Age Inquisition

Dragons are a big deal in the Dragon Age series. They have to be in that virtual world, for its inhabitants to use them to determine times and dates. Which is why I found it a bit odd that it was so easy to slay my first dragon in Dragon Age Inquisition. I’d heard the more »