OlliOlli is the first 3rd-party cross buy title for 3DS/Wii U


OlliOlli, developer Roll 7’s frenetic 2D skateboarding title, will soon become the first third-party game to release with cross buy support between 3DS and Wii U, publisher Curve Digital recently announced. OlliOlli also offered cross buy with PS Vita when it released for PS4 and PS3 in August 2014, so it’s no surprise to see them

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Star Trek Online to add Leonard Nimoy Memorial to Planet Vulcan

leonard nimoy spock

I don’t play as much as I used to, but I used to play a great amount of Star Trek Online. So much so that I even have a lifetime membership. I’ve stopped playing because I don’t really like MMOs and it began to feel a bit repetitive, but one of the things that kept

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PS4 Anniversary Edition contest gets a do-over in Japan

20th anniversary ps4

The PS4 Anniversary Edition is a beautiful. Well, beautiful and limited, if you want to be exact. It’s one of those rare gems that will be the prize of a person’s collection, and people went crazy in the brief period of time they were available. Now, imagine you entered the Japanese contest to win one

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