Best Buy 3DS StreetPass event coinciding with Nintendo World Championships 2015

The Nintendo World Championships 2015 qualifying events are this weekend! Isn’t it exciting. Are you planning to visit one of the eight Best Buys that are participating in the event? Even if you’re not, it may be a good idea to go to Best Buy if you own a 3DS. To coincide with the event, more »

Pokemon Shuffle update makes the game better, adds Shaymin

Pokemon Shuffle has been quite a thing for Nintendo. Yes, the free-to-play game has issues, but it’s also been downloaded over four million times and people are enjoying it. Now, it may grow even bigger, as a massive update has been released that should improve everyone’s experience. The best changes make Pokemon Shuffle stronger. There more »

League of Legends testing automated bans

League of Legends is as famous for its unforgiving, often condescending online community as it is for its strategic gameplay. It punishes players who constantly create a negative environment, but until now that has required a Riot Games employee to wade through the complaints. By the time they get around to contacting someone, it’s possible more »

Whispering Willows, Back to Bed and Velocibox are PlayStation bound

Guess who’s going to have some surprises for PS3, PS4 and Vita owners at E3 2015? Loot Interactive, that’s who! The company is going to help Sony with its indie charge by bringing three existing games to the consoles and handhelds. Back to Bed, Velocibox and Whispering Willows are getting new homes. These games represent more »

Splatoon looks good with Style Savvy

Nintendo’s really big on putting free DLC into its games that is reminiscent of other titles. Splatoon is the big game of the moment, so it’s getting cameos in games. Super Smash Bros. is the obvious one, with Mii Fighter costumes that transform the characters into Inklings. Girls Mode 3: Kirakira Mode, the third Style more »

Splatoon should offer 3v3 and 2v2 multiplayer

I don’t have to tell you that I adored Nintendo’s Splatoon. To be honest, I already have. It’s a great game, Wii U owners are going to appreciate it and people who don’t have Wii Us will be jealous that they aren’t getting to play it. Splatoon is fun. But, there’s one thing it could more »

Girls Mode 3 makes me miss Style Savvy Trendsetters’ men

Nintendo’s Style Savvy/Girls Mode series has always been rather unique, in that they’re welcoming to players of all gender. The shop simulation and customer service elements transcend boundaries, making dress-up fun for all. Girls Mode 3: Kirakira Code continues that trend, but I feel as though the series has taken a step backward by excluding more »


XCOM 2 is coming, and we know when

Talk of an XCOM sequel has been circulating for quite some time, and why not? Since 2K relaunched the series in 2012 as , the sci-fi mash-up of tactical strategy and first-person shooter games has greatly built upon its fan base by seeing releases for PCs, iOS and Android devices, and consoles. Computer and consoles also got  in 2013, more »

Square Enix trademarks “Bravely Second” in Europe

Square Enix turned heads with Bravely Default, and fans have been pining for its sequel, Bravely Second, ever since. Bravely Second released in Japan in April 2015, and according to a new European trademark bearing the sequel’s name, Square Enix is gearing up to localize it. File “Bravely Second,” or 014174361, at the Office for Harmonization in the Internal more »

Two Sword Art Online games are coming to PS4

JRPGs have come back in force this console generation. Not one to miss the proverbial train, Bandai Namco today (May 27, 2015) announced two Sword Art Online games: Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment and Sword Art Online: Lost Song. The former, a PS4 re-release of the Vita game, will be available digitally via PlayStation Network in Europe, more »

Squid Splatoon amiibo still in-stock at Play-Asia

NFC figures are big business now, people go out of their way to grab rare ones and if you haven’t gotten into them by now and play a lot of games, odds are you should. A new batch of amiibo are coming out, thanks to games like Splatoon, but there’s one that will be quite more »

This week on the PlayStation Store, May 27, 2015

Alright folks, this week is all about Capcom. Well, it isn’t really, but Capcom does have a couple of cool ports out this week on the PlayStation Store. We also have a new Magicka, the usual interesting new indie joints and the added bonus of a handheld version of Octodad! Cool stuff this week, if nothing terribly more »