Steins;Gate launches for PS3 and Vita in the U.S. this August

The masterful visual novel Steins;Gate will come to PS3 and Vita in the U.S. August 25, 2015. The news comes from online retailer RiceDigital, which, as it did for the European release (which launched June 5, 2015), will once again be offering an exclusive deluxe edition of the game. The “El Psy Kongroo” Edition includes a more »

Kickstarter Roundup: Late June

To say that Kickstarter has been pretty busy over the past couple of days is an understatement. Bloodstained’s Kickstarter ended, clocking in at just shy of $6 million to become the most funded game on the site. Shenmue III came out of nowhere during E3 and literally hit its $2 million goal overnight, immediately challenging more »

E3 2015: Heroes of The Storm’s Skeleton King sounds very strong

It’s always hard to judge characters in a vacuum. Admittedly, we don’t know everything about Heroes of the Storm’s latest expansion. But comparing Leoric, The Skeleton King to current characters he seems really good. Blizzard has wanted to introduce a character that essentially doesn’t die for a while now, and Leoric is a perfect fit for more »

Portal and The Simpsons come to LEGO Dimensions

Portal and The Simpsons icons have joined the growing cast of LEGO Dimensions. These and other sets were first revealed in a May leak from Brickset along with now-confirmed Jurassic World figures. (No word on Doctor Who just yet.) LEGO Chell and GLaDOS fit right in with the Portal level pack, LEGO Homer and Bart Simpson are a nice touch for any more »

Heroes of the Storm keeps it simple, but doesn’t dumb things down

Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard’s official entrant into the genre it inadvertently created, removes several typical features. There is no last-hitting, no item shop and no potions. It’s a MOBA you can play in 20-25 minutes, making it that much easier to play “just one more game.” Blizzard’s strategy here is similar to what it did more »

EA will detail Mirror’s Edge Catalyst at E3 2015

A follow-up to DICE’s first-person parkour-based Mirror’s Edge has been in the works since 2009, though development has only really picked up, at least in the public setting, over the past three years. The next Mirror’s Edge was first shown at E3 2013 during EA’s press conference, and detailed the following year with a sort of catching up more »


Splatoon is now fully playable in Minecraft

Popular YouTuber SethBling has recreated Nintendo’s latest, Splatoon, within the vanilla version of Minecraft. It’s not actually running on a mod, but on in-game command blocks, which grant Minecraft creators access to all sorts of wacky effects. The only requisite is the 1.8 version of Minecraft. Set in a custom-made map, Minecraft-Splatoon (Splatcraft? Minetoon?) features the same color-based shooting more »

Tabletop Simulator Review: Facilitating fun

Tabletop Simulator Price: $14.99 System(s): Windows, Mac, Linux Release Date: June 5, 2015 Publisher (Developer): Berserk Games (Berserk Games) ESRB Rating: N/A Tabletop Simulator is a hard game to review. It’s a sandbox, but not in the traditional sense. Rather, someone should approach it as a platform, a facilitator of other sorts of games. As more »


DC themed MOBA Infinite Crisis is shutting down months after official launch

That was faster than a speeding bullet. After a year of open beta, Infinite Crisis officially launched in March. It will shut down in August, according to an announcement from its community manager. The game will remain completely free until then, and Steam customer support will refund any customers who purchased either the starter pack more »

Heroes of The Storm’s new character is Johanna the Crusader

Heroes of The Storm, Blizzard’s MOBA that it doesn’t want you to call a MOBA, officially launches June 2. At today’s live stream launch event, it unveiled a new character from the universe, Johanna the Crusader. It wasn’t exactly a secret, as details about her have been floating around on Heroes-related forums for weeks.Rumors have Johanna more »


Yooka-Laylee is proof that Kickstarter only breaks when we break it

It is an insanely dangerous thing to pay someone for a product that they’ve yet to create. It’s essentially buying faith, which is pretty unstable stock by and large. The risk is obvious: if something goes wrong and the result isn’t what we wanted or expected, we get no return. But we take that risk because, if we more »

Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead Season 3 won’t start until 2016

Telltale Games will not release the third season of its venerable The Walking Dead series until 2016. PR Director Job Stauffer confirmed the delay in a recent tweet, adding that a separate The Walking Dead project will release within the year. At least, that’s what his follow-up tweets suggest: in response to one fan’s somber affirmation “No Telltale more »