Madden NFL 15 enters EA Access Vault

Just a week after NBA Live 15 became an All Access Vault title, Madden NFL 15 has followed. EA Sports UFC, Battlefield 4, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, Need For Speed Rivals, Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14, and Peggle 2 are also free for EA Access members to download and play. While is much newer more »

Rock Band 4 resurrected in 2015, proves Rock and Roll Dreams Come True

I hope you still have your PS3 and Xbox 360 instrument peripherals, because one of the games that needs them is making a comeback. All of the rumors and hinting was true. Sometime in 2015, Rock Band 4 will come to the PS4 and Xbox One. So why am I saying to get the old more »

Infinite Crisis March update includes login rewards, upgraded AI

Get ready for battle with a whole bunch of new upgrades in Infinite Crisis. Turbine wants you to log in every day, and now you’ll get rewards for doing so. They’ll include things like Crisis Coins and shiny new costumes for your champions. Log in, play on and rack up. Players who battle the AI more »

5 eShop games you’ll want to watch

The 2015 Game Developers Conference was certainly big on news. We’ve heard about all kinds of games. Not surprisingly, a number of these are coming to the eShop. The Wii U and 3DS will be getting some fantastic titles. Mutant Mudds Super Challenge, Octodad, Don’t Starve, Never Alone, and more are all on the way. more »

The saddest Skyrim story ever told

Remember that time when my daughter in Skyrim wound up adopting a pet bunny? It followed her around and somehow survived for a really long time? Well, once again I decided to bring my daughter adventuring with me. We joined the Imperial Legion and were assigned to the Pale. She had adopted another pet, a more »

Shelter 2 is punishing me

Shelter 2 is a beautiful game. It looks beautiful, the gameplay is great, I don’t want to say it’s a bad game because it isn’t. I got it to do a review, and I will, but my first impressions of the game is that it’s really well done. Why would I say I’m being punished more »


Code Name: STEAM Preview: Amiibo change the game, but don’t break it

Want more ways to put your Amiibo to use?  lets you do just that with playable Fire Emblem characters, and for once, it may actually be worth the investment. Amiibo owners have been generally frustrated with functionality in games, usually for one of two reasons: either the effect on the game is too minimal (like more »

Barbara-ian Preview: I Want My Hour Back

Imagine, if you will, a Diablo clone with destruction physics. If this sounds like it would be fun, you’re right. There’s definitely a seed of something interesting in there. Unfortunately, Barbara-ian doesn’t really manage to keep my interest because it’s not very well put together. Now, to be fair, Barbara-ian is still in beta, so more »

Wolfenstein: The New Order gets standalone prequel

Last year’s was a critical and commercial success for Bethesda. So naturally they’re returning to that universe with Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, a prequel that will show how B.J. Blazkowicz began his Nazi-killing ways. The prequel is set in 1946, with the Nazis about to win World War II. In Part One, Rudi Jäger and the Den more »


At least AdWatch Tournament Edition is honest

We’ve come to “that point” as an internet dwelling society. There is now a “game” where all a “player” does is mindlessly press a button to watch 10-20 second ads. It’s called AdWatch Tournament Edition, which means at least there’s no false advertising. Just lots of tongue-in-cheek references! The “goal” of AdWatch Tournament Edition is more »

Mad Max rides later this year

Avalanche Studios’ post-apocalyptic open-world car combat/third-person action game Mad Max will release on September 1, 2015 in North America and September 4 in the UK for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. (Yes, only on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.) Mad Max is featured in the latest issue of Game Informer, which has confirmed that the more »

Shadowrun Online has a new moniker to go with its release date

The Cliffhanger Productions developed and soon-to-be Nordic Games published “tactical turn-based RPG” formerly known as Shadowrun Online now has a new nomme de guerre. It’s also “soon-to-be” published because it now has a release date. Fancy that. Now dubbed Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown, the re-titling bespeaks a refocused message, as indicated by Cliffhanger Productions co-founder Jan Wagner. Wagner cites “swapping more »