Skylanders Trap Team Dark Edition lets you capture Kaos

The $100 Skylanders Trap Team Dark Edition is starting to look like a better investment. Every time a new game is released, there’s always a special Dark Edition that includes different character variations and other special bonuses. Usually, it’s specific to one outlet and practically identical to the $79.99, standard starter pack, but the Skylanders more »

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time world record set by CosmoWright

Twitch streamer and speedrunner CosmoWright just annhilated the world record on July 20, 2014. What do I mean by annihilated? How about 18 minutes, ten seconds – or over 19 seconds faster than the previous record? That’s a simply unfathomable amount of time to take off such a well-established and popular game. In a world more »


I was a fool to put off Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

I succumbed to the siren song of Best Buy’s buy one, get one free 3DS game deal. To be honest, I knew I would the second I saw the ad in the Sunday paper. I’d put off buying The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Mainly because I had a backlog of other games more »

I can’t believe the $150 Destiny Ghost Edition sold out

Having been a gamer for most of my life and a video game journalist for the last seven years, I’ve seen a lot of collector’s editions come and go. Most really major games tend to get one, and more often than not, you see the leftover, ridiculously-priced, uber editions cluttered around counters at your store more »


Vote “Yes” for Gurumin on Greenlight, get a free copy

A long time ago, because 10 years is ancient now, a fun little action RPG from Nihon Falcom made its . It was called Gurumin and it was downright charming. A young girl befriends monsters, becomes the only person who protect these friendly monsters from the more vicious phantoms, and hijinks ensue. It’s Legend of more »

Reboot or not, Doom needs more than shotguns

In a rare step away from the usual hype machine process, Doom premiered exclusively to the attendees of QuakeCon 2014, and it sounds… well, honestly, it sounds incredibly dull. Oooooh. Shotguns and demons. Hooray.

25 Things The Cat Mario Show gets you thinking about

Nintendo Europe has just begun releasing a very special series of episodes of a “educational” show. By which I mean, they’re trying to sell games with The Cat Mario Show. These shorts feature two actors controlling Cat Mario and Cat Peach puppets as they attempt to sell games like Super Mario 3D World and Kirby more »


Square Enix shuts down Final Fantasy Type-0 fan translation

Final Fantasy Type-0 is the game we didn’t think we’d get. The PSP-original was released in 2011, and after three years with no word, we figured it was a lost cause. Which, of course, led to a group of fans putting together an unofficial translation and English patch for the game. The only problem is, more »

Yogscast offering replacement game for those who backed Yogventures Kickstarter

There’s not much the Yogscast could likely do that’s going to make backers of the Yogventures Kickstarter happy. Developer Winterkewl Games is  going out of business, and a game that raised $567,665 isn’t happening now. In an effort to get something to an angry crowd of backers, the Yogscast is working with Nerd Kingdom to more »

Yumi’s Odd Odyssey is worth it for $20

I enjoyed Yumi’s Odd Odyssey, Natsume’s brave effort to finally localize an Umihara Kawase game. I applauded the effort and recognize it’s a platformer with a lot of potential, but honestly? It’s the kind of game that really only an uber patient perfectionist can appreciate. (Say that 5 times fast!) At a $30 price point, more »

I’m not playing Divinity: Original Sin and think I’m missing out

I think I’m gaming wrong. Which seems like an impossible thing, yet I content that it must be, because I’m not playing Divinity: Original Sin. I just didn’t get around to picking up the game when it launched on June 30, 2014, and now I think I made a huge mistake. It wasn’t that I more »


The Last of Us Remastered is more beautiful

I was skeptical about The Last of Us Remastered. Hell, I’m hesitant when it comes to any PS3 game that gets ported to the PS4. I mean, it’s only one generation away, and it isn’t like there’s the huge difference between PS3 and PS4 games, like there is from PS2 to PS3 games. But I more »