Let’s look at the Disney Infinity 2.0’s Loki

Let’s look at the Disney Infinity 2.0’s Loki This has been a rather momentous week for anyone keeping up with Disney Infinity 2.0. The last two figures were released, meaning the hunt is finally over. It’s done. No more waiting. The Avengers set is complete. And, one might say it’s a good way to go, more »

Final Fantasy XV preview: Episode Duscae has something to prove

There’s probably more at stake with Final Fantasy XV than we know. I have no doubt in my mind that getting playable proof of this game not being a disaster was priority number one for Square Enix as soon as Tetsuya Nomura was off the project, and slapping that demo onto a bizarre, but almost more »

End March with Telltale’s third Game of Thrones episode (update)

As great as Telltale Games can be, the wait for new episodes can be agonizing. Fortunately, those following its Game of Thrones tale will soon find relief. A message has gone out with glad tidings. Apparently, the third episode will be released tomorrow! Surprise! March is going out like a lion this year, I guess. more »

Conker’s Big Reunion hits Project Spark April 23

Conker the Squirrel, best known for his performance in the raunchy Nintendo 64 classic Conker’s Bad Fur Day, will receive his own Project Spark campaign April 23. Conker’s Big Reunion will feature ongoing content releases from Project Spark creator Team Dakota, as well as roughly 300 in-game assets with which players can create their own Conker stories, IGN reports. Each release will more »

Gravity Rush could come to PS4

You may remember Gravity Rush as the primary reason the Vita survived its first quarter. Kat was definitely Sony’s handheld poster child when the Vita released back in 2012, and it seems they’re now calling her to PlayStation 4. A South Korean games rating board recently listed a “Gravity Rush Remaster” for release on PS4 (thanks, NeoGAF). Sony has yet more »

5 (10?) Games you must (should?) buy from Sony’s Under-A-Buck PSN Flash Sale

Happy Spring, folks! Unless you’re living in the southern hemisphere and are busy welcoming in Autumn instead. Or reside in the north-eastern United States and are celebrating your vernal equinox with (yet another) out-pouring of powder. In any case, celebrate your respective seasonal situation with Sony, who has been gracious enough to kick off a more »

Let’s narrate the Three Fourths Home Extended Edition

Earlier today, I reviewed Three Fourths Home Extended Edition. It’s an expanded version of a very experimental and moving visual novel from [bracket]games and Digerati Digital. The thing is, a big part of the game is trying to determine what part you focus on. Do you worriedly watch the road, hoping to see if anything more »

Three Fourths Home Extended Edition Review: Distracted driving

Three Fourths Home Extended Edition Price: $6.99 System(s): Windows, Mac Release Date: March 20, 2015 Publisher (Developer): Digerati Digital ([bracket]games) ESRB Rating: N/A. I’d say it players ages 13 and up would appreciate it most. There’s a sense of unease that comes with playing Three Fourths Home. Everyone knows the dangers of using cell phones more »

NIS America hosting a Danganronpa Murder Mystery at Anime Conji 2015

I know this is only going to apply to a handful of people, but this news is so cool that I had to share it. Danganronpa is a great series. The games have stories that twist and turn, and while they aren’t the most difficult, they’re so much fun. The first two were a delight more »

Sony Trademarks The Last Guardian Again

Remember Team Ico? You know, the developers who created Ico and Shadow of the Colossus? Remember how they were working on yet another game called The Last Guardian, in which you were probably going to have to kill your big animal friend in a heart wrenching finale that would no doubt make you feel like more »

Zelda Randomizer brings self-challenge to the next level

You know how people who are really into that one game always find new ways over the years to make it more difficult? Level and equipment restrictions in RPGs, Party and item limits in Pokemon, loadout rules in Zelda. Well, now Zelda fans have a new way to play tricks on themselves, if they find the original NES game more »

La-Mulana EX Review: Don’t lose your notes

La-Mulana EX Price: $19.99 System(s): Vita Release Date: March 3, 2015 Publisher (Developer): Rising Star Games (Pygmy Studio) ESRB Rating: “Teen” for Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood and Suggestive Themes I don’t have a lot of time. Playing games for review can be a messy process. Sometimes, I have to rush through. Other times, I have to use more »