Billionaire Banshee is more fun when eschewing the rules

This weekend, some of my best friends and I played Billionaire Banshee for the first time. As you may recall, I talked about it a little under a year ago with Steven “Razlo” Bailey. I was quite excited about this title, as similar titles such as Cards Against Humanity and Slash proved to be popular more »

The Legend of Zelda Yahtzee coming in Spring

I guess that The Legend of Zelda Monopoly did pretty well, because something similar is happening again. Nintendo and USAopoly have teamed up for another themed game. This time, we’re going to be getting The Legend of Zelda Yahtzee. I know, it seems like it would be difficult to really do a The Legend of more »

Show and Tell: A look at Culdcept (PS2)

Graham Russell brings Jenni Lada into a world of swords and sorcery for the card-combat board game Culdcept! Watch to see whether Graham’s army of ugly creatures can triumph over the adorable AI-controlled deck Jenni likes so much. Culdcept is a long-running Japanese series of games, most of which play identically. You move around a more »

Mahjong Pretty Girls Battle can be Frustrating

I don’t remember what I expected from Mahjong Pretty Girls Battle. I’m pretty sure that what I got wasn’t at all close to whatever it was that I did expect. If you’re considering picking up this recent Steam release, or if you’ve already made that decision, there are a few things you should know before more »

Kickstarter’s The Great Debate makes arguing fun

Arguing is a basic human survival trait. We can go for hours about where to eat or not to eat. Don’t let the debate turn to matters such as politics, religion or which Star Trek captain was best. Wait, actually let’s talk about all those things. The Great Debate is a board game project currently more »

Chess 2: The Sequel isn’t as crazy as it sounds

I’m going to be honest with you. This was going to be an opinions article where I was going to tear into the notion of game touting itself as Chess 2. Because Chess is Chess, and it’s the kind of classic game that shouldn’t need a sequel. It would be like saying next there should more »

Hello, Commander: Fantasy Flight releasing XCOM board game

XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s tactical strategy was born to be a board game. Fantasy Flight, whose works include the Civilization and Game of Thrones board games, has made this dream a reality. In XCOM: The Board Game, up to four players will stand against the alien menace wiping out the world. The Commander is responsible for managing more »

Only GameStop gets the best Legend of Zelda Monopoly

Been longing for The Legend of Zelda Monopoly? Well, it’s coming true. USAopoly, creators of all custom Monopoly games, is going to release Monopoly: The Legend of Zelda on September 15, 2014. The sad, cruel twist, however, is that GameStop is going to get the best version of it. See, GameStop now has a listing more »

Fan service without pleasure

There have been few reviews of Monster Monpiece going around. It may be because its a very niche card/strategy game that was likely passed off in favor of larger games, but more likely it is the fact that there are aspects of the game that are problematic to say the least.  Go to the comments more »

Catan Delisted From XBLA, Multiplayer Nigh on Mobile

is one of the most popular board games worldwide, having sold fifteen million copies, and translated into 30 languages. Players take the role of settlers of a new continent, and claim territory by installing villages and cities on the zone borders, attempting to reach ten victory points. The game is so popular, that it’s become more »

$5 (or $10) Columbia Games contest says you know hockey

When it comes to contests, I’m not a big fan. I lose. Alot. When it comes to sports-related contests, well, it’s hopeless, and I’m sure I’m not the only gaming geek that knows the feeling. Columbia Games seems to feel my pain, and has a contest that at least gives me a fighting chance even though I don’t know much about hockey. Just for entering, they give $5 credit to their cool games, and if I guess (and it’s sports related, so it’s going to be a guess) right, I get $10 credit.


Victory in Europe funded not by bonds, but Kickstarter

When it comes to big wargames, it’s tough to strike a balance between “big enough” and “playable in a sane amount of time”. Columbia Games’ elegant block system plays well at a small scale, but will have its limits tested with Victory in Europe, a game that will cover the European (and West Asian, and North African) aspects of what will hopefully be the biggest war humanity has ever gotten into. The Kickstarter project promise is for a game playable in a few hours. I’ve played my share of wargames that would take longer than the actual war they represent, but I’m confident the veteran game designers at Columbia won’t have that problem.