Fan service without pleasure

There have been few reviews of Monster Monpiece going around. It may be because its a very niche card/strategy game that was likely passed off in favor of larger games, but more likely it is the fact that there are aspects of the game that are problematic to say the least.  Go to the comments more »

Catan Delisted From XBLA, Multiplayer Nigh on Mobile

is one of the most popular board games worldwide, having sold fifteen million copies, and translated into 30 languages. Players take the role of settlers of a new continent, and claim territory by installing villages and cities on the zone borders, attempting to reach ten victory points. The game is so popular, that it’s become more »

$5 (or $10) Columbia Games contest says you know hockey

When it comes to contests, I’m not a big fan. I lose. Alot. When it comes to sports-related contests, well, it’s hopeless, and I’m sure I’m not the only gaming geek that knows the feeling. Columbia Games seems to feel my pain, and has a contest that at least gives me a fighting chance even though I don’t know much about hockey. Just for entering, they give $5 credit to their cool games, and if I guess (and it’s sports related, so it’s going to be a guess) right, I get $10 credit.


Victory in Europe funded not by bonds, but Kickstarter

When it comes to big wargames, it’s tough to strike a balance between “big enough” and “playable in a sane amount of time”. Columbia Games’ elegant block system plays well at a small scale, but will have its limits tested with Victory in Europe, a game that will cover the European (and West Asian, and North African) aspects of what will hopefully be the biggest war humanity has ever gotten into. The Kickstarter project promise is for a game playable in a few hours. I’ve played my share of wargames that would take longer than the actual war they represent, but I’m confident the veteran game designers at Columbia won’t have that problem.

Hands On: DC Deckbuilding keeps fighting evil with Heroes Unite

We aren’t just about video games here at GamerTell. My nerdy travels find me playing board games, ccgs and really anything that seems interesting. The DC Comics Deckbuilding Game (yes, the name is bland) is getting a lot of love in my gaming group right now. A brand new expansion, Heroes Unite, released in February more »

Qvadriga Review: Finally, a good whipping game!

Roman chariot racing is a genre of game that only had one good game: Circvs Maximvs. Qvadriga is the computer game equivalent, and does a fine job of keeping the board game feel, while taking advantage of the computer to add in more details. While the game is mainly about chariot racing, you’ll travel the Empire seeking the fame, fortune, and better racing gear, in a quest to become the the most famous racing team in history.


Portal is getting a board game

One of the most important games over the last decade or so has decidedly been Portal. and broke new ground in the first-person puzzle game genre, and had an enormous pop cultural influence as well. And apparently, it now gets a board game.


USAopoly plans Monopoly: Pokemon, Connect 4: Super Mario, and more

. It has a habit of capitalizing on our nostalgia to make us buy special versions of familiar board games, and the 2014 Toy Fair confirmed this trend is about to continue with games like Monopoly: Pokemon, Monopoly: The Legend of Zelda, and a Heroes of the Storm version of a card game called Bang!. more »

Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport Review: Fun, but not totally necessary

Scoundrels of Skullport (Scoundrels) is billed as a double-expansion for the Lords of Waterdeep board game from Wizards of the Coast (WotC). Lords of Waterdeep is a great game, one worthy of most any gaming group. While a solid design, it has a few quirks, quirks that aren’t really addressed in the expansion, which nonetheless might be worth it for fans of the main game.

Otontin Warriors of the Lost Empire Review: …Worth beans.

Otontin is a dice game with cards and strategy on the side, loosely modeled on the pre-Columbian empires of the new world. The Mesoamerican tribes were fascinating cultures. Their mathematics could match anything in Europe until the 15th century. Their warriors were incredibly fierce, believing the key to combat prowess was to wear as brightly colored feathers as possible (comparable to going into combat with a bulls eye on your chest), and gold was not of great value (they called it “the excrement of the gods”). No, it was all about cocoa beans, the true sign of wealth. Otontin models the fights between the cities for cocoa, but not so well

Space Junk Review: Charming Junk

Space Junk is a Kickstarter board game, with the Kickstarter still in progress. One of the biggest turn-offs about Kickstarter is you often down know when, or if, you’ll ever receive what you pay for. Once the developers get the money, it takes time to, well, develop the product. That’s not a concern for Space Junk, as I received a completely working copy of the board game (minus the stretch goals, but I can live with that); the game will ship soon after it funds.

5 2013 Games You Can Use to Ring in the New Year

It’s New Year’s Eve, so what are you doing here? You should have plans – party-related plans with people you love. Oh, wait. That is why you’re here, isn’t it. You’re going to get together, and it’s going to be a big gamer party, and you need some suggestions. Well, 2013 was a pretty good more »