Crossy Road is the right way to free-to-play

Have you played Crossy Road yet? Given it’s a free-to-play game available on both Android and iOS, it seems quite likely. Especially since it’s a fun and entertaining take on the whole Frogger formula. Why did the chicken, basket ball player, zombie, whale, or unicorn cross the road? Because if they didn’t keep crossing forever, more »


Seven Hotties, All My Husbands: Words can be painful

At the behest of our honorable editor here at the Technology Tell Gaming Channel, Jenni Lada, I have started playing the infamous romance simulator Seven Hotties, All My Husbands. As Jenni previously mentioned, the game revolves around a lonely designer who wishes she could marry a hot guy. The morning after she yells this wish more »

Vita has a bad Crossy Road clone

Remember PlayStation Mobile? You’ll be forgiven if you don’t, since Android devices aren’t really supported anymore and the Vita is the only thing that uses it. But even if it did slip your mind, it still exists, and new releases still appear on its storefront. Unsurprisingly, one of them is a Crossy Road clone. Crossy more »

5 Best Kirby Spin-offs

I’m going to level with you; for some reason, this has been a slow news week. This means being creative when it comes to creating awesome stuff for you to read that’s relevant to your interests and timely. Since Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is going to be bringing joy to the Wii U-owning masses more »

Let’s Perform Brain Surgery on Frozen’s Elsa

Earlier today, I talked about Frozen Ice Elsa Doctor, a ridiculous game designed to capitalize on Frozen‘s fame. It’s 100% ridiculous, which means of course I had to play it. Now, I don’t have the necessary video capturing devices for a let’s play, so we’ll go step by step with screenshots of the entire experience. more »

5 Unbelievably Cringe-worthy “Frozen” Games

Do you know what happens when a game becomes a hit? That’s right, the knock-off barrage begins. Frozen has become quite the target, which is to be expected. Disney’s shilling it out, with even Frozen pet tags available. Of course everyone else will too. Which means we get the most horrifying counterfeit games ever. No, more »


Humble Bundle loves you!

Humble Bundle’s weekly bundle this week is appropriately, and lovingly themed. The Humble Weekly Bundle for Lovers (of games) shows that I know far too much about romance novel games. All of them are familiar to me, and I own two of them already. But for those of you that might not have been so more »

Mahjong Pretty Girls Battle can be Frustrating

I don’t remember what I expected from Mahjong Pretty Girls Battle. I’m pretty sure that what I got wasn’t at all close to whatever it was that I did expect. If you’re considering picking up this recent Steam release, or if you’ve already made that decision, there are a few things you should know before more »

Bandai Namco officially brings One Piece to Android/iOS

Shock and awe! Bandai Namco brought One Piece to mobile devices! To be more accurate, the free-to-play, One Piece Treasure Cruise is now available on Android and iOS devices. It’s all about experiencing Luffy’s journey to become a great pirate, while also going around and fighting people. Players start with only Luffy as he gets more »

AngryNeeson 52 will find this Clash of Clans player, and kill him

Celebrities often poke fun of themselves or characters they play in Super Bowl commercials, and this year was no exception. We saw Walter White hawking insurance and Mindy Kaling continuing her comedic persona of pretending not to be really pretty. I don’t know how I managed to miss this one during the big game, but more »

I thought I could math, ATM Simulation showed I can’t

As an illustrious member of the video gaming illuminati, I get to wake up to an inbox filled with press releases for new titles. Exciting new IPs, rehash revisitations, declarations of screenshots and trailers, and of course the occasional, mobile game announcements appear on my screen. I tend to push most of these to the more »


Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque: Editio Perfecta Review

Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque: Editio Perfecta Price: $39.99 System(s): PC download Release Date: December 20, 2014 Publisher (Developer): JAST USA (Littlewitch) ESRB Rating: Adult Only Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque is a Japanese visual novel set in a place and time of wizards, elves, kingdoms, and magical creatures. The game is interspersed with simulation elements and more »