Keldeo and new daily Pokemon come to Pokemon Shuffle

Missed getting a Lucarionite or battling Kyogre and Mew in Pokemon Shuffle? Don’t let it get you down. I missed out on Lucario’s Mega Stone and Kyogre too. These things happen in free-to-play games. Fortunately, as soon as one event ends, another begins. Which is exactly what has happened in Pokemon Shuffle. There are two more »


Doctor Who: Legacy gets an 8-bit addition

Doctor Who: Legacy, one of many mobile, orb swapping game phenomenons, is heading towards two million downloads. While this is already exciting news, if you can believe it, there’s more. Anyone who is anyone probably already knows, but the reboot of Doctor Who on television is reaching it’s tenth birthday. You heard that right folks, more »

Cinderella Free Fall shows Disney’s always ready to match-3 up

Cinderella is one of the biggest movies right now. It made over $132.5 million with it’s debut this past Friday, making it an unquestionable success for Disney. (Though, one has to wonder how much of that money came from people who went to see the Frozen Fever short.) Of course the company wants to capitalize more »


Only the best Pokemon Shuffle players get Lucarionite

As people open up their 3DS systems and begin the Pokemon Shuffle session of the day, an odd chill hits them. They see the new daily event, pause, and start wondering if they should stop playing. This is my imagined reaction, of course, to the latest Lucario Competitive Stage event for Nintendo’s free-to-play game. Brace more »

Angry Birds Stella POP! is fun for a cash-in

We know Rovio is milking Angry Birds for all its worth. Who can blame the company for getting every drop out of its biggest cash cow? Angry Birds Stella was its most recent spin-off of the iconic series, and now it’s resulted in a spin-off of its own. Introducing, Angry Birds Stella POP!, a bubble more »

Plug & Play is weird

Guess what? It’s Friday! And you know what we do here on Fridays. That’s right – I pick a game from my Steam backlog that I’ve never played before, start it up, and we see what it’s like together. Today’s game is Plug & Play from Mario von Rickenbach, Michael Frei, and Etter Studio and, more »

Alpaca Evolution dev’s Wonder Tree House is unexpected

Cocosola, creator of Alpaca Evolution, Alpaca Evolution Begins, and I am Giraffe, makes weird games. Like, really unexpected, super odd, scratch your head kind of stuff. Yet, they’re usually rather whimsical in their weirdness. It’s almost comforting. Which is why the developer’s latest adventure, Wonder Tree House, threw me for quite a loop. Alpaca Evolution, more »

Ruin your phone with Pancake – The Game

I wanted to wait to write this up until it appeared on both Android and iOS devices. Now that I have, I’m excited to tell you all about a new game that will drive you absolutely crazy. It’s called Pancake – The Game and will make you miserable. It’s great. Think of it as Flappy more »


At least AdWatch Tournament Edition is honest

We’ve come to “that point” as an internet dwelling society. There is now a “game” where all a “player” does is mindlessly press a button to watch 10-20 second ads. It’s called AdWatch Tournament Edition, which means at least there’s no false advertising. Just lots of tongue-in-cheek references! The “goal” of AdWatch Tournament Edition is more »

I’m glad How Do You Do It? exists

How Do You Do It? is a game that’s available for free on Steam right now. It’s not a very complicated game. It involves rotating some dolls into a position, and then pushing the A and the D key to make the dolls bump smooth plastic crotches together over and over. It’s pretty much the more »

Crossy Road is the right way to free-to-play

Have you played Crossy Road yet? Given it’s a free-to-play game available on both Android and iOS, it seems quite likely. Especially since it’s a fun and entertaining take on the whole Frogger formula. Why did the chicken, basket ball player, zombie, whale, or unicorn cross the road? Because if they didn’t keep crossing forever, more »


Seven Hotties, All My Husbands: Words can be painful

At the behest of our honorable editor here at the Technology Tell Gaming Channel, Jenni Lada, I have started playing the infamous romance simulator Seven Hotties, All My Husbands. As Jenni previously mentioned, the game revolves around a lonely designer who wishes she could marry a hot guy. The morning after she yells this wish more »