Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque: Editio Perfecta Review

Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque: Editio Perfecta Price: $39.99 System(s): PC download Release Date: December 20, 2014 Publisher (Developer): JAST USA (Littlewitch) ESRB Rating: Adult Only Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque is a Japanese visual novel set in a place and time of wizards, elves, kingdoms, and magical creatures. The game is interspersed with simulation elements and more »

Why Is There A Princess Bride Mobile Game?

I’m not making this up. There actually exists, right now, a Princess Bride themed mobile game. Also, it looks absolutely horrible. Here, see the ad for yourself. Yeah, that’s a real game that you can spend real money to really buy. If, you know, you hate yourself. $3.99, if you want to be exact. Though, more »

The Peggle 2 Master situation is sad

Call me late to the party, but I’ve only begun playing Peggle 2. Remember, it only came to the PS4 on October 14, 2014. I didn’t even bother grabbing it for my console until December, as I grew frustrated with Peggle Blast‘s money grubbing and wanted a Peggle where I didn’t feel like I had more »

Tap Titans is as satisfying as Cookie Clicker

We’ve all succumb to Cookie Clicker at some time in our lives. there’s something about the appeal of an idle game that you’re managing to play and “win,” without expending a large amount of effort. It makes you feel like you’re accomplishing something, even while you’re not, and can make other, tedious tasks feel more more »

Avengers Alliance’s latest Spec Op gets Inhuman

Don’t look now, true believers. Maximus The Mad has approached Nick Fury with some bad news. Thanos is alive and headed to Earth for yet another attempt at conquest. He blames the Inhumans for his last defeat, so Black Bolt and his family have entered the fray. Completing this Spec Op will unlock Crystal and more »


Lindsay Lohan: The Price of Fame is surprisingly funny

I savor bad games like a fine wine. There’s something about these stupid, free-to-play iOS and Android games that make me smile. Which is what drew me to Lindsay Lohan: The Price of Fame. I knew nothing about the mobile title, other than it was appearing on the App Store under new additions. Always up more »

Phoenix Wright has me Questioning my intelligence

December 9th, 2014 marks the release of a remastered 3DS version of the first three Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games. The official Technology Tell Gaming Channel review of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy will be up soon. But first, I have to beat these games! Bizarrely enough, I always passed up the Phoenix Wright more »

Hearthstone Releases Features Early, Free Arena Pass

Hearthstone players will find a special treat available today, Friday, December 5, 2014. Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft-inspired online card battle game has updated in preparation for Monday, December 8th’s release of the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion. In addition to anticipated bug fixes and balancing, they’ve granted a few extra treats. Foremost, all of the new cards more »

Dreamfall Chapters Book Two trailer is such a tease

Red Thread Games recently released a trailer for Dreamfall Chapters Book Two. The trailer revealed the name for the second book, “Rebels“, and gave us some sneak peek footage to ogle. There’s still no doubt that Dreamfall Chapters is a gorgeous game. There’s no other word for it. I mean look at this shit. Even when more »

The Marvellous Miss Take Review: Simple Stealth

The Marvellous Miss Take Price: $19.99 System(s): PC Release Date: November 20, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Rising Star Games (Wonderstruck) ESRB Rating: N/A Don’t like stealth games? You’re not alone! They’re often a unique fit. Enter The Marvellous Miss Take, a stealth game for people who didn’t even realize they enjoyed the genre. Challenging conceptions is tough, but The Marvellous more »

Telltale Games: Game of Thrones is real

Yes, you read right. Telltale games is charging full steam ahead. Tales from the Borderlands is releasing November 25th, 2014, but then right after, sometime in December, Game of Thrones Episode One: Iron from Ice will be released. If you haven’t yet played either the Walking Dead, or Wolf Among Us from Telltale Games, I more »

Extra Life Confessions: Bathroom gaming is a fact of life

“It’s me kids! Skeletiano, here to tell you all about-” Hey, dude! Way to rain on my parade! “What? I was just going to tell everyone more about your Extra Life adventure!” That’s my job! Go back to reading your book Skeletiano! Leave the storytelling to me today, okay? “Fine…” Sorry about that folks, he more »