Let’s Perform Brain Surgery on Frozen’s Elsa

Earlier today, I talked about Frozen Ice Elsa Doctor, a ridiculous game designed to capitalize on Frozen‘s fame. It’s 100% ridiculous, which means of course I had to play it. Now, I don’t have the necessary video capturing devices for a let’s play, so we’ll go step by step with screenshots of the entire experience. more »

Ship the kids off to Camp Pokemon

Now, when I say you should send your kids off to Camp Pokemon, I meant virtually. There’s no “real” Camp Pokemon. (Yet.) No, there’s only an iOS app designed to give kids something to do and lure them into the Pokemon world. (Because we’ve got to get them started young!) While Camp Pokemon‘s title may more »

Steam a whole new world for Disney Interactive

Steam can really show you the world, shining, glimmering, splendid. Tell me princess, now when did you last let a Disney Interactive game into your heart? Well, Valve can open your eyes, and take you wonder by wonder, starting today. A disclaimer, though. Since these are modern Disney games and not the lovely ones we more »

Guardians of the Wallet: Rocket Raccoon leads Disney Infinity 2.0 preorders

Naysayers scoffed after Disney shelled out $4 billion for Marvel Comics.  The company had already licensed the film rights for Spider-Man and the X-Men to other parties, so people wondered what was left in the cupboard. Disney and Marvel turned The Avengers into household names, and this summer did the same with the Guardians of more »

It’s Memorial Day, what should I play?

It’s Memorial Day, and what are long weekends good for if not catching up on that video game backlog? But who are we kidding, sometimes what’s in your stash doesn’t appeal to you right at this moment–perhaps your wanting for something different and new from the digital store on your console or PC. Below are more »

Nintendo eShop Update for December 12, 2013

Wow. Well, this is unexpected. Nintendo has a really large eShop update this week. As in, there are 10 new games available for the , , and . It’s pretty stunning. Sure, 7 of the 10 are 3DS exclusives, but it’s still a big deal. The eShops are never this busy all at once, ever. more »


GamerTell’s 2013 PS3 Gift Guide

What’s that? Today’s the PS4 launch day. Well, that’s all well and good, but some of us have PS3 gift guides on our mind instead. After all, new consoles are exciting, but the launch of a new console is often the best time to pick up its predecessor. Which is why a lot of people more »

Gaming’s Most Memorable Hispanic Characters: Carmen Sandiego

America observes National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 – October 15. It’s a time to reflect on the cultural contributions from millions whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America. It’s a perfect opportunity to look at some of the notable Hispanic characters in some of our favorite games. Our more »

Microsoft detail Xbox One games, four confirmed launch titles

Moments after Microsoft’s E3 2013 press conference the company has sent out press releases detailing each game confirmed to be appearing on he Xbox One, including four launch titles. Xbox One Launch Titles Check out this list of the four Xbox One games available to buy ta the console’s launch this November: · Dead Rising 3 more »

E3 2013: Sega & Nintendo – A Historic Partnership

It’s easy to forget that Nintendo will be at E3 2013. No it won’t be showing off some flashy new hardware like Sony with its PS4 and no, it won’t be trying to sensationalize the benefits of an integrated TV-gaming experience like Microsoft and its Xbox One. But Nintendo will be at E3 2013, and more »


10 Wii U games we want to see at E3 2013

Nintendo fans the world over have had much cause for concern over the last six months. After an underwhelming Wii U launch and month after month of poor Wii U sales, many have started to question the strength of Nintendo’s grip on the home console market. But the lack of first and third party games more »

10 3DS Games we want to see at E3 2013

We had a lot of fun going over the 10 Vita Games we want to see at E3 2013, so it seems only fair to do the same with 3DS games. After all, the 3DS is the more popular of the two handhelds and it as a number of highly anticipated games coming out in more »