World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor has Robin Williams NPCs

When Blizzard said the developer would be honoring Robin Williams, a known World of Warcraft player in the game, they meant it. Not even a week after that pledge, the developer is coming through. Already, files have been found in the World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor expansion that hint at the in-game tribute. WOWHead more »

Destiny gameplay trailer shows off Venus

Bungie has released a trailer showing off one of Destiny’s explorable planets: Venus. Last month, beta players had a chance to explore only two of Destiny’s playable planets–Earth and for a brief window, the Moon. Players were able to get a taste of the other planets, Venus and Mars, in the Crucible (multiplayer) portion of more »

Publishers, stop using Free-to-play as a crutch

Free-to-play games are a dime a dozen. The majority of these games come from three different genres, FPS, MOBA and MMO. A well done freemium game works for everyone involved. Publishers will see a steady income from new purchases, while players stick around for the long haul having a blast. However, publishers are now using more »

Destiny Beta characters won’t carry over, time to move on

Bungie confirmed on its weekly blog update that Destiny Beta characters will not transfer over to the final release. It should come as no surprise, though there seemed to be quite a bit of buzz online from beta participants hoping or expecting to jump back into their Guardian’s boots at the game’s launch. Tyson Green, more »

Firefall Review In Progress: Rough around the edges

Firefall Price: Free with in-game purchases System(s): PC Release Date: July 29, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Red 5 Studios (Red 5 Studios) ESRB Rating: Rating Pending Firefall, a free-to-play massively multiplayer online shooter, finally gets an official launch almost four years after being announced at PAX Prime 2010. A lot has changed in its development since more »

Marvel Heroes presents Cosmic Chaos event

Gazillion’s superheroic MMO Marvel Heroes is going interstellar with the Cosmic Chaos Week. It’s seven days of double boss loot drops, double prestige earned and yes, Cosmic Doops. That little green -  um, thing drops at least one cosmic item when fighting players. There are discounts on the following cosmic-themed heroes: Silver Surfer, Rocket Raccoon, more »

Destiny beta population could fill a small country

Official numbers for the Destiny beta were revealed by Activision in a press release that called it the largest console beta for a new intellectual property ever. 4,638,937 unique players logged onto the beta across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. To put that number in perspective, that’s bigger than the current populations of Ireland, New Zealand, and more »

Let It Go in MapleStory with a Frozen collaboration

Just imagine how cooler we’ll be in summer with a MapleStory and Frozen collaboration! Yes, I totally just yanked a lyric from “In Summer.” Good catch! It seemed appropriate though, considering it is summer, and Nexon and Disney have just announced a MapleStory and Frozen one-two punch… for Korea. Until August 10, 2014, people playing more »

Destiny Beta Impressions: Through the Borderlands, darkly

It’s impossible for me not to compare Destiny to Borderlands. There are countless similarities, from the numbers you see when enemies bleed health to the shape of the icon surrounding the pickups they drop. The Ghost robot that guides you around is not unlike a more serious version of Claptrap. The whole affair feels like more »

QuakeCon 2014 open for business

QuakeCon 2014 weekend started out with a bang, as gameplay for id Software’s newest Doom was shown exclusively to attendees. The reveal was part of the annual QuakeCon Welcome presentation. Unfortunately, Bethesda did not allow any filming or release any footage of the gameplay. Doom, formerly Doom 4, is expected to run in 1080p at more »


Remember MMOs? They’re not doing so hot

There’s only so much stock you can supposedly put into the reams of analysis that arrive about video games every single month. But that said, the data is certainly quite interesting, and raises a few questions. Most of which boil down to “How are these games still in business?”

We may know more Destiny Beta details, playable planets

Allegedly, new details about the Destiny Beta have been revealed in a post on Reddit. (Keep in mind though, this is Reddit.) The post contains a link to a letter sent to GameStop and EBGames employees detailing what’s in store. The Destiny Beta will supposedly contain four story chapters to play through, four multiplayer maps, more »