Let It Go in MapleStory with a Frozen collaboration

Just imagine how cooler we’ll be in summer with a MapleStory and Frozen collaboration! Yes, I totally just yanked a lyric from “In Summer.” Good catch! It seemed appropriate though, considering it is summer, and Nexon and Disney have just announced a MapleStory and Frozen one-two punch… for Korea. Until August 10, 2014, people playing more »

Destiny Beta Impressions: Through the Borderlands, darkly

It’s impossible for me not to compare Destiny to Borderlands. There are countless similarities, from the numbers you see when enemies bleed health to the shape of the icon surrounding the pickups they drop. The Ghost robot that guides you around is not unlike a more serious version of Claptrap. The whole affair feels like more »

QuakeCon 2014 open for business

QuakeCon 2014 weekend started out with a bang, as gameplay for id Software’s newest Doom was shown exclusively to attendees. The reveal was part of the annual QuakeCon Welcome presentation. Unfortunately, Bethesda did not allow any filming or release any footage of the gameplay. Doom, formerly Doom 4, is expected to run in 1080p at more »


Remember MMOs? They’re not doing so hot

There’s only so much stock you can supposedly put into the reams of analysis that arrive about video games every single month. But that said, the data is certainly quite interesting, and raises a few questions. Most of which boil down to “How are these games still in business?”

We may know more Destiny Beta details, playable planets

Allegedly, new details about the Destiny Beta have been revealed in a post on Reddit. (Keep in mind though, this is Reddit.) The post contains a link to a letter sent to GameStop and EBGames employees detailing what’s in store. The Destiny Beta will supposedly contain four story chapters to play through, four multiplayer maps, more »

Marvel Heroes celebrating Fourth of July and Canada Day with special events

Yes, we understand that many July 4th festivities involve going outside. Blah blah sunlight, vitamin D, all that stuff. But I think Captain America would want you to reserve some time for gaming, too. If you’re feeling patriotic in either America or Canada, Marvel Heroes has events and sales ready for you. In a promotion more »

Destiny Achievements Revealed, Dinklage Concerns Addressed

The Destiny Alpha may have left some players excited and others underwhelmed, but it did get people talking about the game. Before the Alpha, many game podcasts where filled with “errs” and “umms” whenever the topic of Destiny came up. But word of mouth is starting to bring Bungie’s game to the , and now more »

LEGO Minifigures Online has reached open beta

The LEGO Movie was released today on DVD and Blu-ray, but your LEGO fix doesn’t have to end there. You can also participate in the open beta for LEGO Minifigures Online. The beta can now be downloaded by anyone who cares to try it out. The download isn’t terribly large either. You will need to more »

Destiny’s PS3 and PS4 exclusives might impress

Sony has finally laid out a detailed list of what exclusive content PS3 and PS4 owners can expect upon the game’s release. PlayStation’s E3 press conference briefly touched on the topic, but opted for a quick tease rather than laying out the hard facts. (Adam Boyes spent more time showing off the white PlayStation 4 more »

E3 2014: I Think I have to Steal the Room Keys

Greetings, from E3 2014! Or, from LA, rather. Seeing as how things go when traveling sometimes. Today, we’re offering a very special, inside peek of E3 that usually only attendees get to see – the room keys. Yes, even the E3 2014 room keys are special. And this year? I’m going to have to try more »

Biggest game delays of 2014, look forward to 2015

Watch Dogs and Daylight pushed their launch dates back, and released with very different results. Holiday 2014 was gearing up to be quite a roster of AAA games, but recent news is making some consider how many titles will be left to put on their Christmas wishlists due to game delays. Makes you wonder if more »

Adventures In The Space Engineers-iverse

As Alfonso Cuarón taught us in his documentary Gravity, LIFE IN SPACE IS IMPOSSIBLE, though it does have very high production values.  In spite of this blockbuster advice, there still remain intrepid souls willing to brave the hostile void, determined to eke out an existence in the infinite vacuum of outer space or perish in more »