Destiny gameplay trailer shows off Venus

Bungie has released a trailer showing off one of Destiny’s explorable planets: Venus. Last month, beta players had a chance to explore only two of Destiny’s playable planets–Earth and for a brief window, the Moon. Players were able to get a taste of the other planets, Venus and Mars, in the Crucible (multiplayer) portion of more »

We may know more Destiny Beta details, playable planets

Allegedly, new details about the Destiny Beta have been revealed in a post on Reddit. (Keep in mind though, this is Reddit.) The post contains a link to a letter sent to GameStop and EBGames employees detailing what’s in store. The Destiny Beta will supposedly contain four story chapters to play through, four multiplayer maps, more »


Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn Review: A Bowl of Rice

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn Price: $39.99 System(s): PS3 (Also available for Vita) Release Date: July 1, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Koei Tecmo (Omega Force) ESRB Rating: “Teen” for Blood, Violence, Mild Language, Sexual Themes Playing a Dynasty Warriors game reminds me a bit of eating a bowl of rice. Dynasty Warriors is basic video games. You more »

Secret Ponchos preview: A spaghetti western deathmatch

Iconic western movies peppered my childhood with romantic visions of the outlaw lifestyle, and yet, the genre is severely underrepresented in video games. and are the only two that immediately come to mind. The same thought must have crossed the minds of developers at Switchblade Moneys, and they remedied that by adding another game to more »

Blacklight Retribution post beta patch is now live for PS4 [Update]

As of this moment, Blacklight Retribution is no longer in beta on the PlayStation 4. Zombie Studios pushed out a patch earlier today that updates the client to the full version. It’s a little over 8GB, so it’ll take a little while to download depending on your internet connection speed. Even if you do manage more »

LEGO Minifigures Online has reached open beta

The LEGO Movie was released today on DVD and Blu-ray, but your LEGO fix doesn’t have to end there. You can also participate in the open beta for LEGO Minifigures Online. The beta can now be downloaded by anyone who cares to try it out. The download isn’t terribly large either. You will need to more »

Destiny’s PS3 and PS4 exclusives might impress

Sony has finally laid out a detailed list of what exclusive content PS3 and PS4 owners can expect upon the game’s release. PlayStation’s E3 press conference briefly touched on the topic, but opted for a quick tease rather than laying out the hard facts. (Adam Boyes spent more time showing off the white PlayStation 4 more »

Be a GTA Online hipster

You read it right, Rockstar’s latest “I’m Not a Hipster” update for allows you to dress like, well, a hipster. That means thick rims and all. “Express your incredible individualism and stand out from the herd,” states Rockstar Games’ Newswire. Throw on your retro print tees, skinny jeans, and more. Make yourself stand out from more »


E3 2014: Nintendo Digital Event Wrap Up

Instead of being treated to Reggie Fils-Aime live on the E3 stage, Nintendo opted for a digital event streamed over Twitch. The video began with an intro from the Robot Chicken animators. After the silliness subsided we were treated with several titles and features I’m sure Wii U owners will be happy about. Mii’s in more »

E3 2014: Sign up for Destiny alpha access today

Want to play Destiny really soon? How does tomorrow sound? That’s right, Bungie will start the alpha test for Destiny on Thursday for PlayStation 4 players. It’s really easy to sign up for a chance to get a key as well. All you have to do is visit the official website and register with your more »

Biggest game delays of 2014, look forward to 2015

Watch Dogs and Daylight pushed their launch dates back, and released with very different results. Holiday 2014 was gearing up to be quite a roster of AAA games, but recent news is making some consider how many titles will be left to put on their Christmas wishlists due to game delays. Makes you wonder if more »

E3 2014: 7 Most anticipated new IPs

E3 2014 game teasers, hands ons, and announcements have been making rounds on the web. Some recent, others have been building since they first made waves at E3 2013. While we can anticipate certain sequels making an appearance (ahem Uncharted 4), what of the new IPs? Titles that even the most sensationalistic journalist couldn’t dream more »