Motivated adventure: How Metroid Prime made me write an essay

The purist argument that the games of old are in some way superior to modern releases will always exist. Our first impressions are often our favorite, and it’s easy to put on blinders to sequels’ successes because they lack that special something that got us into series XYZ.  Similarly, we often don rose-tinted glasses when more »

I love being horrible at Veigues Tactical Gladiator

You probably have no idea what the hell Veigues Tactical Gladiator is. If you do, congratulations! You’re one of the twelve people that had a TurboGrafix 16. For everyone else, it’s a side-scrolling shoot ‘em up in which you take control of a robot with three kinds of guns. It has a machine gun on more »

Technology Tell Gaming’s best Xbox One game of 2014

Despite strong sales, the Xbox One didn’t have the best time in 2014. Still reeling from all of 2013’s bad press, and consistently playing second fiddle to PS4 in sales and advertising, you’d think it’s much less successful than it actually is. Still, it’s a solid enough console, and there is plenty of fun to more »

Fallout: New Vegas is the land of a thousand suns

It’s the end of the year, that time when we reflect on how the previous year has gone. My reflections of 2014 show that Fallout: New Vegas continues to be on my mind. Yes, it was released four years ago. Yes, a new generation of consoles have come out since then. And yes, the graphics quality more »

China’s Borderlands Online probably isn’t the Borderlands MMO we think it is

China’s  Shanda Interactive has revealed Borderlands Online, a PC and mobile MMO, to introduce the Borderlands franchise to China. Borderlands Online is being developed in cooperation with Gearbox and 2K Games, and is set to enter the beta phase in 2015. The game will be free to play, and will launch with four playable classes: Mercenary, more »

Microsoft tries to make Halo: Master Chief Collection fiasco right with rewards

It’s a shame Bungie and Microsoft had to part ways. Does anybody feel Destiny was worth wrecking Halo for? I will never stop wishing those two crazy kids could have worked their problems out. 343 Industries’ time at the Halo helm hasn’t been spectacular. Halo 4 was underwhelming, but at least we could make matches. more »

Tigers climb Bell Towers in Far Cry 4

I cautiously scoped out the bell tower in Far Cry 4 before approaching, expecting there to be a pack of armed goons lingering around the base. I didn’t see anyone, but that can be misleading. Sometimes it’ll look all clear and then you rush closer only to turn a corner and bump into an enemy. more »

Technology Tell 2014 Xbox One Gift Guide

The Xbox One has had quite an interesting year since its release last November. Microsoft has spent the last year recovering from nightmarish public relations on almost every front. Somehow, Phil Harrison has steered the Xbox One ship out of the storm. Coming in second in new-generation console sales has left Microsoft no choice but more »


Quickscoping is still a go-to move in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

There may be no tactic in Call of Duty more controversial than “quickscoping.” Using this technique, a player with a sniper rifle points it and fires as soon as the crosshairs are centered. It’s one of those things that works in a video game but would never be useful in real life. Some people love more »

Extra Life Confessions: 24 hours aren’t as long as you think

After all my preparations, Extra Life game day finally arrived October 25th, 2014. Being that it was my inaugural Extra Life marathon, I wanted to be fully prepared. So I bought snacks, and drinks ahead of time, charged my handhelds, and confirmed the start time with my cousin. I was incredibly worried that I wouldn’t more »

Make The Typing of the Dead: Overkill your Halloween zombie game

‘Tis the season for zombies. Need some? Steam’s Halloween 2014 sale has you covered. Valve’s landmark zombie shooters Left 4 Dead 1 and Left 4 Dead 2 are $5 each. The Walking Dead games are marked down, too. But the sale also includes one of my favorite guilty zombie pleasures: a Windows game from Modern more »

The Evil Within: Your Meaty Fate

is a brilliant, shining example of how a potentially excellent game can be thoroughly undermined by clumsy design.  Playing it made for the most wildly inconsistent gaming experience I’ve had in recent memory, eliciting fear, frustration, amusement, disappointment, intrigue, and disgust in equal measure, often within the course of the same level.  The Evil Within‘s more »