Call of Duty’s rise of the robots continues in Black Ops 3

It’s Treyarch’s turn at the Call of Duty helm in 2015 and we’re getting the conclusion of the Black Ops trilogy. Since the studio’s games have shared this storyline, we knew that CoD was again headed to a “not too distant future” with robots and other technology that’s the stuff of science fiction right now. Biotechnology and more »

2K and ESL’s Evolve Proving Grounds Tournament begins Sunday

Turtle Rock Studios and 2K are partnering with the Electronic Sports League (ESL) to bring the 4v1 shooter Evolve into the competitive scene. The publisher today revealed the title’s Proving Grounds Tournament, a three-month global affair with more than $100,000 in cash and other prizes on offer. The Evolve Proving Grounds Tournament is open to North more »

Killing Floor 2 comes to Steam Early Access

Killing Floor 2, the unabashedly gory sequel to Tripwire Interactive’s original horde shooter, is now playable via Steam’s Early Access program. The current version of the game represents a “polished beta,” Tripwire said, is fully playable in co-op or single-player, and does not have any game-breaking bugs. Although many Perks and weapons are absent at this more »

Best Buy’s Splatoon Wii U bundle gets you Splatoon and Nintendo Land

Time to let Splatoon harpoon your heart. That’s how games work, right? Nintendo has revealed something very attractive for anyone who’s still been holding back when it comes to grabbing a Wii U, a Splatoon Wii U bundle that will only be available at Best Buy come May 29, 2015. For $299.99, you get the more »

BioWare makes Mass Effect fans’ dreams come true with talking Elcor plushies

Dreams are coming true today, people. We are in the presence of greatness. The BioWare Store has topped itself, because it is now offering the best Mass Effect products ever. You can now buy a talking Elcor plushie. Hug him and he’ll talk to you! Isn’t that the best? Here’s why the Mass Effect Elcor more »

DOTA 2 mod makes the MOBA into a third person shooter

DOTA 2 mod makes the MOBA into a third person shooter Defense of the Ancients 2 is a game with quite a fanbase. It’s done quite well for itself, garnered multiple positive reviews, and people are all about those multiplayer experiences. Which means it isn’t surprising to see a DOTA 2 mod or two come more »

A survey supposedly reveals Mass Effect 4 details

Well everyone, we have a grain of salt situation today. Remember when Dragon Age: Inquisition story, character, and gameplay details were leaked back in August 2012 after some people were asked to take a survey by EA and BioWare? It appears the same thing has happened with Mass Effect 4. Appears, because we probably won’t more »

Walmart opens Splatoon Amiibo 3-pack pre-orders

Send out the call! Splatoon Amiibo pre-orders have opened. Most importantly, it’s a pre-order for what will probably be the most in-demand of the offerings. Walmart is already selling the Splatoon Amiibo 3-pack. Why is this important? Because the Splatoon Amiibo 3-pack is the only way to get Inkling Squid Amiibo. In Splatoon, the NFC more »

The force is strong with this Star Wars Battlefront trailer

Star Wars news is leaving Anaheim’s Star Wars Celebration at lightspeed. This the 10th annual event for everything Star Wars related. This year is bigger and more intense than usual since a new installment is on the way.  We’ve seen a brand new trailer for Episode VII, and now we’ve gotten our first look at Star more »

Splatoon GameTrucks are inking the US this summer

Nintendo’s unabashedly messy Splatoon is teaming up with GameTruck to bring the competitive, colorful shooter to major U.S. cities starting this June, after Splatoon releases May 29. Over 100 Splatoon-clad trucks packed with Wii Us, TVs, and Inkling paraphernalia will be available for private reservation in 25 major cities around the country. A Splatoon Amiibo figure will also more »


It’s disappointing Destiny won’t get a House of Wolves Raid

Destiny‘s second expansion, House of Wolves, will release on all platforms May 19, 2015. House of Wolves will introduce a new line of story quests, the PvP arena Trials of Osiris, and the newly revealed “cooperative multiplayer arena,” Prison of Elders. The DLC also adds the ability to upgrade existing, pre-Dark Below Exotic and Legendary equipment to put them more »

Activision releases teaser for Call of Duty: Black Ops III

The numbers are still inside your head if you played games in . This fall, we’ll finally learn what they mean. Activision has revealed the first tantalizing teaser for Black Ops III, and promises a larger glimpse coming April 26. It wasn’t a huge secret, as this is Treyarch’s year to develop the game and Black Ops is their more »