Middling reviews for Destiny leave this gen still looking for ‘next big thing’

My first sign that Destiny wouldn’t blow my mind came in the beta. After six hours, I still wasn’t completely sure who I was shooting at, why we were so angry at each other or why any of it mattered. Some of the voice actors don’t sound too sure of those things either. The second more »

Grand Theft Auto V gets a date with PS4, Xbox One and PC

America’s favorite pastime is back this November 18, 2014 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One—sorry PC gamers that have to wait until January 27, 2015. No, I’m not talking about the NFL. Well, yes, that’s back too. But I’m referring to Grand Theft Auto V. Rockstar Games finally spilled the beans on the worst kept secret more »

Danganronpa: Another Episode trailer has all the spoilers

Before you bite into this Danganronpa: Another Episode article, let’s go through the spoiler warning. See, even the trailer for this game, a shooter starring Komaru Naegi, sister of ‘s star Makoto Naegi, is full of “Whaaaat?!”s. I mean, even that image above up there is a bit of a spoiler, since it shows Toko more »

Resident Evil Revelations 2′s fast-paced, episodic content is a great idea

I… am excited. I’m an old-school Resident Evil mark, you see. So while I do appreciate the newer games (I had an absolute blast running through Resident Evil 6 with friends), the older style will always be my favorite. The first Resident Evil Revelations was a cool exercise in leaning back towards that era without more »

Prepare for Destiny, the most pre-ordered game of all time

We’ve been hearing about Destiny for what seems like a decade. Bungie’s first project since it stepped away from Halo is now in the wild, and people were a bit pumped. According to Bungie, it’s the most pre-ordered game in history. Now that’s a title that changes hands quicker than “highest paid NBA player.” But more »


I’ll take Fem-Shep over male Shepard any day

I’m not a huge fan of labels, but I’ve deemed it important to clarify that I am straight. I’m in a committed relationship with a man. But I don’t have any problems saying that I can admit when a woman is attractive. This is no more evident than in my love for Fem-Shep from the more »

Important Importables: Game Center CX Deserves a Second Chance

Retro Game Challenge is the best DS game . It’s a mini-game collection of “retro” games, and is inspired by Shinya Arino’s Game Center CX TV show where he plays retro games. The original title had players attempting to best Game Master Arino by playing “classics” like Cosmic Gate, Robot Ninja Haggle Man, Rally King, more »


PAX 2014: Galak-Z combines rogue-like with 80s sci-fi anime shmup

17-Bit Studios’ follow up to the highly regarded strategy role-playing game, Skulls of the Shogun, taps into 80s childhoods with its new sci-fi anime-inspired shooter, Galak-Z. The premise couldn’t be any more in my wheelhouse. I grew up on Star Blazers, Voltron, and Macross (Robotech). These shows were my introduction to love, war, sacrifice, betrayal, more »

These are Virtuix’s first four Omni games

A while back, I talked a bit about the Virtuix Omni, one of the first fully immersive gaming platforms. Players use a headset like the Oculus Rift (), and the Omni’s most important part, its platform that you walk on with specially designed shoes. The Virtuix Omni allows people to walk naturally in virtual reality, more »

Vanguard V coming to a Virtual Boy near you?

Ready for a surprise? Let’s ease you into it. An indie game by the name of Vanguard V has been accepting pledges via Kickstarter. The game is being developed entirely for virtual reality platforms. Of course, Oculus Rift, and Project Morpheus are two of the most mainstream ports that the game is hoping to be more »

Destiny gameplay trailer shows off Venus

Bungie has released a trailer showing off one of Destiny’s explorable planets: Venus. Last month, beta players had a chance to explore only two of Destiny’s playable planets–Earth and for a brief window, the Moon. Players were able to get a taste of the other planets, Venus and Mars, in the Crucible (multiplayer) portion of more »

50YW is Ubusuna for the PS4

PS4 owners have another reason to be excited about their console, and it has nothing to do with Gamescom 2014 announcements. No, it’s about the system getting 50YW. If you don’t know what that means, you’re probably not a fan of creator’s Hiroshi Iuchi work, because it’s the code name for Ubusuna Yes, it looks more »