The Spatials Review: Approachable sim for hours of fun

The Spatials Price: $12.99 System(s): PC Release Date: March 30, 2015 Publisher (Developer): Weird and Wry (Weird and Wry) ESRB Rating: Everyone I haven’t exactly kept it a secret that I’m not very good at simulations, and yet, I was super excited when The Spatials landed in my lap. Fires burn at lower temperatures in space, so the chances of more »

Kerbal Space Program takes off April 27, 2015

Let’s be honest with ourselves – there aren’t many runaway Early Access hits. Some are good, great even, but few are titles that go above and beyond to impress players. You can count the stars on one hand, and Kerbal Space Program is one of them. It’s about to get even better, though, because something more »


5 3DS games you should have played in April

April 2015 has been a good month for video games. In particular, it’s a fantastic month for the 3DS. A number of great 3DS games have been released, and they’re all titles you want to either have on your radar immediately, or save to some sort of wishlist to ensure you don’t miss out. I more »

The Spatials’ team must be Star Trek fans

I’ve been playing The Spatials, a simulation with role-playing elements that takes place in space, and one thought has prevailed. The team that created The Spatials, Weird and Wry, must be serious Star Trek fans. You can’t tell me those adorable uniforms don’t look like something out of Star Trek! The inclusion of a few more »

The Spatials’ exploration is full of clickbait

The Spatials is an adorable simulation with role-playing elements that I’ve had the privilege of playing recently. It revolves around building a space-station mecca for tourists, with commodities to purchase and glorious sights to ogle. But of course, that’s just the simulator half of the game. On the role-playing side of things, you can take more »

Over 1 million bought Cities Skylines

Turns out Bloodborne wasn’t the only game to get a 1 million copies sold announcement today. It turns out the little city simulation that could, Cities Skylines, passed that hallmark too. Which we all had to expect, since it’s still one of the top 10 selling games on Steam. The 1 million copies of Cities more »

5 Silly Cities Skylines mods you’ll love

It’s really no secret that there are more Cities Skylines mods to choose from than types of building in the regular game. But you know, I am absolutely fine with this. Especially since a lot of the mods for the game reference pop culture, or are just plain silly. While there are many greats, I more »

See firsthand how adorable Littlewitch Romanesque is!

I have a confession. I know Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque is an adult game. I’m not into those kinds of titles. But, it’s also apparently a gorgeous and wonderful game in general. Which meant I was desperate to play it. Fortunately, that’s now possible, as the censored version is available on Steam. Which brings us more »

Tusks: The Orc Dating Sim is now in development

The NaNoRenO Visual Novel game jam for 2015 has just ended, and something very good has come of it. Well, good if you enjoy dating sims with rather unusual backgrounds. A developer by the name of Mitch Alexander took this game jam as the opportunity to create Tusks: The Orc Dating Sim. I am not more »

Upcoming Cities Skylines mod channels SimCopter

Before we get into this awesome Cities Skylines mod discussion, I’d like to apologize. Yes, I went to Reddit for this article idea and am shamelessly promoting it here. In my defense, this Cities Skylinesmod that YouTube user Nisquity is working on at the moment is amazing. It’s so cool, it even has its own more »

5 Cities Skylines maps to get

Cities Skylines is already pretty famous, not only for being a fantastic city simulator, but for having a great modding community. There are already many mods that make running your city easier, and other mods which lighten up its sometimes serious tone. But there’s another type of download you can get – Cities Skyline maps. more »


Sadness over Story of Seasons’ shipping situation

There are things you take for granted in Bokujou Monogatari/Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons sorts of games. Sometimes it’s knowing that certain seeds will available. Others may be having a fishing rod ready almost immediately. The one thing you don’t expect to miss is one of the most critical things in every installment: the shipping bin. more »