Why do I do this to myself: Animal Boyfriend edition

In case you were wondering if Android Amusements has turned into a (semi)weekly feature where I play horrible mobile games and wonder why anyone bothered playing them, stop right there. It has. The fact that this week I tried Animal Boyfriend only confirms it. Especially since I was actually excited about Animal Boyfriend. A friend more »

It’s the best/worst time for Plague Inc: Evolved to get Ebola

Plague Inc.: Evolved is currently in Early Access on Steam, and the people at Ndemic Creations have been doing a pretty good job of adding new diseases and such to the game in a timely fashion. They managed to add Simian Flu in there as a Special Plague, just in time for Dawn of the more »

Tomodachi Life’s 3 most important markets

By now, you’ve all had Tomodachi Life for . Perhaps less, if you’ve only just gotten it thanks to Best Buy’s B1G1 3DS game deal. Details don’t matter, really. What does matter is that you know the three most important times of the day to check into the game so you can catch the markets. more »

Indie Game Maker Contest’s 10 Best Games

Created by RPG Maker and Humble Bundle, the Indie Game Maker Contest is a competition that pits indie game against indie game. Cash prizes are up for grabs so developers and individuals alike have put their creative hats on, and submitted their best ideas. The “People’s Choice” winner is decided by how many votes a more »

Screenshot fun with Backstage Pass

A few weeks ago, I did a preview for Sakevisual’s Backstage Pass. (Which happens to be on Steam’s Early Access, hint hint.) The first playthrough didn’t go so well for me, as Sian ended up alone forever. Which naturally meant going through the game a few more times for a better result. In so doing, more »

Casual Friday Casual Game Update for July 11, 2014

Oh those Fridays. You know you’re just coasting through today. So why not enjoy some casual games while you do? This week’s pretty typical when it comes to casual games. Most of the titles are hidden object or time management games. However, there is also Pyro Jump, an action game that, I must say, looks more »


We all know why The Sims 4 has no pools or toddlers

The internet is drowning in infinite sadness as EA recently announced that The Sims 4 will be lacking several key features, namely toddlers and pools. The main reason the developers have given for this glaring oversight? New and improved technology: “a new AI system, new animation system, new audio positioning tools, new locomotion logic, new more »


Making Bad Decisions with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

As you can probably guess, the first bad decision made with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, the Glu Games free-to-play simulation, is actually choosing to play said game. But, sometimes when a game is such a visible train wreck, you just have to take a shot and play it. After all, there’s nothing to lose except some more »

Shoving Final Fantasy VII Miis into Tomodachi Life

Ready for a gallery post? Well, of course you are! Especially when it comes to getting Final Fantasy VII Miis into . Yes, it’s time to see how heroes, heroines, and villains react when it comes to the greatest adventure of all – everyday life. Tomodachi Life can be a lot of fun and there more »

Panzer Tactics HD Review: A Little Short on Panzers and Tactics.

Panzer games are practically their own genre of World War II games. The first was Panzer General, an awesome, groundbreaking game from 1994. It got a phenomenal update in 2011, with Panzer Corps. These games cover World War II in a very light fashion, with emphasis on clean rules, army development, and combat based around the best use of combined arms along with careful tactics to puzzle through the scenarios. If you haven’t tried Panzer Corps, you really should; its only weak points are some implausible scenarios and limited campaigns only addressing things from the German side. If you have already played Panzer Corps, then Panzer Tactics addresses those weaknesses with more historical reality (you can’t conquer America, for example) and offers campaigns from the Allied point of view. The downside is it has none of the strengths of Panzer Corps when it comes to strategy.

Backstage Pass Preview: An Aspiring Makeup Artist Making Her Way

Backstage Pass is a long-promised, Sakevisual game. The first otome in its Green Tea lineup, it’s developed quite a following in the last year and a half. As you can guess, since I’m writing this preview, I’ve been part of the excitedly awaiting fanbase. Ever since I heard it was set in the same universe more »


E3 2014: Natsume’s Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley is so Customizable

I didn’t just play one farming sim at E3 2014. I played two. I made a point of stopping by Natsume’s booth to see Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, the first Harvest Moon game developed internally by the company. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I sure didn’t think Minecraft would be the more »