Madden NFL 15 enters EA Access Vault

Just a week after NBA Live 15 became an All Access Vault title, Madden NFL 15 has followed. EA Sports UFC, Battlefield 4, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, Need For Speed Rivals, Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14, and Peggle 2 are also free for EA Access members to download and play. While is much newer more »

5 Best Kirby Spin-offs

I’m going to level with you; for some reason, this has been a slow news week. This means being creative when it comes to creating awesome stuff for you to read that’s relevant to your interests and timely. Since Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is going to be bringing joy to the Wii U-owning masses more »

Check fools into the Hall of Pain in latest WWE 2K15 DLC

In the newest WWE 2K15 DLC, somebody gonna their ass kicked.. somebody gonna get their wig split. That’s right, the “World’s Strongest Man”  Mark Henry is the star of the latest WWE 2K15 Showcase Mode storyline. He’s one of the longest tenured WWE superstars, lasting from his Attitude Era persona as Sexual Chocolate to his more »

#IDARB is the best kind of crazy

The gaming gods have answered my cry for the arcade sports games of old. Super Mega Baseball was incredible, and just weeks later we get #IDARB. Although calling it just an arcade style sports game barely begins to describe it. It contains elements of hockey, basketball and a crazy feature that allows you to Rickroll more »

Videoball Preview: Do not play Videoball against Tim Rogers

Look, I get it. Videoball, the minimalist title from Action Button Entertainment, is a promising game, and you want to give it a try. And Tim Rogers, the main mind behind the game, is right there. But don’t give in to the temptation. Sure, you may have seen the game here and there over the more »

The Zen of Cat Goes Fishing

I wanted something simple to play before I’d fall asleep. A soothing sort of game, one where objectives were there, but didn’t really matter. They were trappings to ease one into the mechanics, but never forced the player down one route another. Something with no complications, that only required me to enjoy the ride. I more »

Super Mega Baseball Review: Ready for the show

Super Mega Baseball Price: $19.99 System(s): PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita Release Date: December 16, 2014 Publisher(Developer): Metalhead Software ESRB Rating: “E” for Everyone Arcade sports titles used to be one of the hottest things in the industry. But even legendary franchises such as NBA Jam haven’t been able to reach their former glory more »

Electronic Arts does something good

Let me give you the summary run down. A ten-year-old, Detroit Lions fan was part of a musical chairs competition at a Dallas Cowboys fan event for a copy of Electronic Arts’ Madden 15. The kid won, but the game announcer decided that a Lions fan shouldn’t be allowed to win, and held a second more »

Retired NFL players can sue Electronic Arts regarding Madden NFL

Maybe EA should start looking into cricket simulations. Football is getting more and more expensive. According to the Orlando Sentinel, a federal appeals court has ruled three retired NFL players can sue regarding the publisher regarding historic modes in Madden NFL. From 2001-09, these players and other NFL legends appeared in gamed modes recreating the more »

2014 Gaming Memories: Getting defensive in Madden NFL 15

Defense wins championships, but a lot of Madden NFL players have confessed to not caring that much about it. That was understandable in Madden NFL 25. Even elite defenses in that game looked like the 2014 New Orleans Saints. EA’s task this year was to make defense fun to play, and I’m happy to report more »

2K Sports banning players for creating Chris Benoit in WWE 2K15

Celebrities may be gifted at things such as acting, singing or in this case, pro wrestling. But away from their chosen profession, they have as many problems as the rest of us. Often, they have even more because everyone is watching them. Chris Benoit is a case of a performer’s fans separating the work they more »

PSX 2014: MLB 15: The Show adds legendary players

Baseball’s winter meetings are already underway, so pitchers and catchers will report before you know it. One of baseball’s rites of passage is the MLB:The Show series. It’s one of Sony’s most anticipated titles annually, so of course it made an appearance at the PlayStation Experience. Yasel Puig will be 2015’s cover athlete, an excellent more »