2014 Gaming Memories: Getting defensive in Madden NFL 15

Defense wins championships, but a lot of Madden NFL players have confessed to not caring that much about it. That was understandable in Madden NFL 25. Even elite defenses in that game looked like the 2014 New Orleans Saints. EA’s task this year was to make defense fun to play, and I’m happy to report more »

2K Sports banning players for creating Chris Benoit in WWE 2K15

Celebrities may be gifted at things such as acting, singing or in this case, pro wrestling. But away from their chosen profession, they have as many problems as the rest of us. Often, they have even more because everyone is watching them. Chris Benoit is a case of a performer’s fans separating the work they more »

PSX 2014: MLB 15: The Show adds legendary players

Baseball’s winter meetings are already underway, so pitchers and catchers will report before you know it. One of baseball’s rites of passage is the MLB:The Show series. It’s one of Sony’s most anticipated titles annually, so of course it made an appearance at the PlayStation Experience. Yasel Puig will be 2015’s cover athlete, an excellent more »

Bo Jackson finally enters Madden NFL

The most legendary athlete in video game history has more run in him, and this time he’s in Madden NFL.  Bo Jackson was a video game character in real life. His freakish combination of power and speed made him one of the greatest athletes to ever play a sport. His Tecmo Bowl incarnation captured him more »

Vince McMahon confirms WWE 2K14 panel played part in JR’s departure

WWE CEO stopped by the Stone Cold Steve Austin Podcast to talk all things wrestling – excuse me, sports entertainment. He discussed communication issues with CM Punk, Austin himself and referred to the “incident in Los Angeles.”  That refers to a SummerSlam  WWE 2K14 discussion panel that turned into quite a fiasco. Ric Flair went more »


Grab NBA 2K15 for $35 in this limited time deal

Kevin Durant’s 2014-15 season didn’t get off to quite the start his MVP campaign last year did. He returns Tuesday night after missing nearly seven weeks with a fractured right foot. Now he can get back to responsibilities such as leading the Oklahoma City Thunder and being the NBA 2K15 cover athlete. For 35 hours, more »

WWE 2K15 matches have a Monday Night Raw pace, and that’s great

WWE 2K15 goes more simulation than arcade, and I love the change. In previous installments, it wasn’t uncommon to see somebody really good at the pin meter kickout of 3-4 finishing moves. That’s exactly the sort of thing that happens on pay-per-views, but it doesn’t happen on Monday Night Raw, or during every single match. more »

BaraBariBall’s Plex has neon nipples

My cohort, Ben, has already talked to you about Super Pole Riders, one of the many amazing games in Sportsfriends. He’s right when he says there are no losers in this compilation, and all are winners. I’m not here to try and convince you of the greatness of BaraBariBall, another title available to anyone with more »

Super Pole Riders is an amazing PS4 title

It’s hard to find anything wrong with the simple games in Sportsfriends. They feel something like the antithesis of good design, except they’re not un-fun. Contrarily, they’re a ton of fun in a way that defies logic. Super Pole Riders exemplifies this notion, and thanks to the wonder of Playstation 4’s new Share Play, my more »


NBA 2K15’s MyCareer GMs will trade pushy Rookies

MyCareer is an mode in NBA 2K15 that sees you creating a player (your MyPlayer) and then playing as that one player from rookie to retirement, playing every game or only key games, and using any earned VC (Virtual Currency) to purchase skill upgrades, abilities, animations, and outfits. My NBA 2K15 MyPlayer is a rookie. more »

NBA Live 15 is playable, so that’s something

NBA Live 15 reviews are hitting and suggest the embattled basketball series may be turning a corner. To see just how low expectations have fallen, Polygon’s review mentions in bold letters that “nothing is broken.” Don’t laugh. NBA Live 14 was the first new installment in the series since NBA Live 10 in 2009. EA cleared more »

John Cena recites Dylan Thomas in WWE 2K15 “Rage” trailer

No, seriously. John Cena is known more for his battle raps than conventional poetry, but he waxes classic in the last trailer for WWE 2K15 before its Oct. 28 release. Cena’s closer to the end of his career than the beginning, which is the theme of this advertisement. The Hulkster appears too. The comparisons between more »