Joe Montana Football may be coming back

Back before EA had a monopoly on all things NFL, Joe Montana Football was one of many sims trying to corner the market. It was a Sega Genesis exclusive, and ended up being a fondly remembered title from the losing side of that console war. The man they called “Joe Cool” was famous for comebacks, more »

Madden NFL 15 will include boss battles, for real

Constantly under criticism for its lack of innovation, Madden NFL is adding boss battles to its single player mode. The Skills Trainer mode previously introduced will now add The Gauntlet, a series of 40 progressively more difficult challenges. Among the tasks players will face is kicking a 100 yard field in 220 mph wind. I’m more »

Rush hour: Madden NFL 15 tries to make the defensive line fun

Madden NFL designers said they heard the same complaint over and over. Playing defense wasn’t exciting. People didn’t feel like they had a real impact on what was happening on that side of the ball. Many were simulating the plays or letting the computer play D for them. This year’s overhaul starts with the way more »

EA Sports UFC making players long for THQ’s Undisputed games

Not even Bruce Lee was able to save EA’s underwhelming UFC effort.  EA Sports UFC, the publisher’s long awaited foray into mixed martial arts is here and it’s not the showcase the sport hoped for. Reviews have been middling, most in agreement that this fighter needs to hit the gym and work on his fundamentals. Lots more »

Minnesota Vikings rookie Teddy Bridgewater using Madden to practice his playbook

Teddy Bridgewater got drafted not just because of his athleticism, but because of his intellect and work ethic. He’s putting both to use, as ESPN reports he has imported the Minnesota Vikings playbook into Madden NFL. He did this with the playbook of his Louisville Cardinals squad in NCAA Football as well. A feature in more »

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio blasts Madden NFL

The “Madden NFL sucks, bring back NFL 2K5″   movement has garnered its most well-known supporter to date. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk posted a video declaring the franchise stagnant. He prefaces his comments by saying he expects negative feedback from the NFL. He not only said the game “sucks” but said it’s a more »

To ‘Omaha’ and back: NFL Films expert helps Madden NFL improve presentation

This just in: football fans are a vocal bunch. They let EA Sports know they weren’t satisfied with Madden NFL 25′s presentation. EA went to the experts for help, hiring Emmy-winning NFL Films cinematographer Brian Murray. He stepped into a brand new position on the Madden team, designed to capture all the pageantry of America’s more »

E3 2014: NBA Live 15 promises to at least get facial features right

It’s customary to make all kinds of promises at E3. Madden NFL 15 designers say the defense will get much needed improvements. FIFA 15 will make player emotions a bigger part of the game. NHL 15 offered up a slew of new features, including new puck physics and NBC broadcast presentation. NBA Live 15, conspicuous more »

E3 2014: Golf is boring, so EA Sports PGA Tour added battleships

EA Sports’ latest PGA Tour game won’t include Tiger Woods, but an F-14 Tomcat may be a possibility. EA Sports PGA Tour will use the Frostbite 3 engine, and will be the first next-gen golf offering. EA wants us to know it can do almost anything with the new technology. So they’ve started out by more »

E3 2014: FIFA 15 tries to capture the emotion of an intense match

EA’ s FIFA series has gotten a lot of the game’s basics well-refined. So much of this year’s focus is on what EA is calling emotional intelligence. Both the crowd and the players will remember what has happened, and it will cause people to react differently. Miss one shot early in the game, no big more »

E3 2014: Bruce Lee sells EA Sports UFC

EA’s decision to include Bruce Lee as a playable character in its new UFC title has raised some questions. In defending the choice, EA cited a quote from UFC President Dana White called Lee the “godfather of MMA.” In 1973′s “Enter the Dragon,” Lee is shown wearing fingerless gloves and defeating an opponent with an more »

E3 2014: Natsume Game Lineup Focuses on Handhelds

I must admit, I feel bad for Natsume going into E3 this year. It’s biggest moneymaker, Harvest Moon, won’t actually be a Harvest Moon game. The Natsume game will have the same name, but is an entirely new game from their own developer. Still, judging by the Natsume game lineup for E3 2014, the company more »