Front Page Sports Football is making a comeback

Cyanide Studios, the team behind Blood Bowl, is resurrecting . Every fan thinks they can run their favorite football team better than the general manager. If they are fans of the Dallas Cowboys, they’re probably right about that. In any case, here’s your chance to see what you’ve got. As the GM, you’ll need to more »

Madden NFL 15 passing out ‘Madden Season’ goodies for Ultimate Team

Madden Ultimate Team can be quite a grind. So EA is helping us out with some great players just for logging in. So far I’ve picked up an Aaron Rodgers and Brandon Marshall just by playing the game. EA’s Gridiron Club offers up loyalty rewards for longtime players as well.  Players of Madden NFL 25 more »


WWE Supercard, WWE 2K15 paying off big for 2K Sports

The right to make WWE licensed games was one of the biggest prizes in the THQ fire sale, eventually going to 2K Sports. Two years into the deal now, the publisher’s earning every penny it expected. Even at the hefty $99.99 price tag, the WWE 2K15 Hulkamania Edition has sold out in the United States, more »

NBA Live 15 delayed, franchise still in freefall

In a very familiar refrain for EA Sports, it has announced NBA Live 15 will not release Oct. 7 as originally advertised. It will be delayed until Oct. 28 to deliver some extra polish. Once the dominant name in basketball sims, NBA Live has turned into a running joke. Live 14 was the first release more »

Ray Rice benched in Madden 15

You know you’ve messed up big time when a publisher goes out of its way to remove you from a video game. That’s exactly what’s happening to Ray Rice. Mike Garafolo, a Fox Sports 1 NFL Insider, got the news from EA. Ray Rice is out of . The decision comes after video surfaced in more »

NHL 15 is missing a ton of features from NHL 14

Thanks to EA Access, a lot of gamers have already gotten some extended time with NHL 15. It releases Sept. 9 and the list of features from NHL 14 that are nowhere to be found is staggering. The gang at Operation Sports compiled of list of at least 30 features from the previous year’s game more »

FootballVille: NFL Showdown is Zynga’s first sports game

Zynga is stepping onto the virtual gridiron with a new football title, NFL Showdown. It boasts high-profile talent including former Madden creative director Ian Cummings and Jeff Luhr, who directed NCAA Football. The game is available through both iOS and Android, combining elements of simulation and fantasy football. The fantasy sports industry makes billions annually, more »

The “Tiny Titan” is the best glitch in Madden NFL history

EA has given us some epic glitches before. Andrew Bynum’s infamous Jesus pose in the never released NBA Elite. The telekinetic knockout punches in EA Sports UFC. But as glitches go, this is the Sistine Chapel. Christian Kirksey is 6-foot-2 and 235 lbs. in real life. For reasons somebody at EA is probably nervously explaining more »

Pure Pool Review: Get ready to hustle

Pure Pool Price: $12.99 System(s): PlayStation 4, PC Release Date: July 29, 2014 Publisher (Developer): Voofoo Studios ESRB Rating: E for Everyone In all honesty, everything I know about pool I learned from watching movies. Those, and the excellent Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode in which Uncle Phil hustles pool. But I’m familiar with VooFoo more »

Less Madden, More NFL Blitz!

I spend a lot of time playing video games I don’t particularly care much about. It’s the job. One of those is, of course, the yearly entry in the Madden franchise, which most gaming journalists trudge into with all the joy of a visit to the dentist. Recently, I got into a conversation about what more »

Basketball stars talk NBA 2K15 at “Uncensored” event

2K Sports hosted an event called NBA 2K15 Uncensored yesterday in New York. James Harden, Steph Curry, Anthony Davis and cover athlete Kevin Durant all talked real and virtual basketball. TNT broadcaster Ernie Johnson moderated the forum. He’ll be part of the in-game commentary team along with Shaquille O’ Neal. Sadly, no Sir Charles Barkley. more »

Madden NFL 15 Countdown: EA Access early gameplay restricted to six hours

EA Access provides subscribers with a chance to play games five days before their retail release. But some of the game offerings will only allow a limited amount of play. Madden NFL 15 is one of these, EA revealing Access members will only get to play the early version of the game for six hours. more »