Pottermore keeps Harry Potter relevant

I joined the Harry Potter-centric website Pottermore way back when it first started in 2012. At the time, the book series was long since finished, and the movies were coming to an end. I knew that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction would be opening up, but getting there from the frozen Minnesota tundra more »

4 Games to play during the Extra Life 24 hour marathon

Extra Life game day will soon be upon us. The epic gaming marathon fundraiser hosts an official game day every year so that participants can play their way through their marathon with friends. In some cases, Extra Lifers hold events on game day to create an even greater sense of community. Certain gaming venues even more »

Impressions of The Matter of the Great Red Dragon: Anticlimax

What happens to a quest deferred? We’re all born the heroes of our own stories, the lone protagonist of our particular personal narratives, but as we grow up and mature that story changes around us, as if every one of us is a world slowly discovering it doesn’t inhabit the center of the universe. You more »


10 Twines

Since its creation in 2009, Twine has allowed tens of thousands of people to write pieces of interactive fiction and post them online. Most of them aren’t very good. But some of them are! The sheer volume of Twine games floating around the web means that, with enough diligence, even a bitter old critic like more »

Fallen London: Intrepid Soul Braves Underverse, Returns to Tell Tale!

A Writerly Travelog Of Daily Occurrences Both Novel And Mundane In That Most Subterranean Of Cities Dear reader, it may seem like only yesterday that an armada of bats absconded with our fair London like the leathery hand of God Himself, but having recently arisen from the depths of that now-subterranean metropolis, I can personally more »

Nosgoth Preview: The Wheel Will Turn

Nosgoth is an online free-to-play multiplayer deathmatch game that pits Humans against Vampires. It’s ostensibly set in Nosgoth, the world of and , but this is a Legacy of Kain game in name only. None of the characters, locations, or story elements from any of the LoK games are included in Nosgoth, and the sooner more »

Insurgency Preview: The new FPS on the block

Andrew Spearin’s Half Life 2 mod Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat released in 2007 after Spearin was inspired by his real-life experience to create a game that would reflect the realities of modern war. The mod’s stand-alone sequel Insurgency is recently available in beta after a lucrative 2012 Kickstarter campaign and subsequent productive two years between more »

Microsoft detail Xbox One games, four confirmed launch titles

Moments after Microsoft’s E3 2013 press conference the company has sent out press releases detailing each game confirmed to be appearing on he Xbox One, including four launch titles. Xbox One Launch Titles Check out this list of the four Xbox One games available to buy ta the console’s launch this November: · Dead Rising 3 more »

Weekly Time Wasters, week of June 2, 2013

Hello, folks, and welcome to the first week of Weekly Time Wasters, where I’ll be flinging your way some choice online games that will keep you entertained long enough that you’ll look at the clock when you’re done and wonder how much time you spent playing. Misadventure Main Host Site: Newgrounds Genre: Horror Find it more »

Indie Speed Run judges include seven industry veterans

Indie Speed Run has finally established the judges. Find out which industry veterans have been chosen for the job…


PETA’s Pokémon parody may miss the mark

PETA tries to garner attention, once again, by parodying a Nintendo game. This time, the target is Pokemon…

You Don’t Know Jack returns to Facebook after brief downtime

The hilarious and highly entertaining trivia game You Don’t Know Jack was released on Facebook Tuesday. Not too long after the launch, the game went offline. Fear not, it has returned and is ready to take up several minutes of your day at a time.