Apex 2015: Twitch Saves Smash Bros. Tourney

It all started with a fire alarm. Around 9:00 yesterday morning, the fire alarm at the Clarion Empire Hotel went off. The New Jersey hotel was hosting Apex 2015, an annual Super Smash Bros. tournament that’s organized by a crew of east coast gamers called “Team Apex.” No smoke was reported, and the first round of more »

Motivated adventure: How Metroid Prime made me write an essay

The purist argument that the games of old are in some way superior to modern releases will always exist. Our first impressions are often our favorite, and it’s easy to put on blinders to sequels’ successes because they lack that special something that got us into series XYZ.  Similarly, we often don rose-tinted glasses when more »

iPhone 6 tech ensures a great future for legacy gaming

Apple’s new device has a hell of a kick to it. The iPhone 6, and especially the iPhone 6 Plus, are partially designed with powerful gaming experiences in mind. The A8 chip, combined with this new “Metal” tech, are capable of 1080p visuals and all that cool video game/tech jargon that basically means, “it can more »

5 Simpsons games to play during the FXX marathon

When you try to think of good licensed games, The Simpsons aren’t really the property that floats to the top of your head. Hell, there are probably at least half a dozen games based on some facet of the Simpsons you haven’t even heard of. The rabbit hole for such a huge cash cow runs more »

Evo 2014: Mango wins Smash Bros. Melee championship under Reggie’s watchful eye

Nintendo almost made a huge PR blunder at 2013’s Evo by trying to end not just the stream of Super Smash Bros. Melee, but the tournament itself. Somebody explained to them that free promotion for your products is a good thing. This year was a complete reversal, as Nintendo not only encouraged the event but sponsored more »

Europe’s Metroid Prime Gunship is gorgeous

is among the most beloved of the Metroid games. Which is saying something, because almost every game in the series is universally loved. But this one holds a place in the hearts of many gamers, which is why we’re all going to be insanely jealous that Europe is the only region with a Metroid Prime more »

Video Games Made Me into a Man

Yeah, okay, that headline is eye catching nonsense. Now of course, the idea that video games can somehow make a person into a “man” is ridiculous. I’ve been male since birth (or as long as I can remember anyway) and to think that something can imbue me with the spirit of masculinity is absurd. What more »

PS2 and Dreamcast ushered in video gaming’s second golden age

I previously explored the 16 bit era and discussed some of the things that I felt led to it being video gaming’s first golden age. As amazing as those games were, they would go on to serve as but a stepping stone to the next “golden era” of gaming. After the 16-bit consoles came the more »

The GameCube had the best controller ever

The GameCube was a weird looking little purple box with an inexplicable handle. Yes, it was really purple. It also came with one of the most unique controllers to ever grace gaming. It had a quasi-dual-analog-stick thing going for it, strange asymmetrical shoulder button layout, and the “A” button that was about the size of more »

Evo 2013: Smash Bros. Melee crowns champion, breaks Evo stream record

The game Nintendo didn’t want streamed got more than 100,000 viewers tonight to see Mango win the Super Smash Bros. Melee championship. The California-based player fought through a field of 700 and crushed the fan favorite Wobbles.  He became the crowd darling by losing the little heralded Ice Climbers. They were considered to be bad more »


10 Wii U games we want to see at E3 2013

Nintendo fans the world over have had much cause for concern over the last six months. After an underwhelming Wii U launch and month after month of poor Wii U sales, many have started to question the strength of Nintendo’s grip on the home console market. But the lack of first and third party games more »

10 Best video game rabbits

Happy Easter! While it is a religious holiday, anyone can take time this weekend to enjoy time with friends and family, supping upon the freshest of Cadbury Cream Eggs and Peeps, using the sugar rush to power an afternoon filled with video games. Word of advice: The cake batter Peeps are glorious. However, you could more »