Silent Hills coming to Xbox One? Not likely

There’s been some buzz over the past day that the recently defunct collaboration between Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro, and Norman Reedus, Silent Hills may not be dead after all, and rather revived as an Xbox One exclusive title. The speculation comes from a tip informing production company Rooster Teeth of Silent Hills’ revival. According more »

WildStar jumps the free-to-play ship

Another day, another MMO going free-to-play. This time it’s WildStar (working title World of Spacecraft), the sci-fi/western MMO from developers Carbine Studios and publisher NCSoft. WildStar drew a lot of initial interest for its unusual setting, self-aware humor, and comprehensive player housing system. It mixed this with solid, action-heavy combat and a skill system that more »

Mighty Switch Force switches to Steam

Mighty Switch Force, one of the earliest successful 3DS eShop titles, is finally making the jump away from Nintendo systems and to a broader audience. Deemed Might Switch Force: Hyper Edition, the puzzle-platformer is coming to Steam June 2015, though the specific date has yet to be announced. Mighty Switch Force drew attention when it more »

The Need for Speed reboot will be always-online

The recently announced Need for Speed reboot for PS4, Xbox One and PC will require an internet connection at all times. The news comes from EA via Twitter, who, in response to one fan’s suggestion regarding Xbox One’s always-on fiasco, confirmed that “NFS will require an online connection.” EA claims the limitation will be a boon more »

Here’s Your May 28, 2015 Indie Game Bundle Update

This is one of the biggest and best indie game bundle updates in a long time, folks. There are 39 to choose from this week. That’s almost 40 indie game bundles! Many are reruns of old Bundle Stars bundles, but they still count. Plus, we have the momentous occasion of the first console and handheld more »

Humble Bundle addresses Nindie Bundle region-locking

Nintendo has finally opened its gates to independent development, if only a bit. But some of the company’s old habits are still around. Few are older or more ornery than region-locking, the practice of restricting games and systems to certain countries. Unfortunately, this has bled into the Humble Nindie Bundle, Humble Bundle’s new Wii U more »

Sony will prioritize third-party Playstation games this year

Sony is pushing hard for third-party PlayStation support, in no small part because their in-house lineup is currently a bit thin. As GamesIndustry reports, during a recent investors call Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO Andrew House said that third-party publishers and developers will be the company’s focus for the immediate future, as Sony’s “first-party more »


You’ll get triple the Borderlands Legendaries from now on

Borderlands‘ loot system is as crazy as its characters, constantly spitting out frankly irresponsible combinations of elements and explosives. With a recent hot fix, it got three times crazier: the Legendary drop rate for Borderlands 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection has been permanently tripled. No more hunting for a Conference Call.  The drop rate increase comes more »

Amazon staggering today’s Wave 4 amiibo orders

Lo, I come bearing news of Wave 4 amiibo arrivals at Amazon! The newest line of NFC figures from Nintendo comes out today and, as usual, some will be very difficult to find if you didn’t pre-order. Amazon will have all of them, but is doing something different this round for regular orders. If you more »

Persona 4: Dancing All Night fights shadows with rhythm

There’s no genre the Persona series can’t conquer.  If you don’t believe me, just check this out.  Persona is about to play some funky music with. According to Atlus, this is a story-driven music game that takes place after Persona 4. Rise and her group Kanamin Kitchen are the focus, as members of that group have gone missing. more »

Indie smash Terraria getting a giant free patch in June

It has been four years since launched, and Re-Logic is still cranking out large updates. Another one is on the way June 30. It will add new items, new enemies and a new “expert” difficulty level. Among the many new features that will be available are: Mac & Linux support. A new “Lunar” event and more »

Best Buy 3DS StreetPass event coinciding with Nintendo World Championships 2015

The Nintendo World Championships 2015 qualifying events are this weekend! Isn’t it exciting. Are you planning to visit one of the eight Best Buys that are participating in the event? Even if you’re not, it may be a good idea to go to Best Buy if you own a 3DS. To coincide with the event, more »