PlayStation Store PLAY 2014 stars 4 indie darlings

It’s that time of year. Every summer, Sony has a PLAY extravaganza where people who buy certain games can get money back. This year’s PlayStation Store PLAY 2014 titles have been announced and this could be the year where you buy every game and get the $10 back. Why? Because all four games are amazing more »

Call us when you have Steam, NVidia Shield

Today NVidia officially announced its new tablet, the NVidia Shield Tablet. It’s part of their plan to conquer gaming, but it left me with a bad taste in my mouth. There’s a missing piece here that NVidia isn’t talking about, and it’s the fact that nobody cares about this until there are PC games on more »

Here’s what some game developers make

Have you ever wondered what a game developer makes? It’s a pretty logical question. These guys who go out and make games that sell thousands, even millions, of copies have got to be making bank, right? Well… not so much, although they are doing pretty well. Gamasutra puts out a yearly salary survey as part more »

Batman is 75, Green Man Gaming celebrates with exclusive sale (update)

Batman debuted in a little book called Detective Comics, in the 27th issue. This happened all the way back in 1939. This week marks the 75th anniversary of the character. That’s crazy. DC Comics is doing all kinds of fun stuff to celebrate, including giving that issue away for free on Comixology, and selling a more »

Naughty Dog shouldn’t make a sequel to The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us is getting the VIP treatment from Sony. There’s going to be a live performance of the game’s script, a big promotional push is in effect for the , and, of course, there’s talk of a sequel. But that last one really shouldn’t be happening at all. It’s natural for a company more »

Skylanders Trap Team Dark Edition lets you capture Kaos

The $100 Skylanders Trap Team Dark Edition is starting to look like a better investment. Every time a new game is released, there’s always a special Dark Edition that includes different character variations and other special bonuses. Usually, it’s specific to one outlet and practically identical to the $79.99, standard starter pack, but the Skylanders more »

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time world record set by CosmoWright

Twitch streamer and speedrunner CosmoWright just annhilated the world record on July 20, 2014. What do I mean by annihilated? How about 18 minutes, ten seconds – or over 19 seconds faster than the previous record? That’s a simply unfathomable amount of time to take off such a well-established and popular game. In a world more »

Curse of Naxxramas cards worth wrestling a frost wyrm for

Hearthstone players have been jonesing for the shiny new cards from the upcoming Curse of Naxxramas adventure releasing tomorrow. It will contain 30 new cards players can earn by defeating bosses in the five wings, releasing over the next five weeks. Blizzard has now revealed all 30 cards and there are some very interesting new more »


Meet the DragonBox Pyra, the Linux DS equivalent

I’m a begrudging Linux user, specifically Ubuntu. It’s the result of being too cheap to buy software like Photoshop and too ethical to just steal it like everybody else. As a result I get to enjoy all the benefits of free software, including the attempts to develop the “perfect” portable console, like the DragonBox Pyra.

Let It Go in MapleStory with a Frozen collaboration

Just imagine how cooler we’ll be in summer with a MapleStory and Frozen collaboration! Yes, I totally just yanked a lyric from “In Summer.” Good catch! It seemed appropriate though, considering it is summer, and Nexon and Disney have just announced a MapleStory and Frozen one-two punch… for Korea. Until August 10, 2014, people playing more »


Buy 1, get 1 free 3DS games at Best Buy

Buy 1, get 1 free 3DS games at Best Buy Like free 3DS games? Good. YOu have a chance to get some. Granted, you’ll also have to buy some first, but trust me. It’ll be worth it. This week, Best Buy has a buy 1, get 1 free 3DS games promotion running. While the games more »


Vote “Yes” for Gurumin on Greenlight, get a free copy

A long time ago, because 10 years is ancient now, a fun little action RPG from Nihon Falcom made its . It was called Gurumin and it was downright charming. A young girl befriends monsters, becomes the only person who protect these friendly monsters from the more vicious phantoms, and hijinks ensue. It’s Legend of more »