Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain: Flamewaker, Core Rager, and Imp Gang Boss examined

Blizzard recently unveiled three new class-specific members of Hearthstone‘s next expansion, Blackrock Mountain. We’ve now seen 12 of the expansion’s 31 new cards, including the first hints of the Dragon archetype and one terrible Legendary, a peculiar Shaman spell, and some buff-happy Dragons. With the rise of the latest curtain, Mage, Hunter and Warlock have joined the more »

Sledgehammer’s Michael Condrey talks Advanced Warfare’s best guns

There are numerous components to a good loadout, but it all starts with the gun. Some like to run and gun, some prefer to snipe, and others prefer to get up close and personal with the shotgun. There are always weapons that rise above the pack, however. The co-founder of the studio that created is more »

Xbox One April update finally fixes achievement notification

I love some Xbox achievements. On the 360 there was nothing I enjoyed more than hearing that little “plink,” annd seeing what task I had accomplished. On the Xbox One, I’ve come to hate it because checking the achievements is such a hassle. Microsoft has heard our complaints, and an April  update currently in preview more »

Twitch suffers security breach

Another day, another hack of a popular site. Twitch’s official blog is warning users that their accounts may have been compromised. When users log in again, they’ll need to change their password. Twitch has also disconnected accounts from Twitter and YouTube. You’ll also want to change any passwords you’re using that are similar to your more »

Keldeo and new daily Pokemon come to Pokemon Shuffle

Missed getting a Lucarionite or battling Kyogre and Mew in Pokemon Shuffle? Don’t let it get you down. I missed out on Lucario’s Mega Stone and Kyogre too. These things happen in free-to-play games. Fortunately, as soon as one event ends, another begins. Which is exactly what has happened in Pokemon Shuffle. There are two more »

End March with Telltale’s third Game of Thrones episode (update)

As great as Telltale Games can be, the wait for new episodes can be agonizing. Fortunately, those following its Game of Thrones tale will soon find relief. A message has gone out with glad tidings. Apparently, the third episode will be released tomorrow! Surprise! March is going out like a lion this year, I guess. more »

Disney Infinity figures are on sale at Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Toys R Us

I know everyone is all about the Amiibos lately, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only NFC figures on the block. It’s easy to forget that Skylanders and Disney Infinity were here first. And now we’ve come upon what may be one of the best times this year to stock up on figures for Disney more »


Doctor Who: Legacy gets an 8-bit addition

Doctor Who: Legacy, one of many mobile, orb swapping game phenomenons, is heading towards two million downloads. While this is already exciting news, if you can believe it, there’s more. Anyone who is anyone probably already knows, but the reboot of Doctor Who on television is reaching it’s tenth birthday. You heard that right folks, more »

Conker’s Big Reunion hits Project Spark April 23

Conker the Squirrel, best known for his performance in the raunchy Nintendo 64 classic Conker’s Bad Fur Day, will receive his own Project Spark campaign April 23. Conker’s Big Reunion will feature ongoing content releases from Project Spark creator Team Dakota, as well as roughly 300 in-game assets with which players can create their own Conker stories, IGN reports. Each release will more »

Star Wars Battlefront hits Xbox One, PS4, PC holiday 2015

I still struggle to accept the fact that a third Star Wars Battlefront game is even being made. I’d long since filed the idea alongside the rest of the games industry’s pipe dreams. But here we are, with DICE and EA’s take on the franchise gearing up for a holiday 2015 release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. more »

Report: Angry Birds is losing steam, and fast

Angry Birds has long been the game upon a hill for the mobile market. It was a runaway success for Finnish developer Rovio, and is still the best-selling paid mobile app of all time. But that hasn’t saved the franchise from the fate of all one-trick ponies—getting old. Rovio’s latest financial reports show a 73% more »

Gravity Rush could come to PS4

You may remember Gravity Rush as the primary reason the Vita survived its first quarter. Kat was definitely Sony’s handheld poster child when the Vita released back in 2012, and it seems they’re now calling her to PlayStation 4. A South Korean games rating board recently listed a “Gravity Rush Remaster” for release on PS4 (thanks, NeoGAF). Sony has yet more »