Vanguard V coming to a Virtual Boy near you?

Ready for a surprise? Let’s ease you into it. An indie game by the name of Vanguard V has been accepting pledges via Kickstarter. The game is being developed entirely for virtual reality platforms. Of course, Oculus Rift, and Project Morpheus are two of the most mainstream ports that the game is hoping to be more »

Lego Minecraft Cave and Farm sets coming

There is no game more perfect for Lego adaptations for Minecraft. I mean, it is essentially an entire video game built around the notion of creating amazing things with blocks. It’s a perfect fit. Yet all we’ve seen so far are an assortment of which, while cool, really are more of a for-show thing. You more »


Newer Ouya is better

I love to talk about all kinds of Android games during the weekly Android Amusements updates, but I also like to talk about systems. To be more specific, the Ouya. A lot of times I won’t mention it, but I am side-loading games onto my old, launch run Ouya for good times. I know the more »

Skylanders Trap Team iOS, Android ports match the console game

There’s a dirty little secret in the Skylanders game world – the mobile adaptations typically don’t hold a candle to the 3DS and console experiences. While people with systems get full games, Android and iOS devices got titles like , , and . Well, no more, because Skylanders Trap Team is changing that. Forget getting more »

August 9, 2014 is a GameStop Disney Infinity Day

Love Disney Infinity and can’t wait for Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes? Go to GameStop on August 9, 2014. It’s a Disney Infinity Day. Theoretically, it’s an opportunity for fans to gather, swap power discs, and play the games. In reality, it’s a chance for GameStop to put the various Disney Infinity games and paraphenalia more »

Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS Review: (Sometimes) hearing the magic

Cambridge Audio is a British company specializing in audio gear. Founded in 1968, they produce amplifiers, wireless speaker systems, hi-fi home theater equipment, and audio accessories. The is one of those. It’s a portable Digital Audio Converter and amplifier for getting the most out of your sound on the go. The DacMagic XS plugs into more »

Poke Ball Pattern Vivillon sent out in celebration

Today is so exciting. I mean, hearing Pokemon X and Y owners are getting the Poke Ball Pattern Vivillon is fantastic on its own, but learning this Pokemon distribution event is happening to celebrate the launch of the online Pokemon Center store is downright incredible. Since I’m chomping at the bit, attempting to decide which more »

Experience the Full Turtle Beach E3 Booth Tour

At this year’s E3 event, Turtle Beach had a lot of new technologies to show off. Of those technologies, the most interesting to gamers is likely to be their 2014 line of headsets. Virtually all price ranges are covered, and there appears to be a range of options in functionality, too. In the video, you’ll more »


Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo line adds new toys

Oh great, Jakks Pacific is putting out more World of Nintendo toys. Good, because we needed more super-basic figures of iconic characters. Sorry if I sound a bit jaded. It’s probably because I’ve been exposed to good Nintendo-inspired figures from Good Smile Company and Bandai Namco, and it’s hard to get excited about anything else more »


There should not be Madden NFL 15 Happy Meal toys

No. Nope. I won’t believe there are going to be Madden NFL 15 Happy Meal toys. Nuh uh. It can’t be happening. McDonald’s wouldn’t do that. People wouldn’t buy it. EA, well, EA would do that. But still, it doesn’t change the fact that my eyes must be lying. Sure, the McDonald’s website is showing more »

Woolfe developer GRIN has a big Gamescom surprise

I’ve been following news of the indie game Woolfe since I first learned about it at E3 2014. It’s a fantastic looking game, with a unique take on the Red Riding Hood story. It’s been compared to , but that’s definitely not a bad thing. The Belgian developer of Woolfe, GRIN, has done a fantastic more »

Solarpod Buddy portable USB charger Review: Temper your expectations

I’ve spent the last couple weeks playing around with the Solarpod Buddy USB backup charger. The Solarpod Buddy works like most other backup chargers, in that it’s just a battery with a USB port to provide an extra charge or two to your portable devices, like a smart phone or MP3 player. The twist here more »