Solarpod Buddy portable USB charger Review: Temper your expectations

I’ve spent the last couple weeks playing around with the Solarpod Buddy USB backup charger. The Solarpod Buddy works like most other backup chargers, in that it’s just a battery with a USB port to provide an extra charge or two to your portable devices, like a smart phone or MP3 player. The twist here more »

Alien Isolation egg replica wins SDCC 2014 for SEGA

I’ve been mourning all weekend that I was unable to attend San Diego Comic Con with all the cool people. But like an idiot, I have been following everything that I’m missing. Thanks to the marvel of social media, I can get glimpses of what’s there while it’s happening. One thing that has made me more »

Sony heavily invested in Project Morpheus

Debuted to the public back in March 2014, Project Morpheus is Sony’s take on virtual reality. While it seems Sony just jumped on the bandwagon behind the Oculus Rift, it has become recently apparent that the company is taking this very seriously. CEO Andrew House has said that Project Morpheus is not just an experiment more »


Portal is getting a board game

One of the most important games over the last decade or so has decidedly been Portal. and broke new ground in the first-person puzzle game genre, and had an enormous pop cultural influence as well. And apparently, it now gets a board game.

N64 HDMI converter up for sale soon

One of the only bad things about that glorious that’s coming out this year is that it doesn’t play N64 games. Fortunately, those of us who still have N64 games don’t have to tolerate standard quality visuals for long. A young man named Marshall H. has developed a N64 HDMI converter, so we don’t have more »


Cyberith Virtualizer VR Demo has Gamer Run from Angry Villagers in Skyrim

Virtual reality is the next step in gaming, and while the Oculus Rift has led the charge it needs a partnering device, like the Cyberith Virtualizer to make it completely immersive experience. After all what is a virtual reality headset if you can’t move or truly immerse yourself in the world? See the omnidimensional treadmill more »


5 More Cool, Affordable 3D Printer Novelties Inspired by Games

About this time last year, we here at GamerTell saluted the work of artisans by showcasing five of the coolest, most affordable, game-inspired products. In that time, more people have tried their hand at making awesome items, which means there are naturally a lot more neat things you can buy. Shapeways has more 3D printer more »


CES 2014: That Nyko PS4 PowerPak is a Godsend

You guys, you won’t believe this, but Nyko has made the even better! It’s fixed the only problem the PS4 controller has by introducing the PS4 PowerPak at CES 2014. It’s like the 3DS and Wii U GamePad PowerPaks, in that you clip it on and immediately extend your battery life. That’s the DualShock 4′s more »

Toys R’ Us Opens 87 Hours Straight For Christmas Shopping

There are six fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, a fact that retailers are keenly aware of. A They’re doing all kinds of things to capture our business. Toys R’ Us will keep its stores open from 6 a.m. Dec. 21 through 9 p.m. Christmas Eve. Its Times Square location is really going more »

Geeky Cross Stitch: A Tribute to The Simpson’s Mr. Plow

Morning everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve featured Geeky Cross Stitch here at GamerTell. (The last one was way back in 2008!) But due to a sudden, renewed, personal interest in the hobby, I’ve decided we should brighten up the internet with some more geeky cross stitch. And, to start, we’re going to go more »

Give the Invigorating Gift of BioShock Infinite Vigors

If you’re a gamer, there’s probably been at least one moment in your life where you wished you had the special powers or abilities of your favorite avatar. Final Fantasy fans dream of summoning a Carbuncle or Tonberry to cuddle with, Mass Effect players secretly hope they’ll be exposed to some eezo so they’ll become more »

GamerTell’s 2013 Gamer Stuff Gift Guide

Oh. Yeah. The holidays are finally upon us and there will plenty of new games and two new consoles. But in order to truly geek out as a gamer sometimes players would want to recieve some nifty toys, books, clothing and other trinkets to show their love of gaming. To offer some guidance in finding more »