Have a Walmart Cyber Monday 2014 sneak peek

You’re all probably still wondering how you’ll get through Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but there’s even more planning that needs to be done. After all, there’s also the online Monday sales to think about. Which is why you need to take some time to go through the Walmart Cyber Monday 2014 preview. Yes, even though more »

Technology Tell 2014 Xbox 360 Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again everyone! If you haven’t already started Christmas shopping for those special someones in your life, you’re bound to be getting started soon. We’re here to tell you all about how the Xbox 360 is still a legitimate gift to get for those someones. Sure the Xbox One has been more »

Marth, Villager and Wii Fit Trainer are the rare Amiibos

Don’t want a faithful, Nintendo standby as one of your first Amiibos? Well, you may have no choice. The figures are out and they are unsurprisingly popular. In fact, they’re so in demand that three are going to be almost impossible to find if you didn’t pre-order them. I’m talking about the Marth, Villager, and more »


Xbox One turns one, time to celebrate (maybe)

If you can believe it, as of November 22nd, 2014, the Xbox One will have been . Time sure flies by doesn’t it folks? Well the good people at Microsoft have decided to celebrate with all their Xbone fans this weekend with some special prizes. There are three different categories in this giveaway. The first more »


Loot Crate: Nintendo’s Amiibo Middle Man

Loot Crate jumped onto the Nintendo amiibo train by offering subscribers exclusive monthly crates packed with a selection of the interactive figures. It’s an odd pairing but surely one that will pay off for Loot Crate as they deal in sending monthly boxes of random geek treasure to subscribers. If you’re worried about getting the more »

2014 Walmart Black Friday ad breaks sales into “events”

Oh Walmart, this year you’re going to try again to outdo them all. Here’s the scoop. Since Target and Best Buy decided to leak their own ads, that’s what happened with the Walmart Black Friday ad too. The store put it up online on their webpage, presumably to make things easier on all of us more »

2014 Best Buy Black Friday ad preview seems great for gamers

Time to catch a glimpse at the big one. Gather around for the 2014 Best Buy Black Friday ad preview. Best Buy has decided to leak a bit of their ad, showing what people can expect come November 27-28, 2014. It’s huge. As you gaze through the offerings of the Best Buy Black Friday ad, more »

Even more Amiibos appear in February 2015

Yes, this is another story about Nintendo’s Amiibos. I’m getting tired of hearing about them every day too. I know, they aren’t even out yet, but there’s a PR blitz in progress that makes these NFC figures seem like the chosen ones. Listen, let’s get through this Amiibo announcement, and then you can go and more »


2014 Target Black Friday ad preview is enlightening

It’s here. We now have our (virtual) hands on the 2014 Target Black Friday ad, as the store has gone ahead and released it early. Let me assure you, it’s everything you hoped it’d be. The deals laid out in this Target Black Friday sale are fantastic. Don’t buy any games until Black Friday. Wait more »

Nintendo arranges Amiibo Loot Crates

Nintendo is hoping its Amiibos will be the next new thing . The NFC figures are being forced into every Wii U game possible, and don’t think it’s an accident that so many of your favorite, iconic characters are getting turned into Amiibos. The most surprising part, however, is that Nintendo is now teaming up more »


2014 Kmart Black Friday isn’t so good for gamers

The Kmart Black Friday ad has leaked, as has the ad for Thanksgiving Day. Don’t get too excited about these prospective deals if you’re into video games. The store has been cutting back on what titles and selection it offers, and the sales are subdued as a result. For example, the Thanksgiving Day promotions for more »

NFC figures aren’t going anywhere

Skylanders is a franchise that allows players to use figurines purchased in stores to summon characters into a digital game world. Four main entries into the series, it’s easy to claim that Skylanders is doing pretty well for itself. Each title has been a huge success, , and it’s clear that Activision knew what they more »