Gifts for the Literate Gamer: Video Game Books, Nonfiction Edition

This will confound you youngsters out there, but there was a brief interval in humanity’s history between oral traditions and cloud based storage when information was recorded on physical objects called books. Inspired by the toxic mix of the invention of movable type and Oprah’s fanatical insistence on having an entire club dedicated to them, more »

Avengers Alliance’s latest Spec Op gets Inhuman

Don’t look now, true believers. Maximus The Mad has approached Nick Fury with some bad news. Thanos is alive and headed to Earth for yet another attempt at conquest. He blames the Inhumans for his last defeat, so Black Bolt and his family have entered the fray. Completing this Spec Op will unlock Crystal and more »

Pokemon Center selling Pokemon Trainer Nendoroid

Fantastic news for anyone who loves video game figurines. Especially if they also care about Pokemon. Good Smile Company’s Pokemon Trainer Nendoroid is now available outside of Japan. How’s that for a holiday surprise for you? The Pokemon Trainer Nendoroid was originally a Japan exclusive item. You had to actually pre-order and visit a location more »

Skylanders Trap Team sees the light and gets dark December 21

Skylanders Trap Team will finally be complete next week. Activision and Toys for Bob pulled a switcheroo on players this iteration. Thet expanded the elements. Light and Dark were added to Magic, Water, Life, Undead, Tech, Earth, Wind, and Fire. Except, there have been no Light or Dark Skylanders released. Now, that problem is solved. more »

Consider importing Amiibo

We know Amiibos are rare. You can’t visit a video game website or blog without people commenting on the sudden appearance or disappearance of Nintendo’s NFC figures – this one included. However, it’s time to start thinking about adopting a new strategy when it comes to the pursuit of these characters. We’ve seen that some more »


Rosalina Amiibo will probably be rare too (update)

Bad news for anyone hoping to still collect every Amiibo. There’s another potentially rare one on the horizon. Word has come down from on high that the Rosalina Amiibo will only be available at Target stores. Yes, the retailer exclusive parade continues. In more bad news, she could perhaps, possibly be rare too. How do more »


Little Mac Amiibo is a bishonen

This is Little Mac in Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. He’s not exactly a looker, but what can you expect? He’s a boxer. Odds are, he’s taken quite a few punches to the face. He has a kind of rugged charm, but he’s not exceptionally handsome. Now, this is the Little Mac Amiibo. more »


Wave 2 Amiibos already appearing (update)

The “official” release date for the second run of Amiibos is December 14, 2014. That’s when you’re supposed to start seeing characters like Luigi, Zelda, and Little Mac on store shelves. However, people online are beginning to report that isn’t the case. Allegedly, the wave 2 Amiibo lineup have started showing up in stores. I more »


Nintendo 2DS feels like a step backwards

When Walmart was having a pre-Black Friday sale on 2DS systems, I jumped on it. For only I could have a 2DS of my own. I could stop borrowing my boyfriend’s Pikachu 3DS XL, out of fear that I would break such a precious thing. However, I felt really strange when I finally held the more »


You should probably pre-order Meta Knight and Shulk Amiibos

Today has been an Amiibo heavy news day, but bear with me. I swear, this is the last article. It’s my personal recommendation that anyone who thinks they’ll get into collecting these things go and call dibs on the Meta Knight and Shulk Amiibos. Seriously, hear me out. We’ve already seen Nintendo say some Amiibos more »


Hope you didn’t want a Lucario Amiibo

Man, these Amiibos are getting to be serious business. An hour ago, I told you that certain NFC figures are going to be limited editions. Now, we get to see a hint at how limited the Lucario Amiibo will be. The Lucario Amiibo is a Toys R Us exclusive, NFC figure. It’s the only place more »


Wii Fit Trainer, Villager, and Marth Amiibos have been retired

A few weeks ago, I told you that some Amiibos are rarer than others. Namely, that people were going to have trouble finding the Wii Fit Trainer, Villager, and Marth Amiibos. Three weeks have passed and the situation hasn’t gotten any better. Quite the contrary. The situation has gotten worse. How bad is it? Well, more »