Pathfinder lets you be the hero of your world and comic

The biggest attraction of playing tabletop role playing games like Pathfinder is the chance to be the hero of your own story. You and your friends slay the dragon, capture the mighty treasure, and rescue the princess. Of course, all these heroic deeds are only known by you and your friends. All that will change in the Heroes of Magnimar Contest, to promote the release of the Pathfinder: City of Secrets comic series.

April 22, 2014′s Amazon Gold Box filled with video games

April 22, 2014′s Amazon Gold Box filled with video games Today is an Amazon Gold Box kind of day. The site is totally catering to gamers. While yes, there are deals available and upcoming, it’s predominently filled with various items like the latest Xbox One hit, Titanfall, and various Skylanders. Simply put, it’s a good more »

Win Princess Peach Wrecking Ball, win all future pop culture wars

Raise your hand if you love pop culture mashups! Good, because Kody Koala has created a Princess Peach Wrecking Ball figure. It’s an homage to Miley Cyrus’ “” music video and features Princess Peach riding a Chain Chomp as though it were a wrecking ball, all while wearing a bikini. I think it’s art? No, more »

You can pre-order a Link Nendoroid now

Do you hear that noise? It sounds a little like this. I wonder if that means there’s news about the Link Nendoroid. Let me see… yes! There is! People can now pre-order the figure based upon Toon Link from . In case you missed other announcements about him, the Link Nendoroid is a figure from more »


Sony will be putting out PlayStation Now TVs this summer

PlayStation Now may sound like a Seinfeld joke, but it’s actually Sony’s attempt to jump feet first into game streaming. And they’re making a fairly serious commitment, as a current news announcement shows. Specifically, Sony has announced that its latest round of Bravia TV will ship with PlayStation Now built in. And they’re not waiting more »

3 Last minute ideas for gamer Easter baskets

April 20, 2014 is Easter! Did you remember? Or were you so busy this year, perhaps with last minute cold fronts and snow storms, that you completely forgot and are now left with a desperate need for Easter baskets? If you did happen to have a mental lapse and forget all about it, never fear. more »

Holy 75th Birthday, Batman!

2014 is a very important year for comic book fans, don’tcha know? On March 30, 1939, Batman debuted in Detective Comics #27, which makes this the 75th anniversary of the caped crusader. As such, every single comic convention and geeky event this year is going to pay some kind of homage to the Dark Knight, more »

Hands On: DC Deckbuilding keeps fighting evil with Heroes Unite

We aren’t just about video games here at GamerTell. My nerdy travels find me playing board games, ccgs and really anything that seems interesting. The DC Comics Deckbuilding Game (yes, the name is bland) is getting a lot of love in my gaming group right now. A brand new expansion, Heroes Unite, released in February more »

Peach Wii Remote Plus is tickled pink

A trio has been completed. You may recall that, not long ago, Nintendo released Mario and Luigi-themed Wii Remote Plus controllers that people could use with their Wiis or Wii Us. Now, Princess Peach is joining in the fun with a Peach Wii Remote Plus. Yes, it’s her very own, themed controller and it’s pretty more »

Amazon owns ComiXology

A major deal just went down, did you hear? Amazon owns ComiXology now. You know, the site that’s responsible for providing tons of people access to their favorite comic books and graphic novels digitally? It’s a huge move. Which means big things for people who enjoy reading comics. Perhaps even some huge things could be more »

Important Importables Review: Nendoroid Hunter: Female – Lagombi Edition

Hi all, and welcome to another installment of Important Importables. Did you miss me? Well, crazy-business happens, but we’re back this week with a Nendoroid Hunter review. That’s right, Nendoroid Hunter. It’s one of the latest figures from Good Smile Company. Meet the Lagombi hunter! She looks like she just stepped out of Monster Hunter more »

Target sale offers buy 2, get 1 free games and other deals

Need video games? Get thee to Target! The April 6-12, 2014 Target sale ad is absolutely full of them. In fact, the front cover is dedicated to a buy 2, get 1 free gaming deal. All in-stock games are part of this promotion, including the next gen PS4 and Xbox One games, and it’s a more »