EB Expo Attendees Can Get Skylanders Trap Team’s Gearshift

Sites like eBay are going to be innundated with figures come October 2, 2014. It isn’t just because all pre-orders of the game come with the NFC figure. It’s also because the EB Expo will be giving them away too. Getting a Gearshift figure at EB Games Australia’s EB Expo 2014 will prove a bit more »

Don’t Get into Staring Contests with Espurr

Anime Midwest 2014 was held in Rosemont, Illinois this past weekend, but that isn’t why this fourth of July weekend is notable. No, this three day weekend is now infamous for another reason. For it was July 6, 2014, that a cat got into a staring contest and lost. What? What does this have to more »

Race to McDonald’s – Mario Kart 8 Happy Meal Toys are Here!

We interrupt these 4th of July festivities for a very important announcement. The Mario Kart 8 Happy Meal toys are now at McDonald’s. I repeat, McDonald’s has the little Mario Kart 8 toys! It isn’t a drill, the toys are going to go fast, so hurry and get out there! I discovered the appearance of more »


Tomorrow is GameStop’s Skylanders Day

The Skylanders series of games are so popular, GameStop goes out of its way every year to hold a Skylanders Day to get people in the door to get special figures and deals. With Skylanders Trap Team coming later this year and even more Skylanders Swap Force characters still to be released, it’s an event more »


E3 2014: Skylanders Trap Team has the Coolest Characters

Listen, it’s been almost a week since E3 2014. If you love the Skylanders series and are interested in Skylanders Trap Team, you’ve probably ready at least two or three previews by now. So this isn’t going to be one of those. You have some idea of how the game plays, especially if you’ve played more »


E3 2014: People at Skylanders Trap Team Sessions were in It for the Toy

As long as Activision has been making Skylanders games, E3 attendees have known that stopping by the Skylanders demo stations or making a meeting will result in the acquisition of a special, limited edition, E3 figure. Usually, at said presentations, people have some semblance of decency and go to the trouble of at least Googling more »

McDonald’s Happy Meals getting Mario Kart 8

You won’t just be playing Mario Kart 8 Soon, you’ll be enjoying it in real life too. That is, if you stop by McDonald’s in July 2014. Turns out, the next assortment of toys will contain our favorite, Nintendo racers. Rejoice! There will be seven Mario Kart 8 toys at McDonald’s. You can get Mario, more »


E3 2014: Amiibo will Win the NFC Figure War

Nintendo has decided to capitalize on the NFC figure trend, and they’re going all out. Forget about worrying that Activision has cornered the game on figures, especially with ‘s Pokemon-esque elements. I think Nintendo’s Amiibo may have won the day. Yes, you heard me, Amiibo. That’s the newest line of NFC figures that are going more »


Pre-order Skylanders Trap Team for Gearshift

Oh Activision, you always make these Skylanders games so hard to resist. It’s not enough that each installment seems to read our minds in terms of what new content we want in the game. You also have to do things like offer a figure to anyone who decides to pre-order Skylanders Trap Team. That’s just more »


McDonald’s Pokemon X and Y Happy Meal Toys Suck

Greetings everyone, and welcome to the McDonald’s and Y toy review. These are the little disk, launcher, toy things that are packed in the Happy Meals for the next few weeks and, well, they’re pretty darn crappy. But my just saying they’re probably the worst Pokemon Happy Meal toy doesn’t say much. Pictures say a more »

Skylanders SWAP Force Kickoff Countdown arrives May 18

I’d like to think I don’t scare easily, though most would say I’m an incredible wuss. But I look at the Kickoff Countdown figure and can’t help thinking something doesn’t seem right. I think it’s the fact that he has a soccer ball bomb for a head. Which is odd, because the regular Countdown is more »

Everyone Wants the Dragon Age Inquisition Inquisitor’s Edition

It looks like BioWare and EA will be testing gamers’ devotion to the Dragon Age series. There’s a $169.99 collector’s edition on the horizon, and it’s both impressive and intimidating. The Dragon Age Inquisition Inquisitor’s Edition comes with quite a lot of stuff. Much of it is quite frivilous, but there’s still something oddly compelling more »