Bowser, Toon Link, and Sheik Amiibos showing up at Toys R Us

Have you been checking the Twitters and Reddits? Wave 3 Amiibos are already trickling out to stores! To be more specific, the Bowser, Toon Link, and Sheik Amiibos are already appearing at Toys R Us. Which means it’s time to go over the rarity. You know, that’s what people really care about when it comes more »

Kirby Amiibo comes with Kirby and the Rainbow Curse at Toys R Us

Ready for a good incentive to commit to one of Nintendo’s newest games? Toys R Us has one for you. People who pre-order Kirby and the Rainbow Curse will get themselves a free Kirby Amiibo. Because an extra NFC is going to make everything better. Granted, Kirby is one of the easier to find Amiibos, more »

Action figures bring life after death

I know this is a little on the weird side everyone, but that’s exactly why I couldn’t keep it to myself. Look to the right, and you’ll see a Superman action figure with what appears to be a custom head, made to look like a real person. Well, there’s something you don’t know. That “action more »


Rosalina Amiibo could be extra rare in Canada

Some Amiibos are retailer exclusives. Which sucks, because it means they’ll be available in smaller quantities and only at one line of stores. The Rosalina Amiibo is the Target-exclusive, NFC figure. This means the situation could quite possibly get even more dire in Canada. The Rosalina Amiibo already has a reputation, despite not even being more »

Nintendo’s Amiibos can’t hold their data

As you’d expect from the first Nintendo Direct of the year, this morning’s talk with the big N yielded a slew of announcements. True to its E3 2014 promises, Wii U will receive multiple releases in the coming months. This includes Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Elliot Quest, Blek, and returning three returning, Wii classics. Super Mario Galaxy, Punchout, and more »


Amiibo will get people more excited about Mario Party 10

In my household, Mario Party is kind of a big deal. It’s the perfect way to get a bunch of people with weird work schedules involved in something exciting with minimal effort. Sure, half or more of the group gets incredibly salty the moment any Mario Party inevitably reveals its true colors, but we keep more »


4 of the Wave 4 Amiibo look rare

Just when you think you’re starting to get that Amiibo addiction under control, Nintendo goes and releases information about the next wave of figures. Which wasn’t unexpected, especially since it came up in a new Nintendo Direct, but still. Wave 3 is already upon us, but we barely get time to breath before the Wave more »


Let’s guess at Wave 3 Amiibo rarity

Let’s guess at Wave 3 Amiibo rarity Amiibos are the hottest gaming commodity at the moment, with six of the NFC figures from waves 1 and 2 already retired. The Wave 3 Amiibo are upon us, expected to arrive in February 2015 if all goes well, but already there are portents of doom. Stores’ pre-order more »

More Guardians of the Galaxy come to Disney Infinity 2.0

Games with NFC figures tend to release the toys in waves, in the hopes of keeping people coming back to the title weeks and months after its release. Disney Infinity 2.0 is getting a new wave of NFC figures this week, and they tend to fall into a familiar category. In short, the Guardians of more »


The Pit, Little Mac, and Captain Falcon Amiibos appear retired

The holy trinity of Amiibos is now the hallowed hexagon. It appears three more of Nintendo’s NFC figures have faded into obscurity. Various retailers have been reported that the Pit, Little Mac, and Captain Falcon Amiibos have made their way to the retirement home. If you got them, then give those toys a little hug more »

Majora’s Mask 3D comes with Skull Kid

Anyone who has ever loved The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask needs to go and pre-order Majora’s Mask 3D right now. Don’t hesitate or delay. Immediately go and call dibs on a copy, because you will regret it from the bottom of your heart if you don’t. Why? Two words – Skull Kid. Skull Kid more »

Pokemon Center plushes appearing at Target

Those Pokemon Center plushes are really something. I mean, I ordered Meowstic ones the second they showed up online. It’s so fantastic to have access to these high quality, stuffed toys that normally were only available in Japan. You’d have to wait for a convention or shop online at a site like eBay or . more »