Play-Asia is restocking the Ness amiibo

Prepare yourself, NFC figure fans. Play-Asia has sent out another amiibo Hunter report and it’s a big mother. Rather, it’s a big Mother, as the Ness amiibo will be back in stock at the site on June 30, 2015. This is a big deal, seeing as how he was a GameStop exclusive in the states more »


Villager amiibo is moving back into stores

Good news for people who didn’t realize amiibo were going to be so hot when they debuted last year. One of the rarest figures from the first wave is starting to appear again in North America. amiibo News is reporting that New York’s Nintendo World Store received a shipment of Villager amiibos for people to more »


Dark Pit amiibo product listing appears at Best Buy

Get your bookmarking finger ready, because I’ve got a site for you. If you’re one of the few, proud and desperate hoping to collect all of Nintendo’s NFC figures, the time has come to begin your hunt for the Dark Pit amiibo. The first product listing for the toy has appeared online. Currently, only Best more »

Technology Tell Gaming Channel’s most notable E3 2015 opinions

Oh man, E3 2015, everybody. This was a big year. There were a lot of games available to play, and Technology Tell’s Gaming Channel had six people on the ground experiencing as many as possible. Since it wouldn’t really be “fair” to decide on one or two games as the most notable this year, we’re more »

Lego Dimensions Preview: More advanced portals

Lego Dimensions is all about portals. Portals between different Lego worlds. A specialized portal peripheral that allows up to seven figures to be active at once across three different zones that influence characters’ abilities and appearances within the game. That isn’t even counting the Portal cross-over, which adds an Aperture lab to the game with more »

Power A’s amiibo End Level Display may be worth $30

When it comes to gaming peripherals and accoutrements, being convinced to spend a lot of money on things is a difficult task. After all, that cash could be spent on additional games or consoles. But amiibo fans might find themselves willing to splurge on something special from Power A. The accessory creator is going to more »

E3 2015: The year of the NFC figure explosion

Perhaps things have gone a little too far. When it was only Skylanders, the NFC figure fad was okay. One line, about 40 to collect and that’s fine. We can handle that. Except this proved to be more than a passing fad. It transformed into a cavalcade, with Disney and Nintendo following Activision’s example. Now, more »

Yarn Yoshi amiibo will be a little harder to find in France

Bad news for people in Europe who wanted one of those adorable Yarn Yoshi amiibo to go with Yoshi’s Woolly World. It may be a little harder to grab one of those figures. It’s looking like a shipment of the NFC figures in France met with an unfortunate end. Details are still unavailable. However, initial more »


E3 2015: Here are all of the amiibo you will never ever own

Hey, want to have some fun? And by “fun,” I mean become horribly depressed over the fact that there are so many amazing amiibo appearing at E3 2015 that you’ll never, ever get to own due to scalpers and Nintendo’s handling of the NFC figure situation? Of course you do. Because honestly, you’ll never see more »

E3 2015: Nintendo should have addressed the amiibo issue

The Nintendo E3 2015 presentation has come and gone and a very important issue was blatantly ignored. We hear a thing about the amiibo issue. Nintendo was more than happy to tell us about additional games that would use amiibo. It showed off the Yarn Yoshi amiibos, the collaborative Skylanders Supercharged figures that have a more »

Portal and The Simpsons come to LEGO Dimensions

Portal and The Simpsons icons have joined the growing cast of LEGO Dimensions. These and other sets were first revealed in a May leak from Brickset along with now-confirmed Jurassic World figures. (No word on Doctor Who just yet.) LEGO Chell and GLaDOS fit right in with the Portal level pack, LEGO Homer and Bart Simpson are a nice touch for any more »

[Update] E3 2015: Everything from Bethesda’s presser

E3 2015 marked Bethesda’s first dedicated E3 press conference, and the studio did not disappoint. Fallout 4 was the cornerstone, of course, it being the primary reason the conference was called to begin with. But the first shreds of DOOM also left a good impression with arcade-y combat and movement. Hell, the surprise release of mobile SIM Fallout Shelter was a more »