Yup, that Gold Mario Amiibo is tied to Walmart

Word has come down from on high. The great Nintendo has spoken. Lo, the Gold Mario Amiibo will be a retailer exclusive. More specifically, he will be a Walmart exclusive. And the people who camp out and go crazy over these things will not rejoice, because retailer-exclusive NFC figures suck. Nintendo says 3,000 Walmarts will more »


Pre-order wave 4 Amiibos at Play-Asia (update)

I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription, are more Amiibos! To be specific, the wave 4 Amiibos. These things are still selling like crazy, shortages are rampant, and people are stalking sites to see when pre-orders open up for the latest NFC figures. Well, I have good news for you. Play-Asia has them! Well, more »


The Kirby Amiibo (almost) breaks Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

The Kirby Amiibo is adorable. The Meta Knight Amiibo is badass, and also kind of adorable. The King Dedede Amiibo, which I was lucky enough to pick up yesterday, is also freakin’ adorable. I’m gushing. I love these things. I even took a nice picture of them, because they’re the focus of this post. I’m more »

There’s a new Pokemon Nendoroid

There’s a new Pokemon Nendoroid That Pokemon Trainer Nendoroid was something really awesome, right? I know I pounced the second I saw him on the Pokemon Center website, because I didn’t want to miss out. Turns out, Red won’t be alone, because a second Pokemon Nendoroid is on its way. Nintendo and Good Smile Company more »

Gold Mario Amiibo may be Walmart’s Retailer-Exclusive NFC Figure

Bad news, people. We have another retailer exclusive, NFC figure on our hands. A user named Mason Prime on Twitter has posted in-store ads that show Walmart hailing the Gold Mario Amiibo as its exclusive figure. Cue pre-order madness and store-wide hunts. The signage in Walmart shows Mario Party 10, which comes out March 12, more »

Meta Knight Amiibo out February 20

“More Amiibo talk?” I know. Bear with me. Some people want to know things like when they can get a Meta Knight Amiibo. Which might be why you’re here. NFC figure collecting is serious business. So serious that this news shouldn’t mean too much to the more devoted collectors. Those people pre-ordered those Meta Knight more »


5 classic “Nintendo” characters who need to be Amiibo

This whole Amiibo thing is getting more and more out of control. Eventually, all the Smash Bros. waves are going to be released, and the question at that point will be: what next? Obviously, we know concurrent waves, such as the mostly double-dipping Super Mario set, are a thing. But, the way these things are more »

Shulk Amiibo looks good from every angle

Amiibos generally look good, but the NFC figures based on characters with more realistic proportions can be hit or miss. For example, I have a Sheik with a right hand that looks cartoonish and a realistic left hand, and my Marth’s face is leaning towards derpy. It made me worry about future characters, but the more »

3DS Super Smash Bros. updates to accommodate Amiibos February 10

Nintendo has revealed another 3DS game update is nigh! Which only makes sense. The New 3DS XL is going to need support for Amiibos, so people can finally start using the NFC figures with Super Smash Bros. Of course a new update is going to be out on February 10, 2015, ahead of the updated more »

Doctor Who LEGO set is a dream come true

LEGO Ideas is a project started by the LEGO company to take suggestions of new sets from fans. The fans pit their ideas against each other for votes. Once a suggestion reaches 10,000 votes, the LEGO company will take a closer look at it, and decide whether or not it will be made into an official more »

Gold and silver Mario Amiibos should be Club Nintendo elite rewards

As if the whole Amiibo situation wasn’t confusing and frustrating enough, Nintendo is throwing another monkey wrench into the gears, just to keep us on our toes. A recent post on The Tanooki revealed some CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (A law signed by President George W. Bush in 2008 introducing new regulations for more »

Wind Waker Link Nendoroid getting a rerelease

Those Good Smile Company Nendoroids are so hot right now. Their popularity is to the point that the figures sell out relatively quickly, then the prices skyrocket on certain figures. (We’re looking at you, !) Which is why it’s always awesome when one of the best figures gets a rerelease so more people can buy more »