GameStop’s Retro Classics shop is surprisingly fair

GameStop has finally opened the doors to its Retro Classics storefront, a new addition dedicated to such fossils as the Nintendo Entertainment System and Sega Genesis. The shop was first revealed in April 2015 (just after GameStop began offering $25 for used PS2s) and will be primarily online, at least for now. Brick-and-mortar testing will more »

3DS becomes eighth Nintendo system to hit 15m U.S. sales

While Nintendo’s Wii U has been catching its breath, finally able to after treading water for so many months, the 3DS has been thundering along unabated. In a recent statement, Nintendo revealed that its 3DS handheld line, which includes the original, New and XL models, has hit the 15 million milestone for sales in the more »

Steam Machines pick up, well, steam with November launch

Steam Machines are finally ready to come out of the oven. As Polygon reports, the first sanctioned models will release November 10, 2015, with an unspecified number going to pre-orderers October 16. Alienware and Cyberpower will be the leading the charge, with the former’s prices spanning $449 to $749. A Steam Controller and Steam Link will go for more »


1TB PS4s are coming

1TB PS4s, that is systems sporting 1TB hard drives that are double the 500GB capacity of the original model, are currently in the works. A recent FCC listing shows a 1TB “Computer Entertainment System” filed alongside a 500GB revamped version of the original PS4 model. The specifications are too similar for this to be a more »

No Oculus Rift support for Mac and Linux just yet

Oculus has paused development on Oculus Rift compatibility for OS X and Linux. In a recent blog post, Chief Architect Atman Binstock said the team has instead opted to focus on the consumer versions of the Oculus Rift headset that will launch in early 2016. As such, they will prioritize Windows, the largest PC market, for more »

CHIP is a $9 computer that’s smaller than a floppy disc

The unending march of technology never fails to impress. Now, we as a species tend to spend most of our gray matter on unbelievably stupid inventions, but inventions nonetheless. Thankfully, there will always be companies like Next Thing Co. to offset our collective frivolity with things like CHIP, the world’s first $9 computer. Aptly named, CHIP more »

Meet Arduboy, the card-sized retro console

“Less is more” has always been a key mantra for technology. It’s why home PCs don’t need their own room and why manufacturers won’t quit banging on about ultra-thin laptops. It’s also at the heart of Arduboy, a new game system the size of a credit card. Currently gaining ground on Kickstarter, Arduboy is an open more »

Xbox 360 update supports 2TB hard drives, free multiplayer until May 3, 2015

Today’s Xbox 360 update adds support for larger external storage. USB hard drives of up to 2TB may now be used for downloads, profiles, game saves, and other data management, a post to the Major Nelson blog confirmed. USB 2.0 and 3.0 drives are supported, although the latter will only operate at 3.0 speeds. However, you more »


Too many Steam Machines are just overpriced consoles

The 2015 Game Developers Conference was apparently the stage Valve needed to debut the act its been rehearsing for some time. The house of Half-Life had been sitting silently on its Steam Machines for the better part of a year before the recent slew of details, which is to say nothing of the company’s newly revealed more »

Nvidia under legal fire over technical specs for GTX 970 GPU

The uproar surrounding Nvidia’s under-performing GTX 970 GPU reached a boil Thursday when a class action lawsuit was filed against the company. As reported by PC World, the suit alleges that both Nvidia and retailer Giga-Byte Technology, which sells 970s, deliberately misled consumers with inflated and false technical specifications. The specs in question are the NVidia more »


ZRRO introduces hover technology controller

Love mobile gaming, but hate only having a tiny screen to work with? Tried other Android-to-tv gadgets, only to find out they sucked? Well, the ZRRO (pronounced Zero) is supposedly the answer to all those troubles. The ZRRO box is a powerful, Android-based micro-console, and it works with the ZRRO pad, a one of a more »

New Nintendo 3DS XL system transfer guide

Upgrading to a shiny New Nintendo 3DS XL? (Or a smaller New Nintendo 3DS, if you’re not in North America?) The system transfer isn’t the most straightforward process, but we’re here to help. What you need Your current 3DS system. Unfortunately, those looking to trade in toward the cost of new hardware can’t do so, unless more »