Black Friday 2014 store hours and gaming shopping guides

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I’m sure you all have plans today. Some of you will be with family and friends, most will enjoy delicious meals, and perhaps there’ll even be a group shopping trip. We wish you all the best, but at the same time want to offer you a little assistance with your Black Friday more »

Get Xbox Live Black Friday Deals without leaving your house

Do you really want to engage in the full scale mortal combat that is Black Friday? Microsoft has unveiled a bunch that ensure you don’t have to. There’s a massive sale on games for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360. I prefer discs, but I don’t like getting trampled by angry mobs in search more »

Technology Tell 2014 Vita Gift Guide

Here it is, coming right at you, another guide for holiday shopping. It’s a Vita gift guide! Unfortunately, it won’t be much use for you this Black Friday, as none of the stores this year have any Vita systems on sale. A few have discounted Vita games, like GameStop, but it’s really a pretty barren more »

Technology Tell 2014 3DS Gift Guide

A good number of you will be scouring the stores and malls this week, hoping to get a start on your holiday shopping. Or, maybe even finishing it completely! It’s the perfect time for a 3DS gift guide to help you set things in order. It’s a great time to pick up this system, and more »

Technology Tell 2014 Xbox 360 Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again everyone! If you haven’t already started Christmas shopping for those special someones in your life, you’re bound to be getting started soon. We’re here to tell you all about how the Xbox 360 is still a legitimate gift to get for those someones. Sure the Xbox One has been more »

The Best 2014 Black Friday PS4 Deals

We’re about a week away from Thanksgiving, and at this point all of the major Black Friday deals are out in the wild. As part of our coverage, we’re spotlighting what we think are the best deals for each platform. The responsibility lies on me to lay out the best Black Friday PS4 deals, so more »

GamerTell’s 2013 Wii U Gift Guide

Nice to see you! If you’re visiting our little Wii U gift guide, then odds are Nintendo’s recent cavalcade of marketing has succeeded and you got the message that the Wii U exists, it’s a new entity entirely separate from the Wii, and there are exclusive games you can enjoy on it. Good for you. more »

GamerTell’s 2013 Gamer Stuff Gift Guide

Oh. Yeah. The holidays are finally upon us and there will plenty of new games and two new consoles. But in order to truly geek out as a gamer sometimes players would want to recieve some nifty toys, books, clothing and other trinkets to show their love of gaming. To offer some guidance in finding more »


GamerTell’s 2013 PS3 Gift Guide

What’s that? Today’s the PS4 launch day. Well, that’s all well and good, but some of us have PS3 gift guides on our mind instead. After all, new consoles are exciting, but the launch of a new console is often the best time to pick up its predecessor. Which is why a lot of people more »

GamerTell’s 2013 Android Gift Guide

We’re starting to reach a point where one has to wonder if an Android device is considered just another multipurpose smartphone or tablet, or if its a a portable (or stationary) gaming device. Over the last year, a lot of new items have appeared on the market, some of which have made us rethink what more »

GamerTell’s 2013 Vita Gift Guide

It’s holiday time people! Like it or not, it’s time to start thinking about all the cool things you’re getting from, or rather giving to, those you love. Some of them may want a Vita, the black sheep handheld of this generation, which means it’s time for a Vita gift guide. This is a big more »

GamerTell’s 2013 PS4 Gift Guide

The cavalcade of GamerTell gift guides carries on, with our next installment designed to help those interested in the PS4. A console launch doesn’t happen every day, and with this one coming up right in time for the holiday shopping season, some may be feeling a little frantic. Fortunately, this PS4 gift guide offers an more »