Squirreltopia Giveaway: 10 copies are available

What do you think of squirrels. I mean, they’re pretty cute, and get into some odd situations. Squirreltopia probably isn’t a very accurate recreation of the rodent’s life, but what can you expect from the creator of Domestic Dog? Well, actually, you can see for yourself. Remember how we gave away copies of Domestic Dog more »


Xbox One turns one, time to celebrate (maybe)

If you can believe it, as of November 22nd, 2014, the Xbox One will have been . Time sure flies by doesn’t it folks? Well the good people at Microsoft have decided to celebrate with all their Xbone fans this weekend with some special prizes. There are three different categories in this giveaway. The first more »

Domestic Dog Giveaway: 40 copies are available

Always wondered what it would be like to be a dog? What about a dog in an Atari-inspired world. Well, prepare yourself, because with Domestic Dog, you can! Domestic Dog is a simulation game from Surreal Distractions. The point? To be a dog. Not just any dog either – there are all different variations. If more »


GamerTell Giveaway: Comment to get Vertical Drop Heroes HD (Update)

Anyone like games? Because we here are all about sharing our love about titles. Which is why, thanks to Digerati Distribution, we’re going to share two Steam copies of Vertical Drop Heroes HD, a game we genuinely enjoyed. Gaming is always better when it’s shared. So, here’s how this giveaway works. We have two copies more »

$5 (or $10) Columbia Games contest says you know hockey

When it comes to contests, I’m not a big fan. I lose. Alot. When it comes to sports-related contests, well, it’s hopeless, and I’m sure I’m not the only gaming geek that knows the feeling. Columbia Games seems to feel my pain, and has a contest that at least gives me a fighting chance even though I don’t know much about hockey. Just for entering, they give $5 credit to their cool games, and if I guess (and it’s sports related, so it’s going to be a guess) right, I get $10 credit.

Japanese football fans could win a limited edition Pokemon 3DS

GamerTell recently told you about Pikachu’s other gig as a World Cup mascot. Pikachu and several of his friends, classic and new Pokemon among them, will appear on special Adidas-designed uniforms. That’s just the opening act of Pikachu’s efforts to promote the growth of soccer. A lot of folks that weren’t Pikachu or Nintendo fans more »


TechnologyTell Sweepstakes: Win a $45 Pokemon TCG: XY Kalos Starter Set Deluxe Set (Update)

Who loves Pokemon? We all do, of course. But the Pokemon video games aren’t the only way to enjoy battling, collecting, and trading. There’s the Pokemon Trading Card Game as well. Now, the arrival of Pokemon X and Y means your current Pokemon TCG deck may be a little outdated, but that’s okay because you more »

TechnologyTell Sweepstakes: Win a $79 Adventure Time Nooka Watch! (Update: Here Are Our Winners!)

How are you going to go on grand adventures if you don’t know what time it is? You can’t and won’t. Don’t worry though, because Nooka’s Zub Zot 20 Adventure Time unisex watch can make you the hero you’re meant to be. The watch face features the visage of Finn and only people who know more »

Help the Tell sites for a chance to win a prize

Answer five questions for a chance to win some cool tech prizes…

Zen Studios celebrates Halloween with free “paranormal” table for Pinball FX 2

Zen Studios’ Pinball FX 2 is excellent at using current-gen console controllers to create that old school arcade experience. The game also has a number of affordable table options to keep things new and fresh. The Pinball FX 2 game is a free download but Zen charges for the tables.

To promote the game and have a little Halloween fun, Zen has made its Paranormal Table available as a free download in the Xbox Live Arcade until November 2, 2011. This table places you in the role of a paranormal detective investigating creepy creatures and weird happenings. (The truth is out there, Agent Mulder.)

The Atlus-O-Weenie 2011 Costume Contest has big prizes

Atlus O Weenie 2011 Costume ContestHalloween is fast approaching, which means its time for the Atlus Faithful to start planning. As always, Atlus is holding a Halloween costume contest where people who dress up as their favorite Atlus video game characters could end up winning stuff for their hard work. This year, eight lucky people will walk away with Amazon gift cards for their awesome costumes.

The smallest prize will go to four random entrants, who will each walk away with $25 gift cards.,,

Crusader Kings needs family stories and names

Crusader Kings art
While most people will never have a family name that resonates through history like Tudor, Borgia, or Hapsburg, Paradox Interactive’s promotional contest for Crusader Kings II gives everyone a shot at the next best thing.