Here’s the Chicago-area Nintendo World Championships 2015 qualifier

It’s May 30, 2015, and that means one thing for anyone who has ever loved Nintendo. Today is the one chance everyone near one of the eight Best Buys with Nintendo World Championships 2015 qualifying matches decides if its worth attempting to enter and be the champ. As I live near the Schaumburg, Illinois location, more »

Mighty Switch Force switches to Steam

Mighty Switch Force, one of the earliest successful 3DS eShop titles, is finally making the jump away from Nintendo systems and to a broader audience. Deemed Might Switch Force: Hyper Edition, the puzzle-platformer is coming to Steam June 2015, though the specific date has yet to be announced. Mighty Switch Force drew attention when it more »

Here’s Your May 28, 2015 Indie Game Bundle Update

This is one of the biggest and best indie game bundle updates in a long time, folks. There are 39 to choose from this week. That’s almost 40 indie game bundles! Many are reruns of old Bundle Stars bundles, but they still count. Plus, we have the momentous occasion of the first console and handheld more »

Humble Bundle addresses Nindie Bundle region-locking

Nintendo has finally opened its gates to independent development, if only a bit. But some of the company’s old habits are still around. Few are older or more ornery than region-locking, the practice of restricting games and systems to certain countries. Unfortunately, this has bled into the Humble Nindie Bundle, Humble Bundle’s new Wii U more »

Sony will prioritize third-party Playstation games this year

Sony is pushing hard for third-party PlayStation support, in no small part because their in-house lineup is currently a bit thin. As GamesIndustry reports, during a recent investors call Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO Andrew House said that third-party publishers and developers will be the company’s focus for the immediate future, as Sony’s “first-party more »

Amazon staggering today’s Wave 4 amiibo orders

Lo, I come bearing news of Wave 4 amiibo arrivals at Amazon! The newest line of NFC figures from Nintendo comes out today and, as usual, some will be very difficult to find if you didn’t pre-order. Amazon will have all of them, but is doing something different this round for regular orders. If you more »

Best Buy 3DS StreetPass event coinciding with Nintendo World Championships 2015

The Nintendo World Championships 2015 qualifying events are this weekend! Isn’t it exciting. Are you planning to visit one of the eight Best Buys that are participating in the event? Even if you’re not, it may be a good idea to go to Best Buy if you own a 3DS. To coincide with the event, more »

Pokemon Shuffle update makes the game better, adds Shaymin

Pokemon Shuffle has been quite a thing for Nintendo. Yes, the free-to-play game has issues, but it’s also been downloaded over four million times and people are enjoying it. Now, it may grow even bigger, as a massive update has been released that should improve everyone’s experience. The best changes make Pokemon Shuffle stronger. There more »

Nintendo eShop Update for May 28, 2015

It’s Splatoon time! Well, not yet, but soon. Fortunately, Nintendo isn’t neglecting releases in the hopes of drawing more attention to the Wii U shooter. There are nine new eShop exclusives this week. Two are for the , while the other 7 are for the . As usual, there are a number of eShop sales more »

Whispering Willows, Back to Bed and Velocibox are PlayStation bound

Guess who’s going to have some surprises for PS3, PS4 and Vita owners at E3 2015? Loot Interactive, that’s who! The company is going to help Sony with its indie charge by bringing three existing games to the consoles and handhelds. Back to Bed, Velocibox and Whispering Willows are getting new homes. These games represent more »

Splatoon looks good with Style Savvy

Nintendo’s really big on putting free DLC into its games that is reminiscent of other titles. Splatoon is the big game of the moment, so it’s getting cameos in games. Super Smash Bros. is the obvious one, with Mii Fighter costumes that transform the characters into Inklings. Girls Mode 3: Kirakira Mode, the third Style more »


Girls Mode 3 makes me miss Style Savvy Trendsetters’ men

Nintendo’s Style Savvy/Girls Mode series has always been rather unique, in that they’re welcoming to players of all gender. The shop simulation and customer service elements transcend boundaries, making dress-up fun for all. Girls Mode 3: Kirakira Code continues that trend, but I feel as though the series has taken a step backward by excluding more »