A Threes Pebble clone has appeared

Threes is an absolutely fantastic puzzle game. It’s honestly one of the best apps you can put on your Android or iOS device. And now, the Threes Pebble clone puts it on your wrist. Now, this is of course an unauthorized port. The official version of Threes, from Asher Vollmer, Greg Wohlwend and Sirvo, is more »

Orbtime is the Drop7 Pebble clone you didn’t know you needed

Did you know that people do some pretty amazing things with Pebbles? Like you’ll see games and apps on there that you wouldn’t normally expect to see on a smartwatch. One of which is a remarkably competant Drop7 clone by the name of Orbtime. Keep an eye open, because that name is going to have more »


SMACH Zero will be the first Steam OS handheld

The handheld Steam Machine, originally known as Steamboy, has become SMACH Zero. The name change was revealed by the SMACH team in a recent statement. While Steamboy was the provisional name of the project, SMACH Zero will be the final product, the first handheld console that runs Steam OS. SMACH is a third-party developer separate more »

5 Best Kirby Spin-offs

I’m going to level with you; for some reason, this has been a slow news week. This means being creative when it comes to creating awesome stuff for you to read that’s relevant to your interests and timely. Since Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is going to be bringing joy to the Wii U-owning masses more »

Game & Watch handhelds are still magic

Sorry folks, but this is a bragging kind of post. Though, if you enjoy Nintendo-related nostalgia, you probably won’t mind. See, I happened to come across actual, real, in almost-perfect condition, Game & Watch handhelds. It was one of those special moments. It happened one Sunday evening. My friends and I were out for a more »

There are new, transparent 2DS models thanks to Pokemon

We all know about Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, and Omega Ruby right? We’re all on the same page there? We also know that Nintendo has gone crazy with special 2DS releases right? So it doesn’t seem too farfetched that they are releasing, yet again, a special 2DS. This one specifically for the release of the new more »

Nintendo Game Boy turns 25, probably still works

Happy birthday Game Boy! It’s been 25 years since you took the journey over from Japan and arrived on American shores on with Tetris in tow. Your gray blocky exterior, black directional pad, red buttons, and that quaint green-hued screen was a mainstay in many a childhood. I can still see it. Your Nintendo logo more »


Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is corporate manipulation pretending to be a game

I had my doubts about Family Guy: Quest for Stuff when it was announced. I immediately pegged it as the Family Guy version of The Simpsons: Tapped Out. After all, it shares the same basic premise of a city being destroyed and you having to rebuild it. I wanted to give this game a fair more »

Nvidia Shield gets a price cut and major software upgrades

Earlier this week, we learned the Nvidia Shield would be getting Portal in the future. If that wasn’t enough good news, Nvidia has a few more for us. First of all, the Shield is getting a temporary price cut. From now until the end of April, the handheld will be $199 as opposed to $249. more »

Twitch Plays Pokemon tackles Pokemon Crystal

Twitch Plays Pokemon did it. This weekend, after an almost 17 day run, the internet beat . Which means it’s time to start all over again. Yes, Twitch Plays Pokemon has become an actual thing. It isn’t a one-shot affair, as a adventure has just begun. The Pokemon Crystal quest has just begun with Twitch more »


CES 2014: That Nyko PS4 PowerPak is a Godsend

You guys, you won’t believe this, but Nyko has made the even better! It’s fixed the only problem the PS4 controller has by introducing the PS4 PowerPak at CES 2014. It’s like the 3DS and Wii U GamePad PowerPaks, in that you clip it on and immediately extend your battery life. That’s the DualShock 4’s more »

CES 2014: NVIDIA Tegra K1 promises PS4 quality graphics on your mobile device

We’ve heard about console-quality graphics on smartphones and tablets before, but these claims are rarely specific. At CES 2014 this week, NVIDIA started things off by revealing the Tegra K1, it’s upcoming mobile processor with a 192-core GPU. Sure the numbers sound fancy, but what got my attention was NVIDIA’s assertion that this processor can more »